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Martin Lewis’ Biography

Martin Lewis OBE, Money Saving Expert, is an award-winning campaigning TV and radio presenter, newspaper columnist, author and, according to Google, the most searched-for British man.

An ultra-specialised journalist who focuses on cutting bills without cutting back, he founded in 2003 for Ј100 and remains its full-time Editor-in-Chief. It’s now the UK’s biggest money site, with more than 14 million monthly users and 10 million signed up to receive the Martin’s Money Tips email.

He has his own prime-time ITV programme – The Martin Lewis Money Show – and is resident expert on This Morning. Good Morning Britain and BBC Radio 5 Live’s Consumer Panel, among others. He is also a columnist for national newspapers, with regular slots in The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mirror.

Martin is often credited as the “big gob in chief” behind campaigns to reclaim Bank Charges. PPI and Council Tax. with more than 10 million template letters downloaded and many billions of pounds repaid. He was also at the forefront of the successful campaign to get financial education into schools. According to Google, he was yet again the UK’s most searched British man in 2013.

Martin was appointed OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in June 2014. Other awards he’s received include Consumer Journalist of the Year and Citizens Advice Consumer Champion.

He has featured in The Sunday Times (Giving) Rich List for the last three years, entering at No. 5 in 2013 after donating Ј11.1 million to charity. He also featured in the new media section of the UK’s 500 most influential people 2015 and the charity section of the 500 most influential people 2014. Martin is the founder and patron of the MSE Charity. which has so far helped connect more than Ј200,000 in grants with consumer finance education charities.

In 2012, joined the MoneySupermarket group, and Martin used some of the proceeds to set up a Ј10 million charity fund. The first Ј1 million was donated to Citizens Advice – other donations since have included to PFEG, Mind and the Trussell Trust, with the aim being to focus on Martin’s passions for financial education and improving mental health and debt policy. See Martin’s What’s happening to my Ј10m to charity? blog.

Outside the world of money, Martin was a Celebrity Mastermind champion in 2012, won Ј150,000 on Celebrity Millionaire (which was donated to the CAB ) and regularly appears on Countdown ‘s Dictionary Corner.

Martin averages more than 400 points a game at Scrabble although, sadly, he scores similarly at golf. In his spare time he does a bit of rock n’ roll-esque dancing, supports Manchester City, loves The Big Bang Theory (Bazinga!) and is an athletics track and field stats nerd.

Martin is a governor of the London School of Economics and he has an honorary doctorate from Chester University.

Surely that’s enough info for anyone – but if you want really nerdy details – read on.

Martin LewisMartin Lewis
Martin LewisMartin Lewis
Martin LewisMartin Lewis

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