Daniela Romo

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Daniela Romo.

Teresa Presmanes Crown (Spanish. Teresa Presmanes Corona ; b. August 27, 1959, Mexico City, Mexico) – Mexican actress, TV presenter and singer.


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Daniela Romo from childhood dreams of becoming Rocio Durcal such as. According to Daniel, it is spodvigla it out to become an actress and singer. Daniel has a half-sister, Patricia from his marriage to her mother Dona Teresa Corona and Alberto Presmanesa, who also gave his name Daniele.

February 26, 2012, in Acapulco Daniela Romo was awarded Tv y novelas for the role of Bernarda in Triumph of Love. Daniela herself did not attend the ceremony due to illness, but after Tina Galindo thanked everyone for their support. It all began in October. She could not leave the shooting, then went to the doctor and found out she had breast cancer. And in the most advanced stage fatalities. She removed the tumor (sectoral mastectomy) and a pair of nodes, then began chemotherapy (even at the time it participated in the Telethon, continued to work) said it was her main role in life and it was not even sorry to change the image. In April 2013, Daniel was the last chemotherapy, after which it recovered and is happy for his new life.

Daniela Romo has never been married and has no children.

Early in his career Daniela can be considered the show “Gypsy.”Through participation in this show, Daniel was able to get on TV. In 17 years, Daniela took part in the film”House of the Pelican,”this film was her debut in the film industry. Her stellar roles became involved in the telenovela”Passionate secret”in 1978, a remake of the film”Jane Eyre.”In those days, when Daniel was shot in the movie, she also went on various shows and singing. At this time, producer Chucho Ferrer saw the potential in it, offered her to record an album. In its 20 years of Romo did not refuse such an offer, and recorded an album Tambien Yo in 1985 in the studio CBS Records. Unfortunately, the album failed because the songs are performed Daniela, 20 years old (mature ballads). The audience was not ready for such songs from Daniel. Seeing this, Daniel decides to return to TV. The first of its series”I’m tired of living”was a hit in 1982. Then Daniel leaves the TV for 6 years. In 1995 Daniel returned to television with the telenovela”If God will deprive me of life”which becomes a hit. This telenovela Daniela played with Cesaria Evora and Omar Fierro. After the telenovela Daniela starts to transmit”Today, Daniela”in 1996. Her program had low ratings and critics embraced her with hostility. After 2 seasons the program was closed. Despite this, in 2001, the first time she won the role of the villain in the telenovela”Source”. A year later, Daniel starred in a light comedy “The Way of Love”In 2005, Daniel released the album «Es la Nostalgia». This album includes acoustic ballads. These songs were produced by Adrian Posse. This year has also brought her a lot of praise for the role of villain Doña Juana in the series”Breaking Dawn.”In 2006, Romo is producing the musical”Cabaret”in Mexico and in 2009 shines on the stage in the production of”Victor Victoria”. In 2008 Daniel returned to television and plays in the telenovela “Killer Women”. Also in 2009, Daniel played the title role in the TV series “Charm”in the role of Victoria Lombardo. In 2010-2011, Daniel plays the main villain in the TV series”Triumph of Love”. After the treatment of cancer in 2013, Daniel played in the series “Storm”.

Career singer

Before you start singing on stage alone Danielle began his musical career on vocals (backing -vokal) in «Los Hermanos Zavala» at a very young age. In 1983, Daniel went to Spain and met with Danilo Vaona through his friend Miguel Bose. Danilo at the time was very famous and became famous in Italy after the producer Raffaella Carra. Under the new label «Hispavox», Danilo for Daniel recorded the album titled “Daniela Romo”Her first single Mentiras said furore in Spain and at the same time living in Spain, Daniel invited to transmit late at night. Danielle agrees. Her debut album is a resounding success thanks to songs like «Mentiras», «Celos» (written by José Luis Perales), «Pobre Secretaria» (written by Miguel Bose), «La Ocasion Para Amarnos» and the ballad”Heart”. Heart Song became the main soundtrack to the TV series “One Heart”. Seeing that her musical career goes uphill, Daniel begins to devote all his time during the following 4 years, only her. In 1984, Daniel released his third album, “Forbidden Love”. This album includes the song «Yo No Te Pido La Luna», which is becoming popular in other countries of Latin America and in Spain, despite the fact that the song was originally released in Italian entitled «Non voglio mica la luna». Her last album, which was produced by Danilo Vaono become an album called «Duena de mi Corazon». With Danilo Vaono it works for 11 years. For Daniela 1986 it was very good. That was the year Daniel returns to the screens playing in the TV series “Secret Path”. Her performance on the show is called one of the best in themselves while. Theme song to the TV series (a song that sounds when the show begins) sang Daniela. This song is called «De Mi Enamorate» and written by Juan Gabriel. This song became a hit in Mexico and is in the first position in the charts for 21 weeks. Also this song was in first place for 14 weeks in the chart «Billboard Hot Latin Tracks» in the United States. Her album Mujer de todos, Mujer de nadie was released in the same year, while she was on top of success. This album was produced by Felissati D. J. Flores. This album was a hit in Mexico in 1980. The pair sprodissiruet only one album, Daniela, but they will produce her songs-hits such as «Coco Loco» (it becomes a gay anthem) and the ballad «Adelante Corazon», «Veneno Para Dos». In 1989, Daniela produces song Quiero Amanecer con Alguien which produces Beba Silvetti. This song was written in a different direction. For Daniela, this song becomes that which changes its musical career. This song, though closer to the style of ballads but easier to read and looks more like a pop. Although it was risky, the risk was justified because the song became popular on an international scale. Daniela continues to write songs and in 1993 she signed a contract with Melody Fonovisa. They Daniela released 3 albums over 4 years. In 2001, Daniel released the album Ave Fenix. It produces Loris Cherono. In writing this album was inspired by the singer Daniela Cher and her return to show business with the song Believe. Unfortunately, the album did not bring success and was ignored by the public as instead to promote the album, Daniela took part in the series. In 1990, Daniel released a song «Todo todo todo», for the song was created dance number. This song can be frequently heard on Philippine holidays.

Daniela RomoDaniela Romo
Daniela RomoDaniela Romo
Daniela RomoDaniela Romo

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