Drew Carey

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Drew Carey

He was actively interested in several sports, and even worked for a time photographer United States national soccer team; at the moment it is one of the shareholders, holders of the Higher League team “Zvukari Seattle”.

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Drew Allison Carey (Drew Allison Carey, 23.05.1958) – American comedian, actor, photographer and host of the game show. After serving in the Marine Corps, he went into “stand-up”; making a name for itself in this area, launched his own comedy series, “Drew Carey Show”(“The Drew Carey Show”) and for a long time worked in the American version of the popular game show”Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Carey has played in a number of movies, television shows, music videos, TV movies, and even in a computer game. He was actively interested in several sports, and even worked for a time photographer United States national soccer team; at the moment it is one of the shareholders, holders of the Higher League team “Zvukari Seattle.”At the moment, the comedian is working on a detailed autobiography and leads the game show”The Price Is Right” on the channel CBS.

Drew Carey – the youngest of three sons, Lewis and Bily Carey; he grew up in Old Brooklyn, in Cleveland, Ohio. When he was eight, his father died of a brain tumor. According to his autobiography, a boy was born with six fingers on his right leg.

In six years, Carey played the cornet and horn in the marching band of the local high school; later in this school he attended and that it in 1975 graduated.

Education Drew went to Kent State University. He was twice expelled for academic failure. Finally leaving the University In 1980, Carey joined the Marines Corps Reserve; where he served for six years. In 1982 for a few months, Drew left the service; at that time he was living in Las Vegas, working as a bank clerk and a waiter.

At the 1985th Carey went into comics. This way he chose, on the advice of his friend, David Lawrence. Good after sitting in the library, and having studied a number of useful guides, Carey participated in the competition of amateur comedians and won, receiving a DJ spot at the Cleveland Comedy Club. The next few years, the guy played at clubs in Los Angeles and Cleveland; in 1988 Drew joined the participants of the show “The Star Search”and was seen on a national scale. In 1991 he had the opportunity to participate in the show”The Tonight Show”Johnny Carson; his speech was very impressed with the lead. In the same year Carey got on the Fourteenth Annual Young Comedians contest on HBO in the project with David Letterman”Late Night”. In 1994 Carey wrote his own transfer to the style of “stand-up” for the channel Showtime; with it he won the award «CableACE» for «Best Screenplay».

Inspired by the early success of the comic career, Carey began to pester recruiters and acquired a number of currently co-starring in various TV series. During the game the way it was formed – a bachelor unlucky middle class. In 1993 th Drew appeared in a cameo role in the movie “Coneheads”(“Coneheads”). In 1994 he had a chance to play with John Caponera in the short-lived comedy series”The Good Life”. After the cancellation of the show, along with Carey writer Bruce Helford (one of the writers of “The Good Life”) were arranged to work as consultants on the TV show “Someone like me”(“Someone Like Me”). In the course of the work in this show Carey and Halford collected enough pans to start their own project -“Drew Carey Show” (“The Drew Carey Show”). The first show saw the light of September 13, 1995 on channel ABC. In his autobiography, Carey has admitted that it is terribly annoying to have to put up with censorship and the need to mitigate their branded obscene jokes. First one episode Drew brought about sixty thousand dollars; Further rate rose to three hundred thousand, and then – up to seven hundred and fifty. The best ratings were at the show’s first season, then slowly falling quality, which led to the closure. In just nine years, left 233 episodes; Carey has appeared in each of them.

At the 1998th Drew became a leading America

nskoy version of the popular comedy improvisation show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. He declared the participants, led competitions and was directly involved in the final stage. In just eight years, came 215 episodes of the show; throughout the show is a great success. Income derived from the project in the list of the Cary-paid workers entertainment – Drew came to the twenty-fourth place with earnings of forty-five and a half million dollars a year. From 2004 to 2005th Carey was one of the producers of the project “Green Screen Show”- child show”Whose Line Is It Anyway?”. Soon the WB closed it, but the team quickly lured to the “Comedy Central”.

Carey helped create the show “Improv All-Stars” – another comedy improvisation project of the American television. As well as two of his predecessors, he was received quite well; team even traveled with a concert tour of the comedy clubs in the country the year 2006.

Drew CareyDrew Carey
Drew CareyDrew Carey
Drew CareyDrew Carey

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