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cheerful Krysten Ritter

This is an American actress known to most viewers on the series. Of course, the attentive viewer remember her and for her roles in movies. But as they were mostly small (“What Happens in Vegas,””27 Dresses”and”Confessions of a Shopaholic,””She’s Out of My League”). But Ritter was not discouraged. Gloom – I do not in her nature. Ritter is ready to evolve and move forward only.

By the way, Ritter last – model. Modeling career began at age 15. In summary, Philadelphia Style magazine described herself as “a tall, awkward, awkward and very skinny.” In 18 years, Ritter moved to New York to pursue a modeling career. It appeared in the catalogs, advertising stores in New York, Milan, Paris and Tokyo. Ritter was a model for five years. Also appeared to advertise the drink Dr Pepper.

& # 171; the model I had in my youth. That’s how I got into film. So I do not model. And I’m not saying that it requires some talent! & # 187;

In 2006, he appeared in the play in Broadway theaters. Two years later, began to appear in the movie. Through a combination of model looks and comic gift, Krysten Ritter managed to take part in many television and film projects.

frame from the film & # 171; & # 187 Shopaholic;:

comedy & # 171; She’s Out of My League & # 187;:

Ritter says she often gets the role of the bitch in the movie. But she is not like that. Although she likes to play the bitch.

& # 171; I think that my character was a wonderful thought. It is very dry and harsh, and I’m more positive, cheerful person. This is another reason why I want to be in the movies: people see me in a different light, and I want to show the different types and nature of the parties. & # 187;

frame of the picture & # 171; best friends and a child & # 187 ;, which Ritter wrote the script:

& # 171; & # 187 vampire; – Film 2012:

Kristen Anna Faris:

Alicia Silverstone:

Alice Eve:

Ritter played Carol Rhodes in the popular youth TV series “Gossip Girl.”In 2010, she starred in the movie”Vampire.”The rental picture will be released in 2011. Currently starring in the sitcom”Apartment 23».

Kristen on the cover:

Krysten Ritter lives in Los Angeles, the city where the place of residence of many famous movie stars. Kristen is also engaged in music in one of the novice rock groups.

cozy nest Ritter:

& # 171; I like the self-sufficient people, and as you know, appearance – still not the point. I like talented and funny guys. & # 187;

Krysten RitterKrysten Ritter
Krysten RitterKrysten Ritter
Krysten RitterKrysten Ritter

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