Irma Grese

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Irma Grese, the biggest killer in history

Irma Grese has gone down in history as the most sadistic and cruel person that humanity has known. It surpassed even the famous Elizabeth Bathory, who murdered 616 women. It was impossible to determine the exact number of murders he committed. It is said that committing to an average rate of thirty a day

Known as the & # 8220; Angel of Auschwitz & # 8221 ;, & # 8220; The Beast Bella & # 8221 ;, & # 8220; The Cancerbera & # 8221 ;, & # 8220; The Angel of Death & # 8221; or & # 8220; The Bitch of Belsen & # 8221 ;. He was born on October 17, 1923 and left his studies in 1938, two years after his mother committed suicide in 1936.

At the age of 14, his mind was manipulated. He spent two years in a sanatorium SS trying graduating in nursing, something that never got. Soon I was fascinated by Hitler’s oratory and became part of the Hitler Youth.

At the age of 15 & # 8211; 16 years was fond of high-ranking Nazis, both men and women, as it was bisexual.

At 18, in 1942, he was presented as a volunteer for training in the Ravensbruck concentration camp. He went to his home in the uniform of the youth and his father was a dissident threw home. He rage he felt denounce his father and put him in prison, which the rest of his life was there.

In 1943 he was transferred to the famous concentration camp of Auschwitz. Later that same year he was promoted to supervisor of the female part, the second highest ranking woman after Maria Mandel. This is where the nickname earned & # 8220; The Angel of Auschwitz & # 8221; by the level of cruelty. He was in charge of 30,000 Jewish prisoners, mostly Polish and Hungarian

& # 8220; My greatest pleasure is to shoot a pregnant Jewish and so I kill two enemies of Hitler & # 8221;

After the terror and suffering later went on to other concentration camps, Ravensbruck and Bergen & # 8211; Belsen, where he was director of the women of the field.

Among the atrocities that could highlight many comentió. Irma was about Doverman to breed dogs which made them go hungry and then fed them the legs of the prisoners, thus forced them to go crawling.

Despite being sadistic was also mentally ill, something that showed when she orgasms while tore the breasts of prisoners with a whip that was always with her.

According to the testimony of Gisella Perl, Jewish gynecologist at Auschwitz:

“Grese liked to be beaten with his whip in the breasts well endowed young, in order that the wounds became infected. When this happened, I had to order the amputation of the breast, which was performed without anesthesia. Then she was sexually aroused by the suffering of women “.

I had sex at the end of both sexes and some victims sent directly to the crematorium.

He always wore heavy boots, a whip and a gun. Irma was known for killing the prisoners in cold blood, tortured children and brutal beatings propinar with braided whip whip even death to their victims.

Neither she nor her alrrededor showed neither a minimum of humanity.

After killing hundreds of people in the morning, afternoon and reached the camp were going to enjoy good food and happy.

The obsession of his life was to create an army of Nazi women. Last month he was in the concentration camp starve left 93,000 people including Anne Frank and her sister.

When was captured it became considered one of the major war criminals. Irma never admitted all the murders and torture, but admitted his Nazi ideals, singing hymns SS in his cell.

After being detained table lamps were found in his house made with human skin that she had done. Skinned Jews belonged to three prisoners and killed herself

Olga Lengyel said in jucio Irma maintained relations with the SS Hauptsturmführer Josef Kramer and Joseph Mengele.

In the trial de Bergen Belsen, conducted from September to December 1945, was sentenced to death at age 21 and turned 22 the week hanged. He was the youngest woman sentenced to death on English law twentieth century.

It was executed in prison in Hameln, Germany, on December 13, 1945. His last words to the executioner were: & # 8220; Schnell & # 8221;! (Quick!).

Currently there are survivors who escaped fate of this woman.

removed Excerpts from the book “Hitler’s ovens”

  • On what Irma Grese planned to do with his life after the German victory never given …

<< As the operation ended, started chatting:

After the war, I intend to dedicate myself to the movies. You will see my name on the marquees light. I know life and seen a lot. The experiences I have had will be very useful for my career >>

  • A scene of savage abuse and arrogance, experienced firsthand by the author of the book: << With calculated slowness, he pulled a revolver from his desk and walked toward me. We formed a rude contrast: I shaven, ragged, dirty head, soaked with rain, and she with the beautifully coiffed hair and care, with its dazzling beauty and perfect makeup. The impeccable tailored dress emphasized her slim figure.

-¡Puerca! he hissed through clenched teeth.

I looked away, cowering, the cold barrel of his revolver when I went through the left temple. I felt his warm breath.

‘So afraid, right?

Suddenly he downloaded the butt of his gun on my head, over and over and over again. I hit the face with his fist, again and again.

I tried the taste of my blood. I stumbled and went down on the wolf skin.

When I opened my eyes, I was lying in the mud, in the rain, still falling. >>

  • On how, in addition to its permanent sex slave, had other, without suffering the same fate, only lasted for seasons before being sent to the death camp << The heads were famous for their aberrations. The Griese was bisexual. Her maid, who was a friend of mine, told me that many times Irma Griese had homosexual relations with internees, which later sent to the crematorium. One of his favorites was a "blocova" which was to be his slave a long time until the head of the field got tired of it. >>

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