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Interviews & rarr; Mikey Way. Kerrang! Magazine – 26.03.2014 [part 2]

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Back in March 2013, as it may be, Mikey felt that the world is a challenge to him. And, frankly, the world won. In January this year it was said & # 8211; through modern methods of digging in shit through rapid removal of an account on Tumbler and after (possibly compromised) Account instagrame & # 8211; Mike started dating model and fan MCR, Sarah Cantergiani, while still a married man. All this infuriated the wife and Gerard Way, Lindsay, a close friend of Alicia (his wife Mikey).

So, a few weeks after the collapse of all looking for a scapegoat, and found it to Mikey. In the end, he announced that he was divorced and started a new relationship to the collapse of the group, and that the account in the Tumbler was created & # 8220; a friend of my ex-wife & # 8221 ;, in order to make sure that Mike and his new girl looked disgusting in the eyes other people.

With Sarah, they are still together, and Wei did not want to stir up the past, which has caused tension in their relationship since their romance & # 8220; accused of decay of the group and this is not true & # 8221;.

& # 8220; they are ahead of the event & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; he said today about his detractors. & # 8220; It was a matter of time & # 8211; all just coincidence. This made the [end MCR] is extremely difficult, but because what does not kill you makes you stronger. Because of this, I realized many things about myself and about others. Because of this I started to appreciate the love and friendship. & # 8221;

And friends, that he values ​​the most & # 8211; his bandmates. He still regularly associate with them and calls itself & # 8220; & # 8221 exhausted; their adventures. In response to Gerard, Ray and Frank & # 8220; very supportive and were excited & # 8221; theme Electric Century, Gerard gave advice on how to cope with too close attention to his less experienced little brother.

& # 8220; We gave each other advice, even when they were in the womb & # 8221 ;, & # 8211; Way laughing. & # 8220; When we talk, we try to stick to non-business tone, but we are constantly pointing to each other. In a period of great popularity MCR every day I applauded him. I did not know how he does it. It just dumped a huge amount, and he made short work with all dignity. & # 8221;

Mikey, by his own admission, is not always so easy to tolerate stress due to the position of the rock stars of the 21st century (during the recording of The Black Parade in 2006, he had depression and breakdown). But he hopes that the fans who followed every movement of the MCR, will be interested and Electric Century too. He expected a negative reaction when she came & # 8216; I Lied & # 8217 ;, but he says & # 8220; not see anything negative, which is pretty crazy in this era of hatred. & # 8221;

& # 8220; This embittered, suffering child who is inside each of us & # 8211; this is the one for whom we sang, & # 8221; & # 8211; he says. & # 8220; All of them come from the other end, so that’s cool & # 8211; to continue this journey with them. & # 8221;

But can compete with Electric Century & # 8216; running like a mill & # 8217; MCR in terms of success?

& # 8220; This is the world to solve, & # 8221; & # 8211; says Mike. & # 8220; For me, it will still be infinitely successful and creative. Will it be successful from the point of view of others & # 8211; decide the fate. But I know that we establish a connection with the people. & # 8221;

And for those who still cling to the former group Mikey, he has a special message.

& # 8220; We got to the end of the road, & # 8221; & # 8211; he shrugs. ” You can never stay too long in one place and overextend yourself. We gave the world a lot. We even gave him a wonderful farewell with & # 8216; Fake Your Death & # 8217 ;. We said everything we had to say, and it’s a great way to finish everything.

And despite the fact that he will never forget those days, & # 8211; even if he might need another reminder (& # 8220; There are some things that I think: & # 8216; This is really happening, or is it a dream? & # 8217; & # 8221; & # 8211; he laughs) & # 8211; he finally shuts your computer comes out of his bedroom and plunges into the future, and he hopes that MCRmy will do the same.

The Black Parade is dead. Hail Electric Century!

Do not know David Debiaka?

Intensive colleagues shirts for the group!

He was a member of two groups: Sleep Station and New London Fire.

David says: & # 8220; now my focus is on Electric Century. We need to make an album that we want to do, and to do the job 100 percent. & # 8221;

Each entry, which he does, unlike the others.

David says: & # 8220; In the last album that I recorded, folk drive political influence. He [the album] that was before him, completely different. All I did & # 8211; this is what I feel. I just follow my inner feelings and get what you get. & # 8221;

It can be a little unhappy.

Mikey WayMikey Way
Mikey WayMikey Way
Mikey WayMikey Way

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