Andy Williams

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Andy Williams

Andrew Howard & # 8211; Andy Williams (December 3, 1927 & # 8211; September 25, 2012) was an American popular singers and actor. He has recorded seventeen gold and three platinum certified albums. Andy Williams hosted various TV shows, from 1962 to 1971, as well as numerous television specials. Most recently, he appeared in his Moon River Theatre in Branson, Missouri, which was named in honor of Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini song & # 8220; Moon River & # 8220 ;, with which it is closely connected .

Williams was born in Wall Lake, Iowa, the son of Jay Emerson and Florence (nee Finley) Williams. Williams studied at Western Hills High School in Cincinnati, but graduated from high school at University High School in West Los Angeles as a result of movements of his family to California. He had three older brothers & # 8211; Bob, Don and Dick.

Premier Williams was in the children’s choir at the local Presbyterian Church. He and his brothers formed a quartet Brothers Williams at the end of 1938, and they were on the radio in the Midwest, first in WHO in Des Moines, Iowa, and later in the WLS in Chicago and WLW in Cincinnati.

Moving to Los Angeles in 1943, Williams Brothers sang with Bing Crosby on record hit & # 8220; to swing at the Star & # 8221; (1944). They appeared in four films music: Janie (1944), Kansas City Kitty (1944), Something in the Wind (1947) and Man Lady (1947).

Brothers Williams was signed MGM, to appear in Anchors Aweigh (1945) and Ziegfeld Follies (1945), but before they went before the cameras older brother Bob was drafted into military service, and the contract was canceled groups. Do Kay Thompson. former radio star who was now head of the vocal department at MGM, had a nose for talent, and she has hired three remaining brothers Williams, to sing her big choir in many soundtracks for films such as the MGM Harvey Girls (1946). When Bob was done with his military service, Kay hired all four of them to sing on the soundtrack to The Good News (1947).

By the time Kay Thompson was tired from working behind the scenes at the MGM so the four boys Williams as her back-up singers and dancers, she has formed a number of entertainment programs on behalf of Kay Thompson Brothers Williams. They debuted in Las Vegas in 1947 and became an overnight sensation. During the year, they were the highest-paid number of entertainment programs in the world, breaking records wherever they appeared. In 1953, these four brothers went their separate ways.

Andy and Kay, however, were very close, both personally and professionally. She brought up his appearance as a solo singing star. She coached him, wrote it up and made a lot of songs, which he recorded (including 1958 who Top 20 hit & # 8220; Promise me, Love & # 8221; and, more recently, & # 8220; The Bells Kay Thompson & # 8221; his 1964 Christmas album is number 1 Andy Williams). Using her contacts in the business, Andy Kay helped land his breakout TV gig as shown singer for two and a half years on The Tonight Show starring Steve Allen (helped that the manufacturer of a number of Harbak Bill was a former aide de camp Kay). Andy Kay also received his breakthrough recording contract with Cadence Records (label owner Archie Bleyer got early breaks in his career because of Kay, and he owed her). Meanwhile, Andy has sung backup on many recordings Kay during the 1950s, including her best hit 40 Eloise, based on her best-selling book about the harmful little girl who lived in the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Key also served as a creative consultant and arranger eloquent on three network television series Summer replacing Andy in 1957, 1958 and 1959. In the summer of 1961 traveling with Andy Kay and coached him throughout his starring role on the summer tour of the musical Buddy reserve Joey. Their personal and professional relationship finally ended in 1962, when Andy met and married Claudine Londzhet and Kay moved to Rome.

Williams met Claudine Londzhet French origin, when he came to her assistance on the road in Las Vegas. She was a dancer at the time in the Folies Bergere. December 15, 1961, they married. Over the next eight years, their union produced three children – Noelle, Christian and Robert. After a long separation Londzhet Williams and divorced in 1975.

May 3, 1991 Williams married Debbie Meyer, whom he had met through a mutual friend. They made their home in Branson, Missouri, and La Quinta, California, where he was known as the & # 8220; Honorary Mayor & # 8221 ;. Williams was a noted collector of contemporary art, and his home have been featured in Architectural Review.

Williams was an avid golfer and arranged travel for the PGA golf tournament in San Diego from 1968-88 at Torrey Pines. Then known as the & # 8220; Open Andy Williams San Diego & # 8221 ;, tournament continues as Open Farmers Insurance, usually played in February.

This was reported in the press on Nov. 4, 2011, Williams was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He confirmed the condition in an unexpected appearance that weekend in his theater in Branson is to report the news Branson Tri-Lakes. After the chemotherapy in Houston, Texas, he and Debbie, moved into a rented house in Malibu, California, to be closer to cancer specialists in the Los Angeles area.

Release July 19, 2012, the theater Williams said that he returned to Branson after cancer treatment was & # 8220; in a good mood and getting stronger by the day & # 8221; and he expressed hope for the scene as planned in September. September 25, 2012 Williams died at the age of 84 from cancer of the bladder.

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Andy WilliamsAndy Williams
Andy WilliamsAndy Williams
Andy WilliamsAndy Williams

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