Fred Durst

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Fred Durst

Name: Durst

Date of birth: 1970 g of 20 of August.

Hometown: USA, North Carolina, Gastonia city.

Fred born August 20, 1970 in the small town of Gastonia, North Carolina, USA. The guy went from bad to worse. One might say that while his main occupations were brejk (command “The Reckless crew”) and a quarrel with her mother. Despite this neglect of the opportunity to acquire a profession standing, Fred still passed all the exams and hit the road home. His path lay in Jacksonville, Florida. There, at the age of 17 he enlisted man to serve in the Navy.

Fred went to the Hunter Huss High School in Gastonia. Fred’s father says that his son was an average student, but problems with his studies he did not have. Fred liked to play baseball, football (meaning American), basketball and loved to ride a skateboard. On the skateboard he rode in the horse. There’s Fred rolled, imitating his idol Tony Hawk. But one day, Fred threw the sport and began to get involved in girls. “He found heifers, and they found his blue eyes”, – said the mother of Fred Durst Anita. Fred went exactly in Hunter Huss HS in Gastonia, but not in Terry Parker as many say. Fred was born in Jacksonville Memorial Hospital, but his family then moved to Gastonia – home mom Fred. Fred at the time was one and a half years. Bill (father Fred) Fred and he moved back to Jacksonville when Bill retired and Anita stayed with Corey (Fred’s brother) as he continued his studies.

In 20 years, Durst went to San Francisco. There he married Rachel Tergesen. A young happy couple had a daughter, Adriana. The future leader of the group seriously going to keep the measured life (whether it is possible with his character?). It turned out she did not want to see the fate of Fred in the role of a caring father of a family. In short, an idyll collapsed in the moment when Durst glades that his wife is unfaithful. The case ended disassembly, after which the lover was in the hospital, and Durst was in prison. True long.

Come home to Carolina, working there for some time as a sponsored skater, and then goes to Florida, where arranged tattooist. Then Fred fallen on hard times. He drank a lot, smoked dope and taking drugs; there was a time – robbing.

Only the music was able to pull the guy out of this seemingly hopeless, situation. Yes, such a fabulous cinematic events sometimes take place in real life.

When he decided to put together his own group, many did not believe that this is at all possible. It was believed that he did not have sunk and six months. A fuse enough. Says did not know that before writing his own songs, he went through a lot, through unhappy love, jail, drugs, theft, famine. And he has the right to sing about what he experienced. He has the right to achieve the dream.

It all started back in 1994 in Jacksonville, Florida, where the famous tattoo artist in the district met Sam Rivers (Sam Rivers). Future bassist in chicken eatery where Sam worked. Later, Sam led a group of his cousin, drummer John Otto (John Otto). After joining the group, Wes Borland (Wes Borland) and Lethal (Dj Lethal). period of the composition of the group at that time has passed. Fred was initially strongly opposed to weights, but when Durst went for guys voluntarily took a group Borland. Fred found out about this until just before the first concert of the group, so that the change could not do.

This is what the leader of the Limp Bizkit speaks about his past: “I was a very bad man, I do not know what is good and what is bad. My dad was my stepfather. I also had a half-brother – his son. All the time I clashed with my mother. We could at any time to yell at each other, and fight like that. Naturally, this is reflected in the songs, for example ” Nobody Loves Me & raquo ;. Five years ago I came to Jacksonville. I became more interested in music, I was not a fan of any musical direction. I tried to combine several directions simultaneously. With eleven years I uvlёkalsya rap, with twelve – punk rock, and fourteen – techno music. After I looked like Che and then for groups (Deksonville), I realized that there is no normal groups and no serious people to make a group here. But once I met Sam Rivers (bass). he was set to work seriously and I liked it. Then came John Otto (drums) and Wes Borland (guitar). I told them that are serious, I tell them about their ideas. I already had a few texts, and we started playing. When we became something turns out, I realized that we can achieve something. After I gave a demo tape Korn, we called himself Ross Robinson”. But that’s another story.

And finally, we can not say that it was Fred Durst takes videos for Limp Bizkit (and not only). In addition, it is engaged in the design stage for live performances of the group. In general, his dream was to remove a feature film (in fact, this ceychas and deals).

“Take a look at George Lucas!”- Fred laughs.” This motherfucker, he never stops! If you do enough cool stuff, be it movies, music videos, songs or music – you become a legend and all the new generation wants to work with you. & Quot;

Fred DurstFred Durst
Fred DurstFred Durst
Fred DurstFred Durst

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