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Fred Perry / Fred Perry

Full Name: John Frederick Fred Perry

Fred Perry was born on May 18, 1909. His father, Sam was made of wood wool spinner, who worked for the local Co-operative Party (the second largest party after the Socialist Party of Labour ). Fred Perry attended elementary Count’s school. In his youth, he played at first only in polo and table tennis. In 1929 in Budapest Frederick Perry he became world champion in table tennis.

Immediately thereafter his career in table tennis is over – he concentrated on tennis. In the summer of 1929 he qualified himself to participate in the tennis tournament at Wimbledon. Fred Perry won the tournament in 1934 and 1936, three times in succession. He was the first winner of Wimbledon, who came from the working class. Many of the following international success – a consequence of the fact that he is known more as a tennis player still a player than table tennis. From 1931 to 1936, Perry pulls the top ten tennis players in the world.

In 1947godu Perry wrote several newspaper articles about tennis and worked during the Wimbledon tournament as a reporter at the BBC Radio BBC. Was built in 1984 Fred Perry Statu e before the gates of Wimbledon.

Start a career

After his return to England in 1947, he said ironically that the players at Wimbledon wearing green army jacket and produced 75 white polo shirts that he gave to the players. First, these shirts were not yet emblems. Players who would like to thank for donated polo shirts, was the idea of ​​implementing shirt logo, which was supposed to remind them about the founder. First, Fred Perry wanted to do as the logo of dens tube, as he was an avid kurilshschikom but at the last moment one dissuaded him from the idea, and suggested replacing the tube to take the laurel crown that we are used to seeing on branded polo shirts, sweaters and other things .

Star Time

In the late 40s, Fred met with Tibby Uegnerom. Austrian footballer who has invented a new device against sweating that is worn on the wrist. Fred made a few changes – and to light a wristband.

The next idea Tibby was the white sports shirt c / b knitwear combined weave “the height of the French” with short sleeves and buttons on the chest. Presented at Wimbledon in 1952 polo shirt Fred Perry won immediate recognition.

By the end of the 50s, such shirts were white only, but later mods required to diversify the color palette. This shirt chose a variety of youth groups throughout the 60s and 70s, from skinheads and ending Society of North shower and Manchester “Perry Boys”.

Now the brand Fred Perry acknowledged classic British brand, which is present in any wardrobe, and we are left wondering whether the matter would be all in a different way, if the emblem was chosen first idea Fred – tube.

Stripes logo Fred Perry really caught on first with Mods (in 1962-1969) and later at the skinheads. That has not changed to this day. Especially in the early years of the 1990th mark he arrived in East Germany as the imaginary “brand of neo-Nazi” Media had a bad reputation. Many collections of the brand is very well spread among new subcultures (Hardcore punk, punk, extremist hooligans, Bit).

Fred Perry started with tennis shirts for tennis, which, incidentally, has developed the Athlete, then added Pullover and sweatshirts. But this shirt is a true symbol of Fred Perry . Perry originally wanted to take as the logo of his company’s pipe smoking, but his companion dissuaded him. After much debate, it was decided to take as a logo laurel wreath.


He is married to the American actress Helen Vinson.

Fred PerryFred Perry
Fred PerryFred Perry
Fred PerryFred Perry

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