Dave Navarro

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Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro – American musician, a talented guitarist, who made a great contribution to the development of alternative rock in the 90s. He participated in several musical groups, in particular in the «Red Hot Chili Peppers» and «Jane’s Addiction», and also made several solo projects. Throughout its history «Red Hot Chili Peppers» changed six guitarists Navarro and lasted the longest.

Author: Hope Rudenko

Dave has experienced quite a difficult youth and before he became a famous musician and guitarist, he had to go through at a young age through her parents’ divorce and the loss of his mother. Perhaps this affected his later music game – that’s where the roots of its expressiveness and emotionality. His game – it’s pretty dangerous mix of heavy metal, which is gaining momentum in full swing at the time, and Hendrix’s psychedelic rock flows inherent in the early 90’s. Experimentalism and improvisation inherent Hendrix, most influenced by the fact that Navarro had never played that one thing, and constantly experimented with styles, sounds, etc.

A native of California, Navarro was born in a family of immigrants – his grandfather was a native of Mexico, one of those who fled during the Mexican civil war. David’s mother was an actress and model and starred in the television series «Let’s Make a Deal».

David Michael Navarro was born June 7, 1967 in Santa Monica, California. He was the only child in the family, but he had to watch the constant squabbles and scandal parents. Their marriage will not last long, and when Dave was 7 years old, his parents divorced, and the boy did not speak Spanish, he stayed with his mother.

The boy grew up to his own, his mother arranged personal life, and maybe it was waiting for criminal or freaky future, if one day, riding on a skateboard, he accidentally heard outside Jimi Hendrix. These sounds are simply captivated the boy, and he lights up the guitar. At the age of 10 or 11 years, Dave’s father bought him an acoustic guitar, and he began to learn the basics of playing this instrument. It is largely Navarro helped his cousin, who is also loved and knew how to play the guitar. For twelve years Navarro perfectly mastered the guitar.

At the age of 15 years, Navarro has gone through a terrible shock – a jealous boyfriend Constance murdered his mother and her sister. The killer was found and tried, and Dave served as a witness at the trial. This tragedy Navarro suffered greatly. After his mother’s death, he moved to his father and went to live with him and his new family. By this time he had badly things went at school – it threatened to exclude for drugs and inappropriate student appearance, which is what happened in 1985.

Later, Dave Navarro graduated from Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks. Also, at the end of high school, he enrolled at University High School in Los Angeles. Music has always occupied Dave most. Inspired by the play of Hendrix, he himself showed outstanding ability in music. As schoolchildren, he formed his first band – «South Dakota Railroad», and becoming older, with his friend Stephen Perkins, with whom they then played the «Jane’s Addiction», and Rico Quevedo they created a group «Dizaztre». Perkins was a drummer, and Quevedo sang and played the bass guitar. But the group did not last long and disbanded, and not having anything to do.

In the mid-80 group was formed «Jane’s Addiction», in its composition played by Steve Perkins and childhood friend Eric Avery. In 1986, Navarro joined the band and brings an explosive element in their work, as experimentalism that Navarro throughout his artistic career, while the matter was downright unheard of. «Jane’s Addiction» very quickly became a legend of alternative rock, one of those who developed this musical direction. Together they played 5 years, and, although never bathed in the rays of boundless glory, they became those of his modest work forms the whole areas and layers of music.

The band broke up in 1991 and is largely the reason for this was drugs – Navarro by this time firmly hooked on heroin, and after the collapse of «Jane’s Addiction» was treated for a long time, depending, as well as Avery.

In 1994, Navarro appeared with Avery in a small group, and they also amassed. I did not play, the boys ran away, and Navarro while he played as a session musician. This was followed by work with Alanis Morissette and for some time as part of «Guns N ‘Roses», but they have not developed Navarro – too much of his style of play was different from what they were doing «Guns N’ Roses». In the early 90’s alternative music scene has not changed much, so Navarro with his influence psychedelia still looked quite boldly.

Soon Navarro became part of «The Red Hot Chili Peppers». By this time, “peppers” has gained the popularity and celebrity status. Debut Navarro in their composition took place on live peaked

enii, at the festival “Woodstock” in 1994. In parallel, Navarro played with Alanis Morissette together, working with other artists and accumulating material for a solo album. In 1998, he played with Marilyn Manson, also collaborated with Nancy Raygun.

Along with “Pepper” Navarro stayed for 6 years and has recorded one album. In April 1998, because of a misunderstanding with the manager he left the group. By this time «Jane’s Addiction» decided to revive old and reunited, and Navarro unconditionally supported them. Together in 2002 they even recorded an album, but it’s so grand and does not end, and musicians again fled. And Dave went solo, which he called «Spread».

Deeyv was married three times, he was the third wife Carmen Electra. with which they parted in 2007. Now he is busy with solo work and occasionally plays in the «Jane’s Addiction», who in 2009 rallied and even released another album.

Dave NavarroDave Navarro
Dave NavarroDave Navarro
Dave NavarroDave Navarro

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