Michael Ironside

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Michael Ironside (Michael Ironside)

The Canadian actor. During his career, he appeared in 200 films and TV series. Wide audience is known primarily for his roles in action films.

The present name of the actor – Frederick Reginald Ironside . He was born in Canada, in Toronto February 12, 1950. His father was a technician street consecration. My mother – a housewife. The family Ironside was 16 people.

In the early childhood Ironside wanted to be a writer. He even wrote a story for the game “Shelter”. The game was the winner of a Canada-wide competition. The money Ironside has started to launch mass production of the game.

Actor Michael began to receive education in the city of Ontario College of Art. After his graduation, he worked as a roofer in parallel and received additional training at the Canadian Film Board.

The actor did not immediately made his way to the screen. First, he had to work on television even as an actor, as well as staff. However, Michael was relentless in his first roles. The first film, which starred Ironside, was the picture of “schizophrenic” in 1977. After it the actor was invited to many television projects and lesser-known movies.

A new milestone in the career of Ironside was the film “Scanners”, in which he not only played, but also acted as producer. That the film has secured the role of the charismatic actor, unbalanced villain.

During the 80-90s Ironside is actively working on the set, and on television. We can say that these years – the period of the dawn of Michael. The actor starred in thrillers, action movies, science fiction and even comedies and dramas. As the most prominent films of this period can be called such paintings as “Top Gun”with Tom Cruise, «Recall» Arnold Schwarzenegger, the comedy”Major Payne”, a touching family film “Free Willy”, and Of course, action movie “Starship Troopers”, filmed on the eponymous book by Robert A. Heinlein.

Industry Ironside is not limited only to the shooting. He also acted as a producer and scriptwriter in more than a dozen films. Fans of computer games also know his voice on such series of games like Command & Conquer and Splinter Cell.

In the new millennium the famous actor was waning. It turns out not so many brilliant films with his participation. However, each such film actor puts all his charisma and experience. Ironside name in the credits has long been a hallmark of a good movie with a vivid character in his performance.

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Michael IronsideMichael Ironside
Michael IronsideMichael Ironside
Michael IronsideMichael Ironside

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