Gabe Newell

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Gabe Logan Newell

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Gabe Logan Newell (born November 3, 1962 in Long Beach California State)

School years

Like all right, honest and obedient boy Gabe went to school. Baby Gabe was an excellent student that allowed him to graduate with honors.

student or not.

After that our “nice guy” entered Harvard University. But perhaps just as in the case of Bill Gates, he was unable to finish it, he left the university early. Gabe got a job in the ‘Microsoft’

No one knows “full programmer”

Gabe worked there for 13 years – having, among other things, to participate in the development of the first three versions of the operating system ‘Windows’. Then he began to call himself “the producer of the first three editions of windows”. After 13 years with the company Newell eventually became a millionaire.

Care which affected much.

Approximately 1990 from Microsoft has left Michael Abrash, he decided to join the video game industry in the mid-1990s joined id Software to work on Quake. Looking at Michael, baby Gabe understood that windows is not interesting to him. And inspired by the results of the work of Michael Abrash, Newell with another employee Microsoft – Mike Harrington, also left Microsoft and Valve studio created in 1996.

In 1998 came the publication series of games Half-Life, which became the basis for such popular games and modifications like Counter-Strike and Team Fortress Classic. Soon after the release of Half-Life companies to take over the development of the second part of the game. Harrington left the company in 2000, then bought his share of Newell. But more about that in the next article, if you like this:)

Newell suffered Fuchs dystrophy – congenital disease in which the cornea is destroyed, and at some point his vision fell to a critical level, but the two corneal transplant surgery restored his sight. [2] “I just got to see again, I began to see better than it has ever been. I turned as if in a fairy tale. Then it dawned on me how quickly comes the future “, – says Newell.

In this personal biography handsome Gabe comes to an end. I hope you at least something to do or you learned something new. In any case, this article is about Gabe Newell was a trial. I am always ready to listen to criticism of people and learn from their mistakes. Thank you all for vnimanie.Udachi;)

Ps- People who have been affected in the text, but that I did not say anything)

Gabe NewellGabe Newell
Gabe NewellGabe Newell
Gabe NewellGabe Newell

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