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The most beautiful Iranian women, Persian (Top 22)

Iran is the world’s oldest existing civilization and some of its settlements were established for 4000 years BC. Despite the fact that the Iranians called their country Iran since ancient times, in the rest of the world legacy naming “Persia” it was generally accepted until 1935. The number of Iranians abroad, more than 4 million people. Most of them emigrated to Australia, North America and Europe after the 1979 Islamic revolution. Iran is seriously injured as a result of the Iran-Iraq war, but is now being revived.

Note that the Iranian cinema is one of the most exciting, interesting and original cinema in the world. A lot of beautiful Iranian actress. that captivate with their professionalism and charm, thus proving that the Iranian women are considered to be among the most attractive in the world of nationalities. The Top 22 most beautiful iranok (Persians) includes famous national actress, and model, singer, winner of beauty contests, live outside Iran, but with Iranian (Persian) roots .

22. Catherine Bell / Catherine Bell (b. August 14, 1968) – US television actress and producer, has persidkie roots on his mother’s side, known for his roles in the television series “JAG”and”Army Wives.”

21. Mahtab Keramati / Mahtab Keramati (b. October 17, 1970) – Iranian-Persian actress and UN goodwill ambassador.

20. Elahe Ethary / Elahe Hesari (b. August 8, 1983 g) – Iranian actress.

19. Elnaz Habibi / Elnaz Habibi (b. January 1, 1990 g of Tehran) – Iranian actress.

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18. Sarah Shahi / Sarah Shahi (b. January 10, 1980, Oles, Texas, USA) – American actress, model of the Spanish-Iranian origin and a former cherlidershi NFL. It is also a great-great pravnuchnoy Persian Shah Fath Ali Shah. See also: The most beautiful Spaniard

17. Nasanin Nouri / Nasanin Nuri (born 1987) – Miss Earth Switzerland 2008 . entered Top 10 finalists at the international contest “Miss Earth”. See also: All the winners of the contest”Miss Earth”

16. Naseem Fetrat / Nasim Fetrat – Iranian actress.

15. Nazanin Mandi / Nazanin Mandi – American singer, dancer and model of Iranian origin. Participated in many music competitions. See also: The most beautiful American singer

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14. Sugar Qureshi / Sahar Qureshi (b. 1966) – Iranian actress.

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12. Leyla Zareh / Leila Zare – Iranian actress.

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11. Bacher Kian Afshar / Bahareh Kian Afshar – Iranian actress.

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10. Mahnaz Afshar Jadid / Mahnaz Afshar Jadid – Iranian actress. See. Also: The most beautiful Pakistani

8. Mariam Zakaria / Maryam Zakaria (b. September 27, 1984, Tehran, Iran) – Swedish-Iranian actress and model who starred in the northern and southern Indian cinema in Bollywood and Tollywood. See also: The most beautiful Indian actress

7. Claudia Lynx / Claudia Lynx (crust. name Shaghaeg; b. June 8, 1982 in Tehran) – Iranian model, actress, singer. In its infancy, the family moved from Tehran to Oslo, where even very young, she starred in advertising of baby food and received the title most adorable baby in Europe . Later, her family moved to Toronto, where at the age of 15 years, Claudia started acting on the covers of magazines, advertising production company Levi’s. At age 18, she made her debut as a singer has released an album called “Shaghaeg.”On account of shooting actress in several feature films: the TV series”The West Wing”, the film “Priestess of Death”, “Devil in female guise”.

6. Nazanin Bonyadi / Nazanin Boniadi (b. May 22, 1980, Tehran, Iran) – British-Iranian actress, currently living and working in the United States. Films with her participation: “General Hospital”, “Charlie Wilson’s War,””Iron Man,””Three Days”, “stranger among us” and others. See. Also: The most beautiful Hollywood actress

5. Sugar Biniyaz / Sahar Biniaz (b. 1986) – the Canadian contestant beauty and professional actress with Iranian roots. Born in India and raised in Iran, lives in Vancouver (Canada). She participated in many beauty contests: 2nd place in the “Miss Global Beauty Queen-2003”, 3rd place “Miss Tourism Queen International 2008”. 2nd place “Miss Universe Canada 2008” and the winner of “Miss Universe Canada 2012”. I was supposed to represent Canada at the contest “Miss Universe”. but in November (one month before the contest) announced the withdrawal of its candidacy for unknown reasons. She also won the contest Revlon Professional Best Hair award . In addition to acting education, it has a specialty in entrepreneurship and business, but it is currently engaged in film and television. Films with her participation: Bollywood”Neal and Nikki,”the series”Sanctuary”, the film “Real boys”, “Ambrose.” See also: All the winners of the Miss International and Miss Universe

4. Golshifteh Farahani / Golshifteh Farahani (b. July 10, 1983 in Tehran) – Iranian actress and began playing in the theater at the age of six years, and 14 co-starred in the first film, and immediately won the title of best actress at the Tehran film festival “Fajr”. Since then she has starred in 15 more films, almost all of which have won awards at various film festivals.

3. Shermin Shahrivar / Shermine Shahrivar (b. September 17, 1982 d) – Iranian (according to other sources for half an Azerbaijani) Beauty contest winner “Miss Germany 2004” and “Miss Europe 2005”. Is the face of American clothing brand “American Apparel” . it represented in 2008 by participating in advertising campaigns. He currently lives and studies in New York, where he studied acting. See also: The most beautiful German woman

2. Afsaneh Pakri / Afsaneh Pakroo (b. May 1, 1983 g Tehran, Iran) – Iranian actress.

1. Mahlagha Jaberi / Mahlagha Jaberi (b. June 17, 1989 Mr. Esfahan, Iran) – Iranian model, which is known for its unique look. Fans model believe that it looks like a girl with Persian miniatures. He currently lives in San Diego pcs. California, owns Farsi and English.

Golshifteh FarahaniGolshifteh Farahani
Golshifteh FarahaniGolshifteh Farahani
Golshifteh FarahaniGolshifteh Farahani

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