Matt Czuchry

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Matt Czuchry

US actor; is best known for the role of Logan Hanttsbergera in the series ‘Gilmore Girls’ (‘Gilmore Girls’) and the way Carey Egos in the TV series ‘The Good Wife’ (‘The Good Wife’).

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Zachry was born in Manchester, New Hampshire (Manchester, New Hampshire); he grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee (Johnson City, Tennessee). His father, Andrew Zakri (Andrew Czuchry) – Lecturer at the University of East Tennessee (East Tennessee State University); mother, Sandra (Sandra) – a housewife. It is known that on the father Matt has ancestors Ukrainians.

In 1995, Matt graduated from high school, in 1999 – graduated with honors from the College of Charleston (College of Charleston) with a BA in history and political science. A year before graduating from college Zachry won a local beauty contest, ‘Mr. College of Charleston ‘. Matt attended college on a sports scholarship; while he was the leader of a local tennis team and played at the level of the NCAA games southern region.

Even in college Zakri attended theater courses; then one of the teachers convinced him to change his main specialty at the ‘theater’.

His first major role was playing Matt draft channel The WB ‘Young Americans’ (‘Young Americans’); It was during the filming of this series Zakri met with Kate Bosworth (Kate Bosworth); after a while they began an affair, which lasted from 2000 to 2002 minutes.

The really successful role, however, Matt played later in the TV show “Gilmore Girls”; before that, he had to play a different important role in a number of popular television shows – like the ‘Hack’, ‘Jake 2.0’ (‘Jake 2.0’), ‘Freaks and Geeks’ (‘ Freaks and Geeks’), ‘7th Heaven’, ‘The Practice ‘,’ Veronica Mars’ (‘Veronica Mars’) and’ Friday Night Lights’ (‘Friday Night Lights’).

The second really successful role Zakri has become one of the characters of the popular series of the channel CBS ‘The Good Wife’ – a young, ambitious lawyer Cary Egos. In the first season, Carey competed with another lawyer, Alicia Florrick (Alicia Florrick) – brilliantly played by Julianna Margulies (Julianna Margulies) – for a permanent position in the State of the Chicago firm. At the end of the season, Alicia still managed to defeat his opponent; however, in the second season hero Matthew did return – he was able to get a position in the local procurator, so that confrontation Florrick Egos and continued on a new level, in the courtroom.

In a small-screen experience only actor Matt activity is not limited to – he had to withdraw in a few full-length

films like the comedy horror film “Attack of the spiders’ (‘Eight Legged Freaks’) and’ Slap her, she Frenchwoman ‘(‘ Slap Her. She’s French ‘). There were in the bank is closed and the main roles – for example, in the film “Bachelor Party in Texas’ (‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’) based on the book by Max Tucker (Tucker Max).

Matthew Zakri was possible to try yourself and as a theater actor. In the period from 11th September to 28th October 2007 Zachry play staged by Wendy Wasserstein (Wendy Wasserstein) ‘Third’ in the walls of the theater Geffen Playhouse; with him on the stage shone Christine Lahti (Christine Lahti).

At the moment, he continues to play the role of Matt Carey Egos in ‘The Good Wife’; no particularly promising film roles currently in the plans had not. However, fans Zakri absolutely sure that their idol will still show themselves on the big and small screens on; good future tipped the talented actor on the stage.

Matt CzuchryMatt Czuchry
Matt CzuchryMatt Czuchry
Matt CzuchryMatt Czuchry

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