Grateful Dead

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Grateful dead

The first band name was “Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions”. Then it was changed to “Warlocks”, and in 1965 again – to “Grateful Dead”. The original composition of the “GD”looked like Jerry Garcia (Jerome John Garcia, p. 1 August 1942, at the. August 9, 1995, lead guitar), Bob Weir (Robert Hall, p. 16 October 1947, rhythm guitar), Phil Lesh (Philip Chapman, p. 15 March 1940; bass), Ron”Pigpen” McKiernan (b. September 8, 1945, at the. March 8, 1973; keyboards) and Bill Kryutsmann (b. April 7, 1946; drums). Sponsored team made a Owsley Stanley officially engaged in the production and supply of LSD and a group of her friends all their goods in unlimited quantities. Being constantly stoned guys writing and recording his music, is an amazing mix of folk, bluegrass, rock, blues and country, rich in a variety of improvisations.

Since the majority of concerts “Grateful Dead”took place at the time for free, the team quickly gained cult status in the vicinity of San Francisco. The first attempt to settle on the label (“MGM”) ended in failure, but in the early 1967, the band signed a deal with the”Warner Bros”. On his debut album “Grateful Dead”have tried to reproduce the sound of a concert, but the magic of live performances they really could not pass. Much better looking album”Anthem Of The Sun”, which really was an atmosphere free jam.

In concert, the team played more and longer sets, sometimes up to six hours, and a legion of fans known as “Deadheads”, relished the possibility of “marathons”. Plainly and I do not know who is more LSD, musicians and fans, but the atmosphere was exciting gigs. By 1968, the group increased by two persons who were drummer Mickey Hart and keyboardist Tom Constantin (he was taken for hedging McKernan, who had a serious drinking problem). It is in this configuration that produced the first official live album “Live / Dead”. Possession Improviz team demonstrated in the 23-minute song “Dark Star”, which has become for many the epitome of creativity “Grateful Dead”. The next two albums were studio work and brought the band’s first commercial success. However, soon “Deads” returned to the production of concerts and one by one were given first double and then triple (!) Live.

“Europe ’72″was the last album to McKernan, who after years of binge went into another world. Keith took place Pigpena Godcheks (v. 21 July 1980), and his wife Donna Jean entrusted backing vocals. Album 1973″Wake Of The Flood”, made with a slight slope in jazz, was the most commercially successful in the discography of “Grateful Dead”. In this and subsequent work team produced a more mellow sound than before, and only album “Terrapin Station” group tried to return to the previous sound of.

Meanwhile, the touring activity flourished, and only in 1975, “grandfathers”gave themselves a favor by playing this year all four concerts. Godcheksy and could not fit into the team. Donna is often unable to cope with their vocals, and Keith hooked on hard drugs. In 1979, they both left, and took the place of a keyboard player Brent Midland. Released him drive”Go to Heaven”was so weak that the”Grateful Dead”is not returned to the studio for seven years. After releasing in 1981 a couple of live albums, the subsequent time the team existed only through the tour. For years, the group was accompanied by the drug problem. In 1986, the consequences of abuse potion almost consigned to the grave Jerry Garcia, and in 1990 due to an overdose gave tips Brent Midland. The last studio album”GD”was released in 1989, and in the early 90’s musicians do the publication of archival concert recordings combined into two series:”From the Vault”(multitrack mixes) and”Dick’s Picks” (two-track mix).

In 1990 came the live two: “Without A Net”and”Dylan And The Dead”, but the group’s activities were suspended when Garcia became seriously ill with a lung infection. Later rounds were continued, and the team even started to record a new studio album, but the August 9, 1995 Garcia suffered a fatal heart attack. In the US, the reaction to this event was comparable to the death of President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley and John Lennon . At a press conference in December 1995, members of the group announced that they will bury the name “Grateful Dead” with Garcia.

Grateful DeadGrateful Dead
Grateful DeadGrateful Dead
Grateful DeadGrateful Dead

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