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TREVI Gloria

Gloria Trevi (15.02.1968 years)

Gloria Trevi . He lived like a star. It was all a difficult fate. Love. hatred, glory, shame, respect, and the most terrible criminal charges. Her life, her struggle continues.

Gloria de los Angeles Treviño Ruiz (Gloria de los & # 193; ngeles Trevi & # 241; o Ru & # 237; z) was born February 15, 1968 in the hospital “Mugerza” (Hospital Muguerza) g.Monterrey (Mexico). Her parents architect Manuel Guillermo Treviño Cantu (Manuel Guillermo Trevi & # 241; o Cant & # 250;) and Gloria de los Angeles Ruiz Arredondo (Gloria de los Angeles Ru & # 237 ; z Arredondo).

Gloria the eldest of his brothers and sisters: Manuel (Manuel), Louise (Luis), Mario (Mario), Ramiro (Ramiro), Amalia (Amalia) and Gustavo (Gustavo) from the mother and Mildred (Mildred), Malena (Malena) and junior Manuelito (Manuelito) for his father. Therefore, Gloria has received little attention and affection, she is constantly getting any reprimands or punishment, because it was a very playful girl and not very good student.

Since childhood, she had problems with his family, that provoked her first away from home in 5 years, it was hidden in the house of the neighbors, which have led, at the request of Gloria’s great-grandmother to her great-grandfather Louis and Aurora. They were the closest to Gloria, because it gave her what she most needed: love. affection and understanding of, the proof of this is that she lived with them many years of childhood.

Gloria loved animals and always had different in your home, since home, like dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and turtles, to chickens, pigeons, mice, goats and pigs. Her mother, said in a television interview that the biggest prank of her daughter, was that a few days she filled one room of more than 30 cats and the house was completely filled with fleas and ticks.

When Gloria has learned to speak, began to invent little stanzas of which later folded rhythms and his first song written in 5 years, the song was dedicated to a dog, whose name was Reina (Reyna) and that did not die for a long time before they had to whelp (crushed).

When Gloria was 12 years old, her parents divorced and, even though she knew that it is better, it started growing rebellion, confusion and loneliness. In the words of Gloria – it was the most difficult stage of her childhood, as it had become a ‘mother’ to their brothers and sisters, and as she was forced to explain to them what was happening between their parents.

At school, it was not a good student, very often threw lessons and instead composed songs, made drawings and dreamed of becoming an actress. And her mother is very strict with a strong character, he gave her 25 strokes belt is not made for each lesson. However, little Gloria has not received a bitter lesson and continued to do what she liked, always took organize dances and raffles at school, and she has won several competitions of recitation and singing.

Despite a big headache, which Gloria brought his mother, Dona Gloria does not repent and does not complain about anything, and says that it is very proud of his daughter, who besides being very affectionate, a man who tirelessly fighting for their dreams and their ideals. “The greatest joy that I gave my daughter – this is what she was born, and I embrace her, and the biggest pain – even to me it did not give”, – assured the lord Gloria .

When Gloria was 13 years old, she got the first idol – “Parchis”- a Spanish group of 5 girls who were older or younger than Gloria, and was a sensation in the early 80s. She was so delighted with them that organize and manage the fan club, called”Sinco maravillas de Parchis” (Five of the wonderful Parchis). It is even more alienated from her employment because has always been aware of the activities of the group.

My mother Gloria was a teacher of dance, so Gloria it accompanies and took lessons with her. She studied ballet from 4 to 11 years, and jazz from 12 to 14 years. One of the things she remembers with pleasure, that I walked with my friends from high school in “La Pur & # 237; sima” in his hometown of Monterrey, and the spruce young corn cobs that are out there prepared, so far this is one of its weaknesses .

We can say that childhood Gloria was a bit fleeting than girls her age, because of the circumstances that touched her life, however, she finds that her childhood was normal, there were moments happy, were also moments are very heavy, that is hard to forget.

