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James Blunt ” Moon Landing & raquo ;. Album Review

Release Date: 21.10.2013

Genre: Pop-rock, folk-rock

Origins: Tidworth, England, UK

Label: Custard, Atlantic

The Englishman James Blunt a very ordinary person – he is one of those musicians, whose biography is almost more interesting than the songs. James was born into a family of the military in his youth was trained at the Royal Military Academy. In 1999, during the bombing of Yugoslavia Blunt commanded a tank division in the armed forces of NATO to the Macedonian-Yugoslav border. Later, he told me: ” About 200 Russian camped at the airport. I gave the order to shoot to kill and repel the territory & raquo ;. However, the order was immediately canceled and Blunt thus not become a key figure in a possible outbreak of World War II & # 8230;

In the end, he retired from the army in 2002 and was finally able to do his favorite thing – music. According to James, even during the fighting, he kept in his tank, and a guitar in minute rest between battles continued to write songs. It is not known for sure that this is true, and that the work of PR, but the fact remains that the musician finally managed to sign a contract with a record label and created a furore with its debut album “Back to Bedlam” . This release is primarily allocated song “You & rsquo; re Beautiful”. It became a huge hit and even some musical archetype mid”zero & raquo ;. Elton John once said that this melody seems to him a continuation of their own”Your Song & raquo ;. Yes and Producer debut album Tom Rothrock said that most of the”Back to Bedlam” – it is a challenge the first hits from Elton John’s repertoire.

James Blunt

Indeed, James Blunt surprisingly fit to hit the romantic and sentimental image of a young man performing mind-boggling beauty of the ballads. And so fit, as in the next two solo albums, he did not retreat to the side and continued (perhaps unwittingly) to operate the same set of patterns: pop tunes, soulful lyrics, melancholic falsetto.

Just saw the light of the new disc musician named “Moon Landing”. where the main producer gave the same Tom Rothrock. The first track “Face the Sun” starts with quiet keys and corporate falsetto James: it’s time to wrap myself in the sentimental ladies plaid, holding his cold hands hot mug of tea. After all, no accident, perhaps, the album is coming out in October & # 8230;

“Satellites” will start in some R & rsquo; n & rsquo; B style, but further, thank God, unfolding a great guitar chorus, which has the necessary catchy vocals”oh-wow-oh”and other pleasures for FM-listeners. Cheerful “Bonfire Heart” was chosen knowingly single – Blunt immediately Energy and arrangement reminiscent of fashionable folk Mumford & amp; Sons, and this comparison can be seen as a great compliment. Also here there is an exciting line “Your love is like a soldier, loyal till you die” . co-author of the song made Ryan Tedder . frontman OneRepublic and well-known pop opportunistic.

James Blunt

The “Heart to Heart” Party energetic bass, piano in the spirit of Coldplay and disturbing the perennial pop chorus on four chords. James Blunt did not much like to change the tone and experiment with harmonies, which is why the tracks, frankly, look like one another. Song “Miss America” is dedicated to the memory of Whitney Houston, and received a sincere and exciting number, even banal arrangement and harmony: line ” But no goodbyes, you & rsquo; ll always be Miss America & raquo ; really sink into the soul.

When you listen to “Moon Landing”. not for a moment leave feeling like you’ve already met somewhere, and for a long time. It is enough to see the names of the other songs to understand what is meant by his work: “The Only One”. “Sun on Sunday”. “Always Hate Me”. “Blue on Blue” – word – solid” Love and Pigeons & raquo ;. However, the album leaves a good impression. James Blunt said nothing new from the time of its debut, remained in the role of Pierrot, but continues to delight listeners who need pozhalostlivey and simpler. By the way, write a beautiful ballad about love on four chords no easier than do any bold musical experiments, which eventually may be, as they say, neither mind nor heart. For James Blunt songs in the heart certainly exists, even though it continues to slowly move along the same track, as if in a tank. If only the guitar was still with him.

P.S. James Blunt will perform in Moscow on 4 April 2014 in the club “Arena Moscow”.

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