Charlie Watts

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Charlie Watts


The permanent drummer of The Rolling Stones

If there is in the world of rock music cranks and originals, one of them should be called a drummer “Rolling Stones”. All kind he does not look like a rocker: dress modestly, it is quiet, great family man, and it surprised everyone. As you is his statement: “Rock ‘n’ roll, I do not like?”Or answer questions about life in the group (with a sigh):”It’s my job?”It seems that Charlie – a cold-blooded landsknecht or a random person in the ranks of the”Stones”. Meanwhile, he does his job very professionally, and even does not give a solo, according to Keith Richards, all music “Stones” Watts on drums keeps.

Charles Robert Watts was born in the London suburb of NISS (according to other sources – Ayslington) June 2, 1941 in the family of the driver of the cargo composition. The school is most loved drawing and physical education (croquet, football). At age 14, I bought my first musical instrument – banjo, but soon took it apart and remade into the drum. At Christmas my parents gave him a drum set. Favorite music of Charlie became modern jazz. After high school he enrolled at the School of the Arts, where he studied for 3 years at the department of advertising (and Richards). In 1961, Watts wrote a book about his idol Charlie Parker “Ode To A High- Flying Bird”. It is something like a comic book in the style of children’s drawings, where Parker is depicted as a bird. (Opus was published in 1964). At the same time, our hero began to speak, accompanying groups of “Blues By Six”and”Blues Inc. “At the same time, he worked in an advertising agency”Charles Hobson & Grey”. Combining music and advertising is becoming increasingly difficult, and in December 1962, Charlie was about to get off the reel, if not an invitation from the “Stones”.

From the earliest photographs, Charlie was markedly different from the rest of the “Stones”: in a suit, sometimes combed parted. He married before anyone else – to skulptorshe Shirley Ann Shephard, and inseparable from it since 1964. The couple have a daughter Seraphina. The character of Charlie firm and resigned, but had happened, came to the ridiculous. At one of the concerts fans staged a wild pogrom: piled ground soloist pootnimali at other guitars and just sat Watts on drums, beating out the rhythm of the song has long been zamolknuvshey. In the “Summer of Love”of 1967, when rock stars have sought to outdo each other colorful dresses, turbans, fur-lined jackets, Charlie appeared at rehearsals in unchanging jeans and jacket. Shooting the video for”It’s Only Rock’n’Roll”(1974) to the tent, where the artist and the operator began to run the foam until it reached all standing there up to the throat. When they began to view captured, revealed that Watts showed miracles of endurance when poured foam, he sat at the installation and does not even tried to get up, and in the meantime got to nimu the collar, eyes, nose and ears … The only record of a singing Charlie – it the chorus of the song”Yesterday’s Papers” (1967). When in 1965 he was richer, bought the manor of the XVI century, his father, a simple hard worker, responded this way: say, I am proud of the success of his son, but why would buy such things the old way, when all around is full of new homes?

Playing in the group, Watts rarely absented himself for foreign projects. The first of these was recorded in 1968, a collection of “Blues Anytime Vol. 1-2 “with Eric Clapton, Jagger, Wyman et al. Two years later came the album project”People Band”, which was made by producer Charlie, he also played the tabla. 1972 Watts brought participate in the album Alexis Korner “Bootleg Him”. Our hero is played by 2 disks blues luminary Howlin ‘Wolf. In 1977-78 game Charlie heard the disc “Jamming The Boogie”. At the end of 1978, Charlie made a part of a big band at the festival 50 years of boogie-woogie, and along with it – Corner and Ian Stewart. A year later, the trio formed a group of “Rocket 88”, which gave a tour in Germany, Holland and England. Out eponymous band live album. 1980 marked the participation of Charlie in the album of his colleagues in the “Blues By Six”Brian Knight”A Dark Horse”. In 1983. Watts took part in charity concerts in London and New York.