Adolescence and entry into the artistic environment

At a time when Gloria was 15 years, Televisa (Televisa – one of the largest TV stations in Mexico) organized a contest in which the searched for “The Double Chispity” (La doble de Chispita), the character of the telenovela, the main role is performed Lucero (Lucero). And because It was a bit like, Gloria has decided to take part in the competition and accompanied by his mother went to Mexico, and, to the surprise of both, after a few selections, occupied the first place.

As the awards were: a scholarship to study at the “Training Center Televisa” (El Centro de capacitac & # 237; on de Televisa), the dog is the same as that of the Chispity, wardrobe-known brand, and a small role in the telenovela as cousin of the protagonist. However, for unknown reasons, Gloria only awarded a scholarship and a wardrobe, but she was more than happy, because in fact, her scholarship was an incentive for participation in the competition, and she has made it.

Once this Gloria wishes to remain in Mexico and take advantage of a scholarship, and although my mother asked her to go back to Monterrey, strongly resisted, so the lord Gloria returned one, because . it was necessary to deal with the other children, but promised to send her daughter money for hotel and food.

After nearly a year in a training center, which has invested all his perseverance to learn as much as possible, once accidentally met on the street with Ricky Luis (Ricky Luis), a singer and a leading XE-TU, whom she had met a few years ago since He was a speaker in Monterrey while Gloria led fan club “Parchis” and thus they often met at the station.

In this meeting Rican Luis recommend Gloria famous producer Sergio Andrade (Sergio Andrade), which is preparing a new musical project, which was to be called ‘Boquitas Pintadas’ (Painted mouth) – a group of five teenagers who sang, played instruments only live, and was looking for young girls for this project.

After several meetings, she managed to get an audience with Andrade, and he immediately accepted it and wrote taking piano lessons since was found perfect for staffing granted quintet.

After almost a year of preparations and intensive rehearsals, the girls were ready and in 1985 the group “Boquitas Pintadas”makes debut in the program”Siempre en domingo” (Always on Sunday) with a lead by Raul Velasco (Ra & # 250; l Velasco).

The group: Gloria . Claudia (Claudia), Pilar (Pilar), Rakenel (Raquenel) (now – Bokitas Marie (Mary Boquitas)), five of the Gloria to play the keyboard and was the most eye-catching, as I was very nimble, constantly flirted with the audience and the cameras. She also composed songs for the group, of which the most famous “Amor Cavern & # 237; cola”(Cave Love) (sung to itself) and”Se hace noche” (Night comes) (sung Rakenel).

After months of promotion throughout Mexico, started rumors that there are difficulties between the parties “Boquitas Pintadas”, that were always controversial, because some stand out more than others, and even began to say that he Sergio Andrade can not control them.

Unfortunately, a year later, in 1986, the group splits and Gloria is a completely defenseless, because mother daughter deprived of economic support to make it back to Monterrey. But the ex-Boquita not admitted defeat and went on to study singing, dancing, acting and music at the time, how to look for a new occupation to support themselves.

After a long search in the Academy got an aerobics instructor, and there applied in practice what they have learned the lessons of his mother, and according to the most Gloria was a great success in this pursuit, she had about 500 students. men and women.

During this period, she met with the doctor (gynecologist), which falls madly in love with and who lives for 3 years in a civil marriage. After some time the relationship deteriorate after a violent quarrel and finally stopped, it inhibits the Gloria, as no matter what she continues to love him.

After a sobbing 24 hours a day for 2 weeks, she decides not to go more in depression and sadness and gathered all his willpower begins again to leave the house.

In 1989, she again wanted by Sergio Andrade, to ask him to help her to burn the disc, since it has already been fully prepared songs, music and style. Producer Sam is in a difficult situation, his past musical projects were not successful, he expected, so he decided to take a vacation. But Gloria comes back into his life, and since He knew of her abilities, her talent, did not doubt for one minute and helped her unconditionally, by writing to the 1st disk as a singer.

