John Williams

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John Williams (II)

John Williams

John Towner Williams

The American film composer and conductor.

He was born February 8, 1932 in Long Island, New York.

His father played percussion quintet Raymond Scott, so music was in John’s life from an early age. Living in the Los Angeles, where he moved with his parents in 1948, he did was playing jazz tunes on the piano, leading his own jazz band as a young age.

He studied at North Hollywood High School. Later he attended the Los Angeles University of California and Los Angeles City College and took private lessons with composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco.

During his studies at the college, where the future maestro studied musical wisdom from notable conductors and composers, followed by three years of service in the Army Air Force, where he served as arranger and conductor of the Orchestra of the Air Force until the end of service. Back in Los Angeles, Williams took up the game in different jazz clubs with the aim to earn a living. To help gifted but squander their talent, the young man took his music teacher of piano at the Juilliard School of Madame Rosina Levinn. She convinced him to come to grips with writing music; as John did, having gone to a nearby studio.

His first Hollywood job was written and performed on the piano by himself the party for the TV series “Today”, which was released in 1952.

The next two decades, the composer developed his skills, his music was becoming richer and more diverse, as a result of 1971 was marked by obtaining his first prize “Academy Award”adapted for the music for the film”Fiddler on the Roof”.

The second “Academy Award”Williams brought his collaboration with Steven Spielberg at work on an incredibly successful film in 1975″Jaws”, for which the composer wrote an incredibly fascinating music, which has become almost one of the protagonists of the film.

Since then, the two kinogeniya become permanent partners in their work, and it is already impossible to imagine that in the next film, Spielberg did not sound music of John Williams.

After a while, Spielberg recommended Williams to his friend and colleague George Lucas preparing the most important film project of his life – the movie “Star Wars”. This work has brought great success of the maestro, as, indeed, and Lucas, a soundtrack to the film remains incredibly popular among music lovers of cinema and still.

From the works of other film composers John Williams’ music distinguishes intensive use of leitmotifs. His style became instantly recognizable by the general public as early as 70 years, and for the past several decades, the maestro never ceases to amaze their fans. However, limited to film music, he does not intend to, and occasionally wrote works of a more serious focus for symphony orchestras.

From 1980 to 1993 he worked as conductor of the Boston Pop Orchestra and is now its conductor deserved.

For a long film career, John Williams was awarded a great number of awards – in his collection 5 “Oscars” and 45 nominations, as well as a myriad of other awards, and it is possible that their number will increase more. But the main prize remains the recognition of his music fans from around the world.

prizes and awards

Award “Academy Award” (1982):

Best Composer (“ET”)

Award “BAFTA”:

1975 – Best Music (“Jaws”, “The Towering Inferno”)

1978 – Best Music (“Star Wars”)

John WilliamsJohn Williams
John WilliamsJohn Williams
John WilliamsJohn Williams

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