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Dinara Clinton in the project “geeks and virtuosos»

In June, the curtain of the concert season in 2012 Classica.FM offered Moscow public concert “geeks and virtuosos” with pianist and singer Svetlana Feódulovoy & # 8211; the highest operatic voices of the world.

Their performance was held in the Concert Hall of the Pavel Slobodkin Center on the Arbat, 48, and was a big hit, including the international – 15-year-old pianist from Costa Rica’s Daniel Navarro, who played the Concerto #2 Camille Saint-Saëns for Piano and Orchestra, News became a hero in his country, and the Prague State Opera, where singing Svetlana Feódulova, think seriously about staging “Ruslan and Ludmilla” Glinka. It will happen like that for the first time – that Russian opera in the Czech capital had not posed.

The success of the concert forced to think about the continuation of concerts this format, and the first in the new season will debut in Moscow pianist Dinara Clinton.

The pianist Dinara Clinton will perform in the concert series Classica.FM «geeks and virtuosos»

This artist could not be more in line with the title of the cycle – tempted metropolitan audience knows Dinara like a virtuoso and remembers as a child prodigy. She childhood struck fantastic playing technique – Dinara (in those years Najafov) debuted in seven years at the international festival in Feodosia, and eight have won the International Competition “Young Virtuoso” in the Czech Republic, and – the winner of the first prize of the legendary International Competition Vladimir Krainev in his native Kharkov. From that moment she became a permanent member of festivals in Malaysia, Germany and other countries, and even performed at the concert in honor of the inauguration of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma.

Like many musicians, even in childhood, she passed a difficult way of life with different stages to overcome. She grew up with her mother, a teacher of children’s music schools and disabled grandmother. The award, which the young actress won the competition Krainev, was spent on the operation for his grandmother. At that time there was no money at all – who remember the nineties, remembers the bread and potatoes on weekdays, chicken on holidays.

Once laureate concert in the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory Dinara invited to the Central Music School and in the same year the girl with her mother moved from Kharkov to Moscow. My mother worked several jobs until late at night, the young pianist was engaged all the time – she studied and rehearsed. The result – a victory in international competitions, joint performances with Krainev in Moscow and St. Petersburg and brilliant reviews the world’s leading musicians.

  • «Brilliant gifted pianist, combining unique performance qualities and profound artistic potential” & # 8211; Eliso Virsaladze;
  • «Her game is characterized on the one hand the fantastic virtuosity and energy, and on the other hand – the delicate lyricism, deep insight into the author’s ideas” & # 8211; Krainev;
  • «A very talented young musician with an incredible potential and the finest musical instinct …” & # 8211; Dmitri Bashkirov.

Then there were the creative period of crisis, new steps to overcome and the subsequent series of triumphant concerts in Paris Cortot Hall, Leipzig Gewandhaus, the festival «La Roque d & # 8217; Antheron »and many other venues around the world.

The new vivid episode in the biography – presentation at the last year before the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition. PI Tchaikovsky in Moscow leading musical contest in the world. Competition 2011 marked the strongest concentration of pianists; Like many other memorable public actors, Dinara dropped out of the competitive race before reaching the final, but its execution cycle of 12 Etudes by Frederic Chopin did not go unnoticed. As Haydn was the pinnacle of perfection in this competition by the pianist from the USA Sarah Daneshpur. and Chopin was unsurpassed by Dinara Clinton.

At present, 2012 Dinara Clinton brilliantly graduated from the Moscow Conservatory. Tchaikovsky in the class of Professor Eliso Virsaladze and stands on the threshold of an adult, independent professional career. Unfortunately, as often happens with Russian musicians, her concerts are planned in major concert halls in foreign countries, but a full-fledged debut will take place still in Moscow.

To performances in the Russian capital Dinara Clinton has chosen a complex, appropriately named the program cycle – Polonaise Opus 89 by Ludwig van Beethoven, his famous Andante favori WoO57 and Piano Sonata #32 opus 111, and the Second Piano Concerto of Johannes Brahms.

will accompany pianist Small Symphony Orchestra Pavel Slobodkin Center, conductor – Vladimir Ryzha.

«geeks and virtuosos» – Dinara Clinton Piano

Ludwig van Beethoven:

Polonaise op. 89

Andante favori WoO57

Sonata #32 opus 111

Johannes Brahms – Concerto #2 for piano and orchestra

Small Symphony Orchestra Pavel Slobodkin Center

Conductor – Vladimir Ryzha.

Daniela NavarroDaniela Navarro
Daniela NavarroDaniela Navarro
Daniela NavarroDaniela Navarro

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