1989 A new star is born

Finally, in late 1989, a new star is born, which is a short time later turns into a big idol – Gloria Trevi . With their first disc, titled “? Que hago aqui?”(What am I doing here?) And a single”Doctor Psiquiatra”(The doctor-psychiatrist), it is for 13 consecutive weeks at No. 1 in popularity in Mexico. Also take a good place theme”? Que voy a hacer sin el?”(What will I do without him?),”Manana”(tomorrow),”? Que hago aqui?”, “El ultimo beso” (The Last Kiss).

Gloria Trevi – not the product of Televisa (as everyone thinks), she was born as a singer on the radio. She, along with Sergio Andrade walked station to cast their first single. After listening to business leaders, he was accepted and included in the program of pop music in Spanish. So, already known on the radio, she began to realize personal appearances in several cities in Mexico, with great success and a big full house.

A few months Gloria was invited to the program “Siempre en domingo”(Always on Sunday) Televisa to complete his debut on television. It is in this program, she made her debut with”Boquitas Pintadas”.

Part of the audience hungry and excited, because finally finds himself “the girl of the doctor-psychiatrist” and following the announcement of Raul Velasco (Raul Velasco) takes the stage Gloria Trevi with unusual vigor and the songs are very different from the familiar .

The people stayed quite impressed seeing this girl with disheveled hair, torn stockings, jumping on the floor, dancing very provocatively and shout in the song “No estoy loca :!” (I am not crazy. ). Following the presentation begins a huge wave of criticism, comments and praise from the public. Thus it takes the front pages of newspapers, magazines and a large space in the television news and entertainment programs. Many people take it, some reject it, but ultimately no one was indifferent to the phenomenon of Trevi .

At the beginning of Televisa, by order of the Secretariat of Government (Secretaria de Gobernacion) it “prohibits”, because He believes that its image is too strong and even aggressive, to appear in family programs. but that it did not work and she continued her performances around the country and promotion on various radio stations.

Gloria continues to cause scandals and controversy for its resolute show, which in addition to the fact that sings songs from his first disc and processing hits 80, -charuyusche dances out to the public to dance with It raises some of his fans to the scene to remove their shirts, pants and all that you can, as long as they do not remain in their underwear. And not only this! – It is also bathed in soft drinks or water and bathe the audience climbs onto the platform so that it could see even those in the back rows. And finishing my speech: removes panties and threw them to the fans, who are extremely happy, tearing them, trying to get, but because do not get the whole, everyone is happy and slice.

The characteristic for concerts Gloria Trevi (none of the actors does not) is its fusion with the people “with his race”between every song directed it, razgovarilavala with the audience, playing with her, joking, I am telling jokes. and did everything possible to ensure that in addition to the concert was a”holiday” in the style of Trevi . 2:00 row (or more, if the public asks) music. joy, pleasure, feelings scrip marches, rage and Gloria . Gloria a lot.

Even though at the beginning of her show was criticized for a long time, and even there were people who tried to stop them, but they failed because each time more demanding concerts in various cities, because the concert Trevi – is synonymous with success. Of course, some artists began to copy some points “ Trevi show “, to use them in his speeches, such as jumping on the floor, dare to approach the public, but they say, “the second – were never good”and”first – better,”because Gloria has something special that provokes what she does or says it was absolutely authentic and different from what others are doing. Also began to copy her movements, repeated in an interview with the things that have previously told Gloria . She dressed very much like her, in her style.

Thanks to the thousands of petitions reflect Televisa and took “veto”, Gloria again greeted with open arms and from that moment she was allowed to do whatever she wants, in front and behind the cameras.