In 1986, Charlie Wyman joined the group “Willie & The Poorboys”, but not for long: he created a big band of 29 people, and called him “Charlie Watts & His Orchestra”. At the end of 1986 I left the disc Orchestra Charlie “Live At The Fulham Town Hall”, consisting only of jazz compositions. In the 90s he take a liking to the extent that issued as many as four solo albums: “From One Charlie”(1991),”A Tribute to Charlie Parker with Strings”(1992),”Warm & Tender”(1993),”Long Ago & Far Away “(1995). All four Watts plays with his own quintet and sings Bernard Fowler. On the third album sounds Metropolitan-London orchestra. The second and third drives took to the firm Ronnie Wood’s “Continuum”. In the latter drive the repertoire is made up of hits by Gershwin, Ellington, Armstrong et al.; This disc is praised London “Times”. Charlie participated in the recording of two songs for the tribute-album Charles Mingus (1990).

In 2000, along with Jim Keltner Charlie he issued album “Project”, where only percussion sound. Watts has created its own “Tentet”, which gave several concerts. Every summer he travels to the auction racehorses in Poland (in 1999 his mare won the title in England). Charlie also bred sheep dogs and was a member of the Welsh club sobakovodcheskogo; He collects antique silver and war relics. It can not be compared with Ringo Starr or Phil Collins: it just a drummer in a rock and roll band. Watts knows his place, regularly beating the rhythm and not bothering anyone solos. He piously faithful band of his youth – “Rolling Stones”, and so be it.

“A career in this field, I would never do but could not. Not so well I played. But damn it, but as I like it!” Charlie Watts

drums in the Rolling Stones – a dream for many, many thousands of drummers around in the world. The paradox, however, is that it has an enviable job, Charlie Watts, but gained worldwide fame and earned millions, got the opportunity to realize a cherished dream of his youth – play real jazz.

Like most musicians of the first wave of British rock, Charlie Watts was born in the war years – more precisely in 1941, the year – and the youth of his time came in the appearance of a rhythm-and-blues and early rock ‘n’ roll. It does not forget, however, that at the same time – the middle and second half of the 50th – had the emergence and flourishing of the so-called modern jazz – precisely in those years were the best written records of Charlie Parker, Charlie Mingus, Miles Davis. And while peers Watts – Mick Jagger. Keith Richards, Brian Jones, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Eric Burdon and Pete Townshend enthusiastically listened to Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and Little Richards, Charlie Watts cut one in the basics and beauty bebop and swing. The first tool is now half-forgotten, Charlie was the banjo, which now can be seen only rarely in a country or Dixieland bands. In fact, the banjo with his metal body – nothing but a drum with strings. To pull these same strings Charlie quickly got tired, he simply tore off, stuck the rest of the self-made rack at a music store bought a brush – in their sound, he fell, he heard the game drummer Chico Hamilton on the record Gerry Mulligan – and thus gained his first drum and with him and calling. He was then, in his own memoirs, 12-13 years old.

Charlie Watts – a self-taught. He still can barely read music, and his compositions for jazz quintet and big band writing others. His first major professional work was a group of Alexis Korner Blues Incorporated – the cradle of the British blues-rock, from which came many, many later famous stars – Eric Clapton, John Meyel, Manfred Mann, Robert Plant. It was there that he met with Mick Jagger and Brian Jones, and it was there in fact originated Rolling Stones.

But in 1964, as soon as the Stones first gained fame, Charlie Watts publishes the book Ode to a High Flying Bird – «Ode high flying birds.” As is well known to fans of jazz, Charlie Parker’s nickname was Bird – Bird – and in his book Charlie Watts outlined the facts of the biography of the great jazzman in poetically described the fate of the birds. Vocalist Bernard Fowler reads a fragment from the book, in which the bird, misunderstood in his native Kansas City, arrives in New York. There she was the original whistle finally finds admirers and imitators, and soon her friends birdie Charlie – Dizzy, Monk, Miles, Bud and Max base to birds – Birdland. That is, as you know, is called one of the best jazz clubs in New York. Charlie Watts suffered throat cancer, but fortunately managed to recover completely. The multimillionaire Watts is a completely different with respect to their financial counterparts jazz league, but happy that can give them a decent job. His own musical ability skromnyaga jazz musician Charlie overestimates’ career in this field, I would never do but could not. Not so well I played. But damn it, but as I like it! ».

Charlie WattsCharlie Watts
Charlie WattsCharlie Watts
Charlie WattsCharlie Watts

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