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Mila Kunis Biography

Mila Kunis, photo 2003

Mila Kunis Markovna was born Aug. 14, 1983 in Kiev, Ukraine, in the same place where she was born, and another famous actress Milla Jovovich.

Her father Marc technical engineer, her mother Elvira – a physics teacher. While Mila was born when Ukraine was still part of the USSR (Soviet Union). Part of her childhood she spent in their home country, many wanted to leave the Soviet Union in those days, because of the difficult political situation and the low standard of living.

In 1990, Ukraine received the sovereignty and borders were opened and the parents Mila, with her moved to Los Angeles in search of a more favorable environment for the education of their children.

Mila did not take long to learn to speak a new for her English, and at the age of 9 years old, her father registered her in the evening acting class at Studio Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills Studio), which she attended after school . Mila quickly grasp the art of acting, and it is increasingly delayed it.

In one of the public shoupokazov Studios Beverly Hills Mile came to the entertainment manager Susan Curtis (Susan Curtis), who offered her a job. Shortly thereafter, Mila made her debut appearance on the nationally televised show US commercial program & # 8220; Payless ShoeSource & # 8221 ;, and then will m in daytime TV show episode Days of Our Lives (Days of Our Lives).

Over the next few years until 1998 Mila appeared in various projects. The guest in the series Baywatch, Walker Steep Justice Texas, Seventh Heaven, and has a small role in the 1998 comedy by Richard Dreyfus & # 8220; & # Krippendorf’s Tribe 8221 ;. She also participated in 1995 in the made-for-TV film & # 8220; piranha & # 8221 ;, 1997 & # 8220; Honey, we’ll have reduced the & # 8221 ;, and in 1996, along with Hulk Hogan in the movie & # 8220 Santa with muscles & # 8221; or & # 8220; Santa with Muscles & # 8221 ;. The young Mila was the same brand of Guess, in advertising their clothing collections.

Mila Kunis in Breakthrough actress came in 1998 when she was invited to play a young Jiu (Gia) project HBO, with the same name (Angelina Jolie played there adult version of the character). Translation has been met very well and Mila made a big jump from the mid-level actor in what is called & # 8220; & # 8221 celebrity ;. Now the entertainment industry of the interest in it.

Mila Kunis at some premiere

In the same year she participated in the audition for the part of the new series studio Fox (Fox) & # 8220; Teenage Wasteland & # 8221 ;. Although at the time she was only 14 years old, she lied saying that the producers of the show she was already 18. She was cast and participated in the show as the character Jack. Shaw later renamed & # 8220; 70s Show & # 8221;.

Once this had several films, among which the most famous is the & # 8220; Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story & # 8221 ;, & # 8220; The virus of Love & # 8221 ;, & # 8220; Running Mc Alister & # 8221 ;, & # 8220; Ubitsa from the past & # 8221 ;, & # 8220; Max Payne & # 8221; & # 8220; The flight # 8221 ;. & For information on these films, you smodete found on our website in the filmography.

Mila KunisMila Kunis
Mila KunisMila Kunis
Mila KunisMila Kunis

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