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Anna Kraynikova

Russian classical soprano. Kraynikova became a member of ‘Operalia 2011’ (2011 Operalia), International Vocal Competition, which this time is held in Moscow (Moscow). In the opinion of critics, Anna has a natural Kraynikova Mozart soprano of rare beauty.

Author: Elena Murzin

Kraynikova Anna was born in 1984 in Magadan (Magadan).

In 2003, she completed her studies at the College of Arts Kamyshinsky (College of the Performing Arts), which opened in 1968 in Kamyshin, located in the Volgograd region (Kamyshin, Volgograd region).

In 2008, Anna graduated from the Academy of Choral Arts named VS Popov (Moscow VS Popov Academy of Choral Art), where she studied in the class of Dmitry Vdovin (Dmitry Vdovin), the famous Russian vocal coach.

In 2007 and 2008 Kraynikova participated in the International School of Vocal Arts (International Vocal School), having the opportunity to learn from leading vocal teachers of our time. Among them were the Italian teachers Giandomenico Bisi (Giandomenico Bisi) and Gloria Guida Borrelli (Guida Gloria Borrelli), Americans Richard Bado (Richard Bado) and Diane Ash (Diane Zola) of the Houston Opera Theatre (Grand Opera Houston), Leonor Rosenberg (Leonore Rosenberg ) from the New York Metropolitan Opera (Metropolitan Opera).

In April 2008, the debut of Anna Kraynikovoy under the auspices of the International School of Vocal Arts. For the debut of the singer chose the party Contessa di Folleville (Contessa di Folleville) concert performance of Rossini (Rossini) ‘The Journey to Reims’ (Il Viaggio a Reim

Then, she took part in the Moscow Music Festival ‘Education’ (Moscow Enlightenment Music Festival), where, under the baton of Alexander Rudin (Alexander Rudin) sang the soprano part in ‘Theresienmesse’, one of the late spiritual works of Joseph Haydn (Joseph Haydn).

Since December 2008 Kraynikova was an intern at the opera program of the Bologna Opera House (Bologna Opera House), where she sang Yvette (Yvette) and Lisette (Lisette) from ‘Swallow’ (La Rondine) Giacomo Puccini (Giacomo Puccini), Noreen (Norina) in ‘Don Pasquale’ (Don Pasquale) by Gaetano Donizetti (Gaetano Donizetti) and Musetta (Musetta) in ‘La Boheme’ (La Boheme) Puccini.

In January 2010, the debut of a young actress in the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre (Bolshoi Theatre) and the Party of Musetta (La Boheme). In the same year she sang the part of Tatiana (Tatiana) in ‘Eugene Onegin’ (Eugene Onegin), PI Tchaikovsky (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky).

Gloria GuidaGloria Guida
Gloria GuidaGloria Guida
Gloria GuidaGloria Guida

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