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Ellen Burstyn

Once a very popular American actress Ellen Burstyn was born on December 7th, 1932 in the city of Detroit (Michigan, USA). Making yourself start early enough: in the 14 years she worked as a cook in a fast food places. After graduating from the prestigious “Detroit`s Cass Technical High School”I moved to Texas. In Texas, she worked as a model until moving to New York in 1952. The new site has received statistics in place of”The Jackie Gleason Show”.

From New York moved to Montreal, where she worked as a dancer in a nightclub. Some time later returned to New York in 1957 and first performed on Broadway in the play “Fair play & raquo ;. On the big screen debut in the film”Goodbye, Charlie” (1964) and then for a while out of business, devoting himself to studying at acting classes Lee Strasberg. In subsequent years, he worked almost non-stop on TV. During this period, most of the work performed under the name of McRae.

A qualitative leap in the career of an actress came in 1971, after the execution of the main female role in the film “The Last Picture Show & raquo ;. Great game the young actress was awarded an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe. In 1972 another major role in the film” King Garden & raquo ;, the main male role in which played a great Jack Nicholson.

In 1973, during the filming one of the scenes of commercial box office hits “Exorcist” (1973) strongly hit coccyx and received a serious spinal injury. The scene with screaming in pain actress filmed and used in the movie.

In 1974, he won an Oscar in the category of “Best Actress”for his role in the film”Alice does not live here any more”(1974). The following year was awarded the”Tony Award”in the category of”Best Actress Plays”for her role in the Broadway drama” At the same time, next year & raquo ;. For his role in the film version of the play, released in 1978, he received a Golden Globe.

In the 80 years in the career of the actress has been some decline. During this period, she played a few roles in feature films. V1982 has become the first woman president of the Screen Actors Guild, but the position took up too much time and effort, and in 1985 Ellen resigned.

During his career Ellen Burstyn has performed more than 110 roles in film and television. Among the most popular works with her participation: “Resurrection”(1980),”When a man loves a woman”(1994),”Lie Detector”(1997),”Requiem for a Dream”(2000),”Fountain” (2006).

Three times married and divorced three times. With the latter husband Neil Burstyn (married from 1960 to 1971) adopted a son named Jefferson. Continues to act in films despite his advanced age.

Hannah FergusonHannah Ferguson
Hannah FergusonHannah Ferguson
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