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To Amy’s hard to remember the best time of the two years that followed the release of her debut album, «This is the life» in the 2007th year. Was it the support of Paul Weller in Holland at the beginning of 2007? “He and Steve Cradock (guitar) were very kind to me and we became friends,”- says the singer.”Then, when I was headlining Shepherd’s Bush Empire in 2008th”- agrees Paul -“It was a complete Otpad.”

Was it a victory at the German Echo Awards in the category “Best New Band” («Best International Newcomer»), in the fight against Duffy, Adele and Gabriella Cilmi? Finding quintuple-platinum status in Switzerland? Formation of the title track of the album number one single in ten countries? Or assignment of the biggest best-selling female debut since Amy Winehouse in Germany? The opening of the show in honor of the triumphant return home on the main stage of the Scottish «T In The Park», the festival, which she never missed since could put up a tent?

Or was it the displacement album Radiohead “In Rainbows”in the first place in the British album chart in January 2008?”For me it was excellent”- agrees Scottish singer, who was only 19 at the time of release, «This is the life» (she is 22 now).”The album stayed on the charts all Christmas. He was already 6 months and he came to the second place at the time of release. And when it’s Christmas, I was just overjoyed that he was close to the Top 20, this time of year. A week after he was raised … On Friday he was in third place, a couple of thousand copies behind the «Take That» and millions of miles away from the first place – Radiohead. But I guess I was lucky with Saturday shoppers – mums in Tesco will not buy Radiohead, and I think because I furnish them. “Upon hearing the news, she called her mother first. “It was amazing.»

The highest point among all these? None of the above.

«I love to sing songs, and I’m so glad that showed their live sound,”she speaks passionately about the world tour, which lasted until the fall of 2009.”It’s very important, especially because this is what I remember from the time when I was younger, when I liked the CD it was like,”Okay, now I want to see these guys live.”But now I can not believe that I can to play at festivals and clubs around the world. »

Months, miles, shows at clubs, shows in pubs, concert halls, theaters, festivals, encore, repeated encores: through good old shows, word of mouth and constant rotation on the radio (especially thanks to the world-famous singles Mr Rock and Roll and This Is The Life), Amy Macdonald has evolved from an unknown author Scottish singer teenager into an international star. Being constantly doers of the author, which was at an early age, she has brought this experience to work on their second album, A Curious Thing. Big, bold and dramatic. Personal, fragile and touching. This is Amy Macdonald, polnogolosaya, reloaded and recharged with the addition of percussion piano and a couple of guest chips from Paul Weller.

The name of the album, she explains, is taken from a new song, No Roots: «life I’m curious thing (a curious thing), but I can not deny the happiness it brings.” This is a reflection of strange turns in her life occurred in the 4 years that followed from the date of signing the contract with the record company.

Not that McDonald sang about meal stops at hotels and not that she cut bait for luxury sunny climate. The house is still a small town in Scotland, a few miles from Glasgow; inspiration continues to come from her heart; and her preferred creative environment remains tight, stuffy and not-little-smelly studio in Surrey, where he lives her manager and producer Pete Wilkinson. “So we do this because it is convenient and so we like” – she says confidently.

She started writing songs for their second album last spring, in a short break between concerts of the tour. First, she started to look old notebooks, looking for ideas for songs – before she sat down to write a song and if she did not come out at once, it would be abandoned. Hence instantly catchy songs from her first album. But here, a lot of half-written ideas left on the page.

«Love, Love» – one of those old songs, dispersing pop-rock that Amy Macdonald correctly refers to as “one of those crazy album tracks that make everything cool.”This is one of the fastest tracks on the album «A Curious Thing» and the symbol of richer sound the new songs.”It’s because I toured constantly,”- she explains -“and spends time with his band, in which all participants, great musicians, providing free time on stage in various jam sessions. We did do the most ridiculous things like hours of perepevok songs from all of the first album in the style of reggae. These experiments led me to the idea that we could use a lot of tools and make this really polyphonic album. »

Some of these tools have been found in their own modest studio Weller, a couple of miles from the studio Uilkirsona. «A Curious Thing» was recorded there, including «Love, Love» (which Modfather plays guitar) and rampant «This Pretty Face», which Weller plays bass, and resentment MacDonald falls on “all the mania against celebrities. I hate this whole side of the music industry – I just want to know about someone else’s music, and not about what they are ».

combed pop stars also get it in the neck in the «Do not Tell Me That It’s Over», hot first single, which is complete with a “big catchy chorus”and live strings. It is not the end of the relationship – McDonald’s still head over heels in love with her boyfriend, footballer Steve Lovell, who currently plays for Scottish first division team «Partick Thistle», nor the end of a career. The idea came to mind McDonald, at the award ceremony in Europe,”and there was a very famous musician, who won something and in fact became instruct the crowd,”says the songwriter, wrote about his former hero Pete Doherty in the song «Poison Prince» .”And it was just outrageous! Maybe you and won a prize for his music, but these people are not interested in your personal faith in some things! And no, it was not Bono and Kanye West … »

The other extreme music – it’s just a song called What Happiness Means To Me. “I like that it is quiet and neprilizannaya; that there is no effect on the voice. It was felt that it would be right to finish the album. »

What Happiness Means To Me was written on the piano that belonged to Lovell and her boyfriend directly affected other moments in «A Curious Thing». Troubled Soul, sounding with heavy drums and brass Celtic (culture, not the football team Glasgow), was written by him while striker stuck in Aberdeen at Christmas, while black strips for the city team. The calling and encouraging Your Time Will Come, loved in the live performances, as was done in support of Lovely and the song to which everyone can refer. “I think, in everyone’s life there comes a time when he did not know what to do next – he is afraid of the future. Your Time Will Come – this is a positive song, which explains that in the end, everything will be fine »

Song of An Ordinary Life, at the same time, McDonald composed based on their reflections – in the list of «Z-list celebs» she saw a native of Scotland, a Hollywood actor Gerard Butler at a party he gave in Glasgow, at the end of last year, in honor of his new movie “Law Abiding Citizen”. She tried not to disturb him, even though he had already said how much he loved her first album. “For me, it was like,”This is so strange, the Hollywood actor tells me that I’m delicious!”But that night there were so many people thirsting for glory».

«So this song is actually about him,”she continues.”You are in this room and everyone is looking at you. For me, I still have an ordinary life, and I want to hold on to it for as long as I can. I never wanted to roll a party to mark the release of the album, where people like to go to celebrities and fetched me! »

Amy Macdonald is best to be cautious. A Curious Thing has made it even more popular. But this is not important, as a beauty queen or a celebrity, never compare her to her true, loyal fans, its present, pure creativity.

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Amy MacdonaldAmy Macdonald
Amy MacdonaldAmy Macdonald
Amy MacdonaldAmy Macdonald

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