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Hannah Simone

Who played Sissi in the “newcomer”?

Beauty Sisi Parekh his model looks favorably complements the ‘home’ beauty Jessica Day, the main character of the series ‘newcomer’. Sisi played Hannah Simone also had time to try yourself as a model; However, now Hannah very attractive political activities.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

The Anglo-Canadian actress and television presenter, a former model. Is best known for the role of Cecilia ‘CC’ Parejo (Cecilia ‘Cece’ Parekh) in the comedy series ‘newcomer’ (‘New Girl’).

Simon was born in London (London); her father – a Hindu, flows in the veins of the mother complex mixture of German, Italian and Cypriot blood. Early life Hannah were held in Calgary, Alberta (Calgary, Alberta). When Hannah was 7 years old, her life began ‘nomadic’ period – over the next 3 years, Simon has had time to live (and learn in schools) on three continents. Saudi Arabia, Greece, Canada, India – Hannah lived here, received basic education and tried to force an aspiring actress in amateur productions. For 13 years Hannah settled in Cyprus (Cyprus); She has worked as a model – and even managed to get on the cover of a number of local fashion publications. By age 16, Simon moved to New Delhi, India (New Delhi, India), 17 – returned to Canada, first – in White Rock, British Columbia (White Rock, British Columbia), and then – in Vancouver (Vancouver).

Education Simon received at the University of British Columbia (University of British Columbia); She specialized in international relations and political science. Later, the actress received another undergrad degree – this time at the University of Ryerson (Ryerson University), specializing in television and radio. For two consecutive years, Hannah has worked under the supervision of a researcher Lloyd Axworthy (Lloyd Axworthy), a former foreign minister in the government of Jean Chr├ętien (Jean Chr & # 233; tien). Later, Hannah moved to Britain, where for a time she worked as a volunteer in the projects of the United Nations; She specialized in the fight for civil rights and help those in need.

During his studies at Ryerson Simon quite actively worked for a local radio station; around the time she really woke up interest in the media industry. After graduating from university in 2005, Simon got the lead in the project of the Canadian television HGTV ‘Space for Living’; I worked on this project Hanna whole season. Later she became a VJ project ‘MuchMusic’ – she acted as the leading news show ‘Much News Weekly’ and project ‘The NewMusic’. For the most part run by Simon were youth projects – it is actively communicating with the performers of alternative music and managed to interview a number of artists and bands. I left ‘MuchMusic’ Simon Nov. 21, 2008 th – at the time the actress was thinking to move to Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California).

May 10, 2009 th channel

SyFy first release of the project ‘WCG Ultimate Gamer’; Here Simon acted as lead, paired with Goerdinom Joel (Joel Gourdin). The show lasted two seasons on the air, and ended October 7, 2010-th.

At the moment, Hannah Simone plays the popular comedy series channel Fox ‘newcomer’; her character, Cecilia ‘CC’ Parekh is the best friend of the protagonist, the character Zooey Deschanel (Zooey Deschanel), and the love interest of one of the heroes. Not so long ago, Simon has been working on the set design ‘H +’ – the second of the series, shot jointly ‘Warner Premiere Digital Web’ and ‘Dolphin Entertainment’ under the guidance of a professional television producer and director Bryan Singer (Bryan Singer).

From model Affairs Hannah Simone currently has departed, but in advertising, she still sometimes removed – so, in 2013, the actress starred in a new TV commercial ‘Gillette Body Grooming Razor’.

Hannah SimoneHannah Simone
Hannah SimoneHannah Simone
Hannah SimoneHannah Simone

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