The people were happy to return to Gloria on the screen, the ability to enjoy her talent and sharpness, but were moralists, who expressed the view that it sets a bad example for young people, but in fact they were in the minority, and the only thing they have – it We gave her even more fame since Trevi was loved and approved by the masses, the majority, the number of which grew by the day across the country.

Gloria start very well, because during this first year of career was a complete address book, including concerts, presentations in various programs on television, radio interviews, photo sessions for newspapers and magazines, and others. And continued success, triumphs, full house wherever she appeared, raised ratings programs in which she appeared, growing numbers of numerous fan clubs across the country, an endless list of people, conquered her talent.

1990 begins a great adventure

Gloria invested so much enthusiasm for what she did, that in 1990 began to receive recognition and awards for his work. One of them – Award “TV y Novelas a la artista revelacion de ano” (TV and Novels – opening of the year), which is awarded every year the best Mexican artist by direct vote of the public. On the other hand, due to its increasing fame begins to receive offers to star in movies, television series and several commercial projects (commercials).

Trevi gets an offer to the producer Luis de Llano Macedo (Luis de Llano Macedo) to star in the telenovela “Alcanzar una estrella-2″(Get Star-2) in which Gloria I had to play one of the member of the group”Munecos de papel” (Paper Dolls), which turns into a successful solo singer (very similar to what was in reality). But Gloria has rejected the proposal because of the lack of time.

And, after analyzing many offers to participate in commercials, at the end of the year receives an offer to play in the advertising of chocolate “Almon Ris”, for which he is said to have received a lot of money. According to Gloria, she accepted the offer in the first place because the product that does not harm any youth or children, because before that she was offered to advertise unhealthy products: cigarettes, alcoholic beverages. And the second reason – because when she was still a child. she really liked the chocolate and to her great pleasure to represent him. In advertising Gloria singing “jingle”in the rhythm of hard rock, for the characteristics of the product, and concludes with the slogan:”Almon Ris – like me. Very different!”. During this year, Gloria is very busy schedule. while continuing to consider offers to star in the movie.

1991 Time Gloria

Year 1991, Gloria Trevi – one of the most important and controversial artists in Mexico, her notebook as always crowded, but it has not lost its simplicity, on the contrary, we find time to meet with fans and to realize their altruistic deeds, which she did not like to admit.

In this year, when once again closed in the studio releases its second disc, titled “Tu Angel de la guarda”(Your Guardian Angel), which has so far sold about 1 million. copies. From 2nd album stand theme:”Agarrate”(Grab),”Hoy me ir e de casa”(Today I leave the house),”Tu Angel de la guarda”, “La pasabas bien conmigo”(it is carried out well with me) and super-hit”Pelo suelto” (her hair), which has become an anthem for young people 90.

Also in 1991 as a way to bring the communication with fans, friends and the general public, creates his own magazine “Las increibles, insolitas e inverosimiles aventuras de Gloria Trevi” (Incredible, unusual and improbable adventures of Gloria Trevi < /b> ), p>

calzon de gotitb>b> p>

BMG Aliola b>b> Que hago aqui?”. Galardon a los Grandes” (Eduardo Palomo) Calendario Azteca de oro” (Las palmas de oro” (p>

b>b> Pelo suelto” (Humberto Zurita), Sergio Jimenez), Jorge Patino) Patty Alvarez). p>

El festival Acapulco 91) p>

b>b> b>b> p>

b>b>. because p>

b>b> b>b> “. p>

b>b> b>b>. b>b> p>

Siempre en domingo” b>b> .

b>b> b>b>. Cristian Castro, Luis Miguel, Biby Gaytan, Lorena Herrera, Paulina Rubio, Laura Leon, Temerarios, Bronco Magneto, Fernando Carrillo, la Beba Galvon, Cindy Crawford Madonna. p>

“Calendario de la Trevi 92” cb>b> b>b> p>

1992 p>

b>b> Tu Angel de la guarda”.

