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Mebias Eric (Eric Mabius)

Eric Mebias was born in Harrisburg in 1971. It bit of mixed Irish, Austrian, Polish blood several generations. The family did not stay long in one place, the longest stop was in Massachusetts. In his childhood and school years Mebias showed good results in athletics, but in theater it just hurt.

Once the school Eric studied acting, film theory, film, went to college, Sarah Lawrence. As practice Mebias began to act in the theaters of New York.

So while it came to film debut Mebias Eric has already had an impressive experience in the asset had no role in the vnebrodveskih and Broadway stages.

The debut in the movie took the role in the film «Welcome to the Dollhouse» Hippie rocker Steve Rogers. This event happened in 1995, this year was a success for the actor. Before movie roles Eric starred in episodes of the TV series of small «Chicago Hope”and”five of us». After the first big role was followed by two more. In the pictures «Journey August King» director John Duigan and «I Shot Andy Warhol» director Merry Herron.

Excellent early career gave confidence to the actor, and the next in 1996 also presented three roles in the movies “Arms for Jennifer,”Tod Morris,”Seventh Avenue” Jeff Bleckner, «Fire harvest» Allan Seydelmana, the last picture enjoyed great success, but it certainly does not compare with the thriller Roger Flounder «Cruel» . Mebis which played the role of Greg McConnell.

By the end of the nineties, the actor has had many roles behind and gained enough popularity to suggestions about the shooting became permanent and significant role.

When this actor does not get stuck on one line, I tried to take the role. so they are not repeated in fact, in order to issue the diversity of talent.

In 2000, Eric starred in Mebias disastrous sequel thriller «The Crow 3: Salvation» . it is believed that the film failed also because of the poor play of the actor.

In 2002, started showing in the future become a cult «Resident Evil», where Eric is removed along with Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez and other stars. All the actors who played the commandos had to walk through pre-service training include: rock climbing, shooting, etc. under the direction of the former commando. And those who have starred in major Rola had to go through a video game of the same name.

also appeared in the TV series «Lonely Hearts» .

In 2003, the actor starred in action movies «work», «Extreme Team» and participated in the filming of the sequel “Resident Evil 2: Appokalipsis” was released in theaters next year.

Eric Mebias far starred in a number of films and TV series and continues its activities.

The actor is married and has two children – a boy.

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Eric MabiusEric Mabius
Eric MabiusEric Mabius
Eric MabiusEric Mabius

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