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Lucio Dalla. Biography of the legendary Italian singer

Lucio Dalla. Biography of the legendary Italian singer

Lucio Dalla March 4, 1943, Bologna – Italian composer and performer. He made his debut on stage in 1962 as a jazz clarinetist, in 1964 began performing with his songs. Since 1965, Lucio Dalla collaborating with authors such as Sergio Bardotti, Gianfranco and Paolo Baldatstsi Pallottino. Since then, as Lucio Dalla begins to write music, he as a composer starts with the famous Italian pevtsomDzhanni Morandi, who writes the songs on the music of Lucio Dalla and the results of work produced album “Occhi di ragazza”.

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One of the most famous works of Lucio Dal – Song ” Caruso & raquo ;, dedicated to the famous Italian opera singer Enrico Caruso.

Lucio Dalla was born March 4, 1943. Also Lucio Dalla birth date, these figures have become the name of one of his discs that have become classics, better known to the general public under the name of “Gesu & rsquo; Bambino” (“Infant Jesus”). The background of his creative debut became postwar Bologna, it has matured to captivate Italy in the era of industrial expansion. Lucho – the boy from the category of losers, restless obsession with music. He plays the clarinet, and in his repertoire as folk tunes Emilia Romagna and New Orleans jazz. He begins to speak in public is still very young, first in the free dance floors, then in jazz clubs in Rome. First it for a short time – one of the activists Reno Jazz Gang, then there is a rapprochement with the team Second Roman New Orleans Jazz Band, and in the end he speaks at Flippers, ensemble, born under the auspices of Maestro Carlo Loffredo (Carlo Loffredo), and where along other play Fabrice Dzampa (Fabrizio Zampa), Massimo Catalano (Massimo Catalano) and Brakardi Franco (Franco Bracardi).

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Lucio Dalla (Lucio Dalla), a great clarinetist, here is the funny singer, who is experimenting with techniques unknown to the Italian stage of the time – sudden improvised vocalization style “scat”(who then awkwardly picked up Adriano (Adriano Celentano), disharmonious vocal walks on the edge of falsehood, say, a certain style of”black & raquo ;, created more on the astringency of the proto-funk of James Brown (James Brown) rather than the”bel canto” soul Marvin Gaye (Marvin Gaye). Gino Paoli (Gino Paoli) was the one who first discovered his talent and pushed to his solo career.

The album destined to failure and the subsequent four years, Dalla remains confused about his future path. He is not sure whether to continue his debunking public fetishism or yield sweet voiced sirens sound recording industry. In 1967 he again took part in Sanremo with a group Rokes, sings “Bisogna saper perdere”(You must be able to play). In the same season he participates in the opening act of the public at a concert of Jimi Hendrix (Jimi Hendrix) in the Milan club Piper. Touching Song”Lucio dove vai”and”Il cielo”It shows the talent that he had not squandered. And perseverance Lucho finally rewarded in the same 1970 comes to him first kopozitorsky success – Gianni Morandi (Gianni Morandi) recorded his song”Occhi di ragazza” (Maiden’s eyes), and outputs Lucho on the top of the charts. The song itself is not God knows what, but, thanks to her Italy, opens its doors to Dalli.

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Lucio Dalla debut as a lyricist could not be more successful. Come e & rsquo; profondo il mare (like the deep sea, 1977), it is a decisive attack: ” all this we have a lot of I / O night we hide in fear / dashing drivers and reporters. / Twilight rats, / we pessimists / we are your bad thoughts / and we are insatiable & hellip; & raquo ;. Finally Dalla sobctvennye aware of their expressive possibilities and opened to the public as the author of a sensitive and whimsical, it mixes political idealism and a sense of humor and eccentricity.

Once entering in the first place of the charts (which Dalle never needed to sell your soul to the devil), a career musician gradually starts to move downhill. On the decline is not even a question, an artist in his prime. This period belongs to the interesting work Q-Disc (1981), in which jazz songs carpet “You & rsquo; ve Got A Friend”Carole King is adjacent to the melancholy blues”Madonna disperazione & raquo ;, another melodic ballad, created In accordance with all the requirements of the genre”Telefonami tra vent & rsquo; anni & raquo ;, something like a new version of the song”L & rsquo; anno che verra & raquo ;, executed on manners more humble, and pop-rock in the weighted tones – song” Ciao a te & raquo ;, which fall under the scope negligent fathers and teachers.

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Having been in the University of Bologna Department of Music and Theater an honorary doctorate, course “art, music and dramatization & raquo ;, in 1999 Dalla publishes Ciao, which means farewell to the outgoing century in contradictory atmofere Balkans, burning in the flames of war. But this is another failure. This is evidenced by the fact that the title song, performed”filtered” voice made unrecognizable, will then be used even as a diversion to free the melody reference number Telecom!).

The single “Due dita sotto il cielo & raquo ;, which each author was inspired Valentino Rossi (Valentino Rossi), glides over the waves fine jazz atmosphere. The”Liam”all played out on the contrast between the music and text, this time a little more energetic than usual. Reggae”Malinconia d & rsquo; ottobre”It takes us to the times of Fernando Pessoa1 Lisbon. that while the”Rimini”drowns carousel pictures sea coast of Romagna in the ocean oriental spices.”Spengo il telefono e ti cancello”(Turn off your phone and remove your number) was conceived as a satire on the dominance of various stredstv communication in modern life, but she did not touch the listener. And if the”Lunedi”click on the button sound effects nostalgia of former times, the most of the songs ambitsionznaya – atheist prayer”INRI”immersed in the pompous arrangements reggae. The disc ends with a stroke of the blues -“atiV & raquo ;, where reception spelling pension is contrary to revive the memory of the old” Vita & raquo ;, duet with Gianni Morandi (Gianni Morandi).

Another setback, but at least karyney, felt that Dalla put into the soul of the album, once again entered the game with a lot of courage.

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At the same time songwriter and singer from Bologna to perform parallel activities as a composer of film music directors like Monicelli (Monicelli), Antonioni (Antonioni), Dzhannarelli (Giannarelli), Verdone (Verdone), Kampotti (Campiotti) , Placido (Placido), and others. Location to television pushed him to participate in various programs on Rai, enjoyed success with the public, such as the “Taxi & raquo ;,”Te voglio bene assaje & raquo ;,”Mezzanotte: angeli in piazza”as well as the notorious”La Bella e la Besthia” (Beauty and the Beast), in which he participated with Sabrina Ferilli (Sabrina Ferilli). But from his own music, now, there was only a shadow.

As often happens in such cases, the public and critics too quickly associate the actor with his mediocre present, overshadowing all the great things he did before. This action is absolutely dishonest, and in the case of Dall, even criminal. Especially for Italy, who knows a few of the authors and performers of his height. if not units.

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