nunca quedo satisfecha :”(Me siento tan sola” (Con los ojos cerrados” (Zapatos viejos” (Me siento tan sola”,”La acera de enfrente” (Los Borregos” (p>

b>b> p>

b>b> p>

Galardon a los Grandes”, p>

Las piernas mas bonitas de TV” (p>

b>b> Alejandra Guzman), Lorena Herrera (Rebeca de Alba) Biby Gaytan).

b>b> Calendario de la Trevi 93″. p>

b>b> b>b> b>b> La tienda de horrores de Gloria Trevi” (b>b> ), b>b>. b>b> Santa Monica Boulevard), 2 Guadalajara).

b>b>. p>

1993 p>

b> Zapatos viejos”(Silvia Derbez), Coco Levy), Alma Muriel), Sherlyn), Charlie Valentino), Miguel Pizarro), Sergio Sendel) Jorge”El Maromero” Paez). b>b> Pelo suelto”. b>b> p>

b>b> Vina del Mar 93″, b>b>. p>

13 b>b> La Gaviota de Plata” (La Artista mas Popular” (La Artista mas Sexy” (b>b> ahitiana Vaitiare), Margot Kahl), p>

b>b> b>b> b>. La Madonna de Mexico). p>

Rosa Maria Esquivel), b>b> p>

The New York Times”, “The New Yorker”, “The Village Voice”, “The people magazine”Los Angeles times” Wall Street journal”, El Expreso”, b>b>”. El Heraldo de Mexico” (La cantante de ano” (p>

b>b> Calendario de la Trevi 94″, p>

1994 p>

BMG, Cantalo tu mismo como Gloria Trevi”(b>b> b> ), Zapatos viejos”,”Manana”, “?Que voy a hacer sin el? “, “Doctor Psiquiatra”, “Tu angel de la guarda”, “Pelo suelto”. b>b> p>

b>b> Mas turbada que nunca” (p>

b>b> La papa sin catsup” (El recuento de los danos” (Que bueno que no fui lady Di” (Siempre a mi” (Chica embarazada” (El juicio” (CLa boca con jabon” (A gatas” (b>b> A la Madre” (p>

b>b> Since Brincos y Jalones” (p>

b>b> Raul Velasco) Siempre en domingo”, b>b> p>

BMG Ariola, b>b> b>b> p>

Me siento tan sola” Mas Turbada que Nunca”, Que voy a hacer sin el??” Tu Angel de la Guarda”. b>b> p>

b>b> Teatro Fundidora p>

20 cb>b> CSocrates Rizzo Garcia), p>

b>b> Palacio de Gobierno), b>b> b>b> Hija Predilecta de Nuevo Leon).

Luis Miguel) b>b>. b>b> p>

1995 A Trevi-Disima

b> Calendario de la Trevi 95″, p>

b>b>. because p>

Una papa sin catsup” (b>b> – 2 b>b>. b>b> – La grenas” – Armando Araiza), Ernesto Gomez Cruz), Charlie Valentino), Dario T. Pie), Eduardo Lopez Rojas), Claudio Brook) Lily Inclan).

b>b> ” Zapatos viejos”, b>b> p>

Si me llevas contigo” (Ella que nunca fue ella” (Si me llevas contigo”. b>b> Lloran mis munecas” (Sonando” (Los perros tristes” (Colapso financiero” (p>

b>b> Como se hizo el Calendario de la Trevi” (b>b> ), p>

b> TV Azteca, Si me llevas contigo”Ajusco. Hechos” (Javier Alatorre),”Ventaneando” (En medio de espectaculo” (Paty Chapoy).

