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Jutta Speidel Love From

After eleven years of love, the actress Jutta Speidel and her partner Bruno Maccallini have separated

Jutta Speidel, 60, and Bruno Maccallini, 54, no longer walk as lovers around the world.

The TV Grazie (“For heaven’s sake”) and the actors (“We have no car”) confirmed to the magazine “Colorful”the Love From.”We had very difficult times, there have been armed with Jutta and now we have finally drawn a line”, so Maccallini, which is known primarily as an advertising star and with the slogan “Isch ‘abe does not have a car, Signorina” burned into the minds of TV viewers.

The separation seems to both parties mutually now consider themselves to be friends, to have been the best yet after eleven years as a relationship hurts Love naturally. “We remain friends and will continue to see us, but the love is gone”, said the TV star to do so. His ex-girlfriend today it looks like this: ” Our great love has changed after eleven years in a deep friendship. She will remain in us. Bruno is a part of our family. & Quot;

The actor-couple had in Italy in 2003 during the filming of the comedy “The best gift of my life” met. There was a great love for Bruno Maccallini then even left his wife.

The separation of the former dream couple should be gone about a year ago vonstatten. Just two years ago declared the two quot against the publication, &; quot a great gift for each other &; to be. Nevertheless, a marriage never came into question. According to the actress an independent woman is already well without a husband out.

“Of course, because the protection of the woman running quite differently than in the past – it supplies itself”, in fact she emphasized in an earlier interview with the “”. M√ľnchner Abendzeitung Today relations are simply much more modern.”Many women bring the coal back home, have a multitasking job – as I do. Educate children, to exercise professional, make a career, because I wonder:”Why should I marry again”? An economic reason, I have not, and love also works as “.

What a pity that this is no longer the case with Jutta Speidel and Bruno Maccallini – at least two remains so but a painful divorce saves

Jutta SpeidelJutta Speidel
Jutta SpeidelJutta Speidel
Jutta SpeidelJutta Speidel

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