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Rhonda Rosie is ready to get even with Chris Cyborg for Gina

is rapidly gaining popularity in Women’s MMA former judoka Ronda Rose. equally known as his spectacular victories in the ring, and sneering language and has repeatedly expressed his sympathy and admiration of Gina Carano. After the doping scandal erupted around the Strikeforce champion featherweight champion Cristian Santos struck with a fairly rigid critical comments against Santos. ” I think this situation is not a surprise to those who work at least half of the brain. At the same time it makes me ambivalent feelings. On the one hand, everyone knew that it swindles. On the other hand, I wanted to meet her, to show how it is possible to win in the sport, without using doping.

The fact that it was caught – it is a positive thing. I have never felt for any shred of respect for her, as always knew she was a fraud. Now everybody knows it.

If she returns to fighting, it will not be the same monster that it was before. Although she may try to go for things that are more difficult to detect, such as growth hormone. The question is whether Strikeforce wants to get her back? & Raquo ;, – Rousay not said.

Once these statements Santos has placed in his official twitter znameniyty otfotoshoplenny frame Gina Carano after a fight with her, with plenty of bruises and hematomas pririsoval and signed it: “next victim & hellip; Ronda. No mercy !!”

After about an hour, sharp-tongued Rhonda Rosie published response: “Chris Sayborg you not only have a penis, but you yourself a member because it published a photo of Gina. You crook”.

The boorish rhetoric Laid Santos feykovaya Photo Gina (it is possible that Santos finding it through search really decided that otfotoshoplennoe face Gina with puffy eyes and bruises – it’s her job) provoked outrage and commenting on the situation as a regular user of Twitter, which immediately posted and the present frame and girls known fighters of the world MMA.

In a recent interview with Rhonda Rosie commented on the skirmish: “come to me, many women fighters who thanked me and said they appreciate what I do. The only ones who have problems with me – This champion and a former champion (meaning Michael Tate and Chris Sayborg – approx.). I think they just have star fever and they think that if they are involved in the championship – all they have to kiss ass, respect them and in any case there should be no negative attitude to their personas”.

3 March Ronda meet with Misha Tate (12-2) in the fight for the championship belt in the main fight the big tournament, which will be broadcast on Showtime.

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Cris CyborgCris Cyborg
Cris CyborgCris Cyborg
Cris CyborgCris Cyborg

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