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Daniela Castro

Born: 17 August 1969, Mexico City, Mexico

The Mexican actress of theater, film and television, the singer.

Daniel Castro (full name Daniela Samantha Castro Jaramillo) – daughter of Javier Castro. founder of the first Mexican musical group «Castro brothers», has achieved success in the United States. Like the top five Jackson. Javier Castro was a group of members of their own family. In her singing brothers Arturo. Gualberto and Benito Castro. Daniela herself, niece Arturo Castro. also he dreamed of becoming a singer. To realize his dream into reality, she began studies at the Center of artistic education Televisa. Suddenly, Daniela was invited to supporting roles in theatrical productions, and soon after the shooting and in the television series.

Participation in TV projects Daniele brought success and fame. And in 1997, she was the best actress of the year award and has received authoritative magazine TVyNOVELAS for the role of Julia in the series «Caught passion». According to most actresses, it is this role and finally formed her acting talent. It was nothing outstanding common project, but the script was so well established, that the show was a real event, which brought the popularity and its creators and actors, starring in it. This story – a kind of variation on the theme of Shakespeare’s stories, where members of the two families, like the families of Montagues and Capulets, prevent couples happiness in love.

However, despite the great success, the actress did not leave his dream of becoming a singer. At your own risk, she performed the main theme to the TV series «Separation»: at the moment, Daniela was not only not a single album, but not even a single recorded. First performing experience was a success, and 7 December 1998, the program «Christina Show» Daniela first publicly announced its decision to change the type of activity. Then the audience first heard singing Daniel Castro. The owner of a deep, expressive voice, she sang a song from her first disc «Together with you», devoted mother. The title of the album is hidden another actress a childhood dream – a dream to sing with his father. The disc contains songs in the genre of ballads, pop and romantic.

Family means a lot to Daniela Castro. For example, after the shooting of the series «In captivity passion» actress refused the planned purchase of his house for his mother, which at the time needed the support of Daniela.

The most popular telenovela with Daniela Castro «Caught passion», and Russian actress best known for her role as Monica in the series «My second mom». Although the role of Monica was not the debut for an actress, yet it has attracted the attention of producers and ensured her leading roles in a number of other TV series.

Moreover, , Daniela Castro made in uncharacteristic for her roles, she appeared in the horror film «The road to hell». Perhaps one of the reasons why the actress was invited to play in such a film, it was the talent to portray the pain and suffering, without departing from the scope of the likelihood.

Daniela is married to Gustave Diaz Ordaz. the grandson of the former president of Mexico. Their acquaintance began some time ago, a long time they were just friends. However, in 1999, the wedding of a few unexpected for both of them. Today, they are raising two daughters, Daniela and Alejandro. Family Happiness Daniela Castro was not formed immediately. Two of the novel – a football commentator, goalkeeper of the national team of Mexico Jorge Campos and actor Raul Araizoy – developing quite rapidly and attracted the attention of secular press.


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Patricia NavidadPatricia Navidad
Patricia NavidadPatricia Navidad
Patricia NavidadPatricia Navidad

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