Dean Martin

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Dean Martin

Real name: Dino Paul Krosetti.

He was born July 7, 1917 in Stenbenville (pcs. Ohio) in a family of Italian immigrants.

Life Dean Martin before his artistic career was extremely turbulent. Changing the type of activity showed not so much about “looking for himself” as an adventurous vein: professional boxer, successfully having won one match after another, suddenly hire workers at a steel mill, then sending boring Injecting the hell becomes card tricksters and suddenly – no reason, no reason at all – begins to sing. First – in various night clubs in his hometown, and then acts on tour across the country.

During a concert in Atlantic City in 1946, fate brought him with comedian entertainer, also performed in nightclubs and on radio, Jerry Lewis. They came together in one of the most popular duos first – stage, and in 1948 when the “Paramount” has signed a contract with them – and the movies. In this pair of funny-ugly Lewis personified comic clown beginning, while the handsome Martin with his sweet sentimental song has got a romantic role.

When, 10 years and 16 films later, the duo broke up and prosperous Lewis, who founded his own company, successfully performed, and as a director and as a producer and as an actor – most often in the burlesque genre in existence and survival Martin’s art alone could not believe no one.

There were some reasons. Martin acting talent did not shine ever, “padded”even prohibitive migratory episodes, his play”seriously”bordered on parody, so unnatural and exaggerated it is provided. His voice was pleasant, but a little. And acting and vocal skills affected by the absence of the school. However, it is always”exported”a rare appearance, attracted a host of fans and – especially – the fans. Beautiful statuesque figure, boxing, Opera shoulders reversal, burning-black hair, a great resemblance to Gregory Peck – and in fact Martin also sang. And I looked at the world with such attractive -“I spit on all & # 33; ‘- the attitude to women. Value for wanting more? Martin to stay afloat without Lewis; He continued making records, spending a lot of copies, appeared on television, appeared in films, including in the form of the American version of James Bond – Matt Helm, emerged on the screen at the end of the 60s; in the sixties years he joined a “team”of F. Sinatra – it was said that not only in art, but in Mafia cases – too. In western”Rio Bravo” (1958) created the image of a trivial, but requires some effort and certain acting – slimy jerk force of circumstances transformed into a man.

Still, few people take seriously Martin. This is reflected in, perhaps, the most significant of its Movie parts in the movie “Kiss me, stupid” (1963), a large – because it largely reflected his own personality and his fate.

When, over time, the demand for Martin grew smaller, he had a successor – Dino Martin, too, became an actor and a singer. But Martin Sr. suffered a tragedy: his son was killed in a plane crash.

The actor died on December 25, 1995 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Dean MartinDean Martin
Dean MartinDean Martin
Dean MartinDean Martin

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