El Super Calendario de la Trevi 96″. Since b> b>b> p>


b>b>. b>b> b>b> b>b> p>

1996 p>

b>b> TV Azteca, Maxi Exitos”, Si me llevas contigo”, “Lloran mis munecas”, “Ella que nunca fue ella”. Axion”), p>

Zapatos viejos”: p>

b>b> Auditorio Nacional de la Ciudad de Mexico, Ajusco, p>

b>b> Virgen de Guadalupe), p>

b>b> BMG De pelos. Lo mejor de la Trevi”(b>b> ). Doctor Psiquiatra”, Doctor Psiquiatra”,”Pelo suelto”, “Con los ojos cerrados”, “La acera de enfrente”, “La papa sin catsup”, “El recuento de los danos”.


b>b> Jorge Mejia Prieto) Canto erotico para Gloria Trevi” (b>b> ) Chica de pelo suelto” (b>b>. b>b>. p>

1997 p>

b>b> TV Azteca p>

b>b> b>b>. p>

Super Calendario de la Trevi 97″, Maritza Lopez) Nadine Markova), p>

16 XE-TU REMIX”, b>b> XE-TU REMIX”, b>b> Carlos Salinas de Gortari), p>

b>b> p>

b>b> XE-TU REMIX” b>b> p>

Paulina Rubio)). b>b> p>

Ventaneando”, En el medio del espectaculo”, Paty Chapoy), p>

TV Azteca, b>b> Ricardo Salinas Pliego), TV Azteca, b>b> TV Azteca b>b> “, Auditorio Nacional.

b>b> p>

TV Azteca, b>b> p>

b>b> ” – p>

b> XE-TU REMIX” p>

b>b> p>


b>b> XE-TU REMIX”, La Gloria por el infierno” (Ruben Avina), Aline Hernandez), b>b> p>

b>b> ; Oceanica” p>

b>b> Hoy mismo” (Margarita Guille), b>b> Oceanica”, p>

b>b> Estadio Technologico, Rayados)” Fernando Canales) Antonio Mohamed).

b>b> p>

TV Azteca Ventaneando” b>b> Cuernavaca), Acapulco) Katya) Karla) de la Cuesta), Gabriela Holguin), Wendy Selene Castelo) Liliana Soledad Regueiro).

b>b> Chapultepec 18″Joaquin Lopez Doriga);”Duro y Directo”(Fernando del Rincon);”Al fin de semana”(Cesar Costa);”Otro rollo” Adal Ramones), Univision Cristina Saralegui). p>

Duro y Directo” (Mary Boquitas), Marlene Calderon) Leticia Derat), Wendy Selene Castelo), Karla de la Cuesta) Claudia Rosas). b>b> p>

b>b> TV Azteca b>b> p>

Guadalupe Carrasco) (Senorita Guerrero 95), Brandy Ruiz) (Tamara y Edith Zuniga). p>

b> p>

Ventaneando”, b>b> p>

b>b> Karina Yapor), p>

b>b>. Francisco Ariel) (p>

la Unidad Anti-Secuestros) Guadalix, b>b> p>


La Procuraduria General de Justicia de Chihuahua) p>

b>b>. Tu Angel de la Guarda”, “Pelo suelto” Manana”. Ya no”, p>

Amado Carrillo), El Senor de los Cielos”) b>b> .

b>b> b>b> ” (“El extrano Caso de Gloria Trevi”) Newsweek” The New York Times”, p>

b>b>. No soy Monedita de Oro”(Que pasa en la Azotea”(No soy Monedita de Oro”Zapatos Viejos”,”Pelo Suelto”,”Dr. Psiquiatra”,”Que bueno que no fui Lady Di”, “Con los Ojos Cerrados”, “La acera de enfrente”, “?Que voy a hacer sin el”y”A Gatas” p>

b>b>. Karina Alejandra Yapor Gomez). p>


Crystal), TV Azteca p>

Delia Gonzalez) (Felipe Silva) p>

TV Azteca, b>b> p>

Marlene Calderon) b>b> p>

b>b> Cereso de Chihuahua, Hector Talamantes Abe) p>
Gloria TreviGloria Trevi
Gloria TreviGloria Trevi
Gloria TreviGloria Trevi

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