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Sheryl Suzanne Crow was born on February 11, 1962 in the city of Kennett, Missouri. Her parents were musicians, and the house was already three pianos, so Cheryl was what (and what) to learn. In 13 years, the girl wrote her first song, and later began playing keyboards in cover band “Cashmere”. After college, Crow went to work as a music teacher, and on weekends she sang in various bands. Such a measured life of Cheryl conducted about two years, until fate brought her to a local producer, offered the girl to write advertising jingles. It went well, and soon Crowe began arriving orders from companies such as “McDonald’s”and”Toyota”. Seeing that it is accompanied by good fortune, Cheryl decided to engage seriously in music and taking promotional film in 1986 to Los Angeles. At first she could only get a job backing vocalist, but less than a year as the crow has accompanied himself on a tour of Michael Jackson “Bad”. After two years of performing on stage “I Just Can not Stop Loving You” singer tried to get a solo contract. However, to whom it is addressed, would make her a pop diva and Cheryl were slightly different tastes.

In the end, she continued to play the role of back-up singer, collaborating with artists such as Don Henley. Sting. Rod Stewart. Stevie Wonder. “Foreigner”and Joe Cocker. In parallel, it was practiced in the writing of songs, some of her belongings used in the repertoire of Celine Dion and Eric Clapton. In 1991 Crowe met producer Hugh Padhemom, who helped her to enter into a contract with”A & M Records”. However, the recorded material with him was so sickly saccharine that Cheryl has refused to release, and she fell into a deep depression.

To get rid of the blues it was only after many months when Crowe with another team beginning a thorough processing of the ill-fated caramel songs. The resulting album hit the shelves in August 1993. At first, “Tuesday Night Music Club”few people are interested, but one of the tracks sounded in the film”Leaving Las Vegas”. People glades chip only after the “A & M”realized to release the single”All I Wanna Do”. This carefree song became one of the biggest hits of summer 1994. The album began to buy up with terrible force, and soon Crowe became the owner of several “Grammy”in the category”Best New Artist”, “Best Female Rock Vocal”and”Record Of The Year”. There were here and without scandal, since one of the main authors of “All I Wanna Do”was not specified in the column”credits”. Cheryl completely rehabilitate himself with the album “Sheryl Crow”, will get darker, unkempt and ostrosotsialnye. There Crowe first tried not only as an author and performer of songs, but also as a producer. “Sheryl Crow”, which became triple platinum, spawned several hit singles and brought a couple Cheryl “Grammy” (Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Best Rock Album).

In 1997, the singer participated in the soundtrack of the James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies”, and the following year returned with the album “The Globe Sessions”, made in a straight traditionalist-rock format. Although the songs on this disc are not so often heard in the air, “. Sessions”, as well as two previous works, went multi-platinum. In 1999, Crow has recorded a cover of “Sweet Child O’Mine”on the song”Guns N ‘Roses”, sounded in the movie “Big Daddy”.

At the same time it gave a free concert in New York’s “Central Park”. The show, which was attended by such stars as Stevie Nicks, “Dixie Chicks”, Eric Clapton and Keith Richards. It was later published under the title “Sheryl Crow And Friends: Live In Central Park”. Oddly enough, but this album is not even got the gold, and fix shaky case the singer was only in 2002 with the release of pripopsovannoy work “C’mon, C’mon”, and fully regain lost ground – in 2003 with the publication of the book “Greatest Hits”(Cat Stevens ballad”The First Cut Is The Deepest”became her biggest radio hits from the times of”All I Wanna Do”). The next album is scheduled for release in the dual format, but in the end an introspective and warm autumn “Wildflower”was rammed on a single disc. Despite starting from the second line,”Billboard”and a pair of nominations for”Grammy”, the release has caused contradictory responses and did not sell so briskly like “C’mon, C’mon”. After that Cheryl had to slow down a musical career, because she discovered the first stage of the cancer. Treatment, however, was successful, and reunited with producer Bill Bottrell (“Tuesday Night Music Club”), Crowe returned with the performance in the tradition of the root rock album “Detours”.

Also in 2008, she participated in the election campaign of Barack Obama, and also released a Christmas record “Home For Christmas”. Her next studiynik Cheryl pulled from the usual sound, as she decided to practice in vintage soul a la Memphis. The experiment was quite successful, and recorded with the guests (Keith Richards. Justin Timberlake, Citizen Cope), which contained some covers “100 Miles From Memphis”debuted in the top three. In 2012, Crowe had to worry again about the health, but the brain tumor was benign, and the singer was able to continue. Her album next year,”Feels Like Home” was recorded in Nashville and, therefore, as might be expected, was made in the style of the country.

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