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Albert Arnold «Al» Gore Jr.

Albert Arnold “Al” Gore, Jr. (born. Albert Arnold «Al» Gore Jr.; b. March 31, 1948, Washington, DC) – US Vice President from 1993 to 2001 in the administration of Bill Clinton, Nobel Peace Prize 2007.

In 1956-1965 he studied at the School of St Albans. Then he attended Harvard University, graduating in 1969 with a Bachelor of Arts. After completion of the study volunteered to serve in the US Army, despite the fact that neither he nor his father did not support extending the war in Vietnam. As a military journalist with the engineering team, he spent several months in South Vietnam in 1971, did not take part in active combat, after which he was discharged. He worked in the newspaper The Tennessean, in 1974-1976 he studied at the School of Law, Vanderbilt University.

The Senator from Tennessee – before the same seat held by his father, as Al Gore. Nominated by the Democratic Party in conjunction with Clinton in the 1992 elections; both candidates were young, a governor of Arkansas Clinton insignificant – a relatively little known. The current then President George. W. Bush (v.) Promised before his election not to raise taxes, but, as president, has broken his word. As a result, he lost a lot of votes in the election of an attempt for a second term. He played a role, and the specifics of “tripartite” election campaign (see. Ross Perot). As a result, Clinton paired with Gore managed to defeat the incumbent president.

Gore was the 45th Vice President in 1993. In 1996 he and Clinton was re-elected for a second term. Gore actively supported the policies of the Clinton shared his popularity and already in 1996 unequivocally stated his presidential ambitions.

All the eight years of the Clinton presidency and vice-presidency, Gore US economy grew. One of the factors that was the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993, for which Gore voted his casting vote. One of the main achievements of the mountain as the vice-president is the National Performance Review, which sets out waste, fraud, and other abuses of the federal government, and underscored the need to reduce bureaucracy and the number of directives. Gore argues that this document has helped in reducing the future Clinton federal government.

As US Vice President Al Gore has greatly contributed to the development of the Internet. For this, some call him “the father of the Internet».

The presidential election of 2000, however, brought Gore and his fellow unit, Joe Lieberman, success. Gore landslide victory in the primaries of the Democratic Party of former basketball player and Senator Bill Bradley, but gaining more votes than Republican George W. Bush, he received fewer electoral votes, with such an outcome determined by a vote in Florida, where Bush won with the final advantage of 537 votes, or less than one-hundredth of a percent. In this situation, Gore and his supporters did not give up and demanded more and more new recount, believing that the counting of the ballots 6 million inevitable error – and the errors (on both sides) are. Finally, after months of calculations of the original and trials, the US Supreme Court ruled Central stop and take the latest results. Gore lost.

Later, presiding, as vice president, at a joint session of Congress to sum up the results of the elections, Gore twenty consecutive declines the offer of twenty members of the House of Representatives to cancel the electoral votes of Florida, that would bring him victory. Currently (2006), Gore is president of the American television channel Current, sits on the board of directors of Apple Inc. and running an unofficial adviser to manager of Google – one of the most famous in the world of Internet search engines. Gore said that the presidential re-run is not going to, but the political future yet to be determined.

In 2001, Gore was involved in articulating the cartoon “Futurama».

At the ceremony, “Oscar”in 2007 Al Gore’s film”An Inconvenient Truth”has received two”Oscar” (for best documentary and for best original song).

Gore is one of the initiators of the festival Live Earth, last July 7, 2007.

Mountain Activities for the Prevention of population about global warming has been derided in the episode “MANBEARPIG”series”South Park”, which hunts for Gore invented it creepy creature to attract at least some people’s attention. In the series, Family Guy Gore, who became president in the future, conserving nature, invents flying machines running in olive oil with their bare hands and kill Osama bin Laden

He performed a cameo in the fifth series of the second season of the television series NBC “30 Rock” (“30 Rock”).

October 12, 2007 Gore was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to protect the environment and research on climate change. He created a film about the human impact on the climate, “An Inconvenient Truth.” With its climate protection performances he has traveled a few dozen cities in the world.

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