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Feroz Khan’s Extra Marital Affair

The stylish Feroz Khan lived life king size. His parties, his lavish lifestyle and his aura were the stuff tabloid dreams were made of. The same could be said of his relationships too. He was a man who loved women and who did not hesitate to woo them if he was attracted to them. He had a magical love story and a great marriage with Sundari Khan, the mother of his two kids Laila and Fardeen, but that did not stop him from allegedly falling in love with another woman causing a huge scandal.


Did Feroz stray?

Feroz Khan once confessed that he always enjoyed the company of women. “I was quite a Casanova when I was a bachelor and was often spotted at clubs and parties with the most gorgeous women of Bollywood. I treat women with the respect that is due to them and this explains my large number of female friends. Unfortunately, I was branded as a womaniser by some people,” Feroz said in an interview.

However, the eternal lover-boy became a one-woman man when he met Sundari, a fun-loving, high-spirited woman at a party. According to Feroz, it was love at first sight and after dating for a while, they decided to get married.    Reports said Sundari already had a child, Sonia, before she was married to Feroz though nobody spoke much about it. The couple tied the knot after which they had a daughter Laila in 1970 and son, Fardeen, in 1974. But after a few years of marriage, the star wife allegedly discovered that her husband’s love for her had died down or rather, shifted to another younger woman. The woman in question was allegedly the very attractive Jyotika Dhanrajgir from the famous Dhanrajgir family.

Conflicts and controversies

Soon Feroz and Sundari separated since the marriage was going downhill. But Feroz, in an interview, denied having an extra-marital affair. He claimed, “There were no fights and there was nobody else in our lives — we just grew apart.” After the separation, Sundari was given the ground floor of their bungalow while Feroz lived on the upper floor. Once Laila and Fardeen grew up, Khan split the bungalow into different flats so that they could all have their respective spaces.

They may have had an amicable separation but rumours ran rife that Feroz had left his wife and kids for another woman. Sundari, however, wasn’t the typical star wife. When she learnt of her husband cheating on her, she took some time to think and moved out of the house with her kids. She once told a magazine about how she had doted on Feroz. Her entire life revolved around him and ultimately, when the blow came, it was shattering and humiliating. “I can say I became independent only when my back was against the wall,” she said. “It was an overnight decision. I packed my bags and moved downstairs. Feroz and I lived under the same roof; the only difference was that he was most of the time away in Bangalore with his new lady. It took me nearly a year to adjust to the emotional upheaval and to the solitude. I missed the life of a wife but not the life of Mrs Khan.”


A volatile party

Sundari continued to live in FK Bungalow with her kids once Feroz left her for the much- younger Jyotika Dhanrajgir with whom he set up a love nest at his ranch in Bangalore. But back in Mumbai, there was a lot of drama that happened.

Akbar Khan, Feroz’s younger brother, lived a stone’s throw away from where Sundari stayed. One wintry Friday night Sundari organised a little get-together for her friends. Both her children, now in their 20s, were present as well and everyone was having a good time.

Akbar, an unsuccessful actor, who was probably sitting alone at home, didn’t like the sounds of revelry emanating from his elder brother’s house. An industry insider says Akbar probably felt that his brother’s wife shouldn’t be having so much fun and partying loudly especially after her husband had abandoned her!

He apparently muttered, “ Mere hote hue aisa nahin ho sakta. ” (This cannot take place when I am there). He allegedly went across and flung open the door to the den where Sundari and her friends were sitting. He stood in the doorway and allegedly yelled, “How can you have such boisterous parties behind my brother’s back? You are not my real bhabhi. bhaijaan does not acknowledge you as his wife anymore and you are spending his money behind his back!” he allegedly roared. The threat was quite ironic considering it was Feroz who had left the family and was living with Jyotika! He further fumed, “And how dare you include my brother’s children in this fun and frolic? What kind of a life are you giving them? Bhabhi aur bhaijaan ko batana padega (I must tell this to my sister-in-law and brother, the ‘ bhabhi ’ in this case being referred to Jyotika).”

A source says he was allegedly under the influence of drinks. Fardeen apparently tried to make his uncle see sense and Laila too tried to tell him that they were not doing anything wrong. But Akbar rumouredly was not convinced. As he continued to scream and create a scene, actress and Sundari’s good friend Moon Moon Sen, one of the guests at the party, decided to do something. Convinced that she could charm Akbar and quieten him, she is said to have breezed towards Akbar and cooed: “Akhbarrr, sweetieee, don’t be angry darling we were just. ”

Before she could complete her sentence she was allegedly shoved aside by Akbar with so much force that Moon Moon went sprawling and tumbling over some chairs and landed on the floor! Akbar, it was said, was obviously not in the mood to be charmed.

Sundari hit back

Considering that Akbar as a brother-in-law hadn’t supported her when Feroz left her for another women, Sundari decided to speak out against his obnoxious behaviour and educate him on some home truths. She allegedly told him firmly that this was her house as well and Fardeen and Laila were her children! She would do as she pleased in her house and if he wanted to do what he wanted, he would have to go to his own home or fly to his so-called ‘ bhabhi ’s’ Bangalore farmhouse! She allegedly said, “So why don’t you shift the venue of your rubbish performance tonight to where it belongs?”

Akbar was stunned by this retaliation and he left the party since no one was paying heed to him anymore. If reports are to be believed, Akbar did call Feroz that night to reveal the entire incident. But to his shock, his elder brother allegedly shooed him and subtly told him to mind his own business!


Time, the great healer

Having given her all to this marriage and trying her best to make the relationship work, Sundari had been reduced to nothing but a doormat. But time was a great healer. Sundari proudly told a magazine, “I plunged myself into my designing business. That gave me a grip on myself. I broke free from the emotional turmoil. My walking out was a bit of a shock to Feroz. He must have thought like a typical husband and wondered where I would go at this stage with the kids. But I must give him credit for giving me and the kids a decent home and life. Today, I’ve reached a point where I am actually enjoying my business.”

Incidentally, the passionate relationship that Feroz shared with Jyotika also fizzled out after a few years and she moved out of the actor’s life. It is only then that it struck him that Sundari was the only woman who really understood him. He reportedly came right back home to his estranged wife and kids. Though the relationship with Sundari was never quite the same again, they became friends again. He lived separately at FK Bungalow and focused on being a great dad to his kids.

Feroz KhanFeroz Khan
Feroz KhanFeroz Khan
Feroz KhanFeroz Khan

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