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George St. Pierre – version 2010

I do not want to just be the strongest in the sport. I want to change the sport.

George “Rush” St. Pierre

When it comes to GSP (Georges St. Pierre), the first thing that comes to mind – is that watching him from fight to fight every time we see more and more “advanced model”, “an updated version of”and in fact – of the new fighter,”pumped” in all respects. This man just can not stand still; it’s amazing, but true. Each time it goes into the cage, it is clear how it is evolving, it progresses physically and technically. He always has something to offer to his opponent. Each defeat (of which there were only two in his career, and all the rematch), he concluded, and returned stronger than before. He is considered one of the p4p-fighter («pound for pound» – the best, regardless of weight class) in the world. Due to natural talent, multiplied by the hard work in training, in recent years, GSP soared to such heights to which his opponents hard to get. His unconditional victory. Throughout the rounds talking total dominance and a demonstration of superiority over an opponent.

He himself rarely satisfied with their performances. Upon completion of the latter on the current fight against Dan Hardy (Dan Hardy), for example, he said the following:

“I was not too pleased that I made. I won, but could not do it better than the last fight, so I’m not too happy. I wanted to finish the fight early, win cleanly. And how I won – that for me is not very clear win “

«Golden Boy from MMA» – so lately more and more often referred to as George critics and fans. However, it is difficult not to agree. In addition to the dazzling career in mixed martial arts in the most prestigious organization in the world UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Saint-Pierre – in all respects positive character and in everyday life. A sort of fairy tale hero, who always triumphs over evil. He does not enter into a verbal altercation with his opponents, lead exemplary life, respects the others and generally gives the impression of a man who caught his wave and enjoying life, taking from it all the good things.

But it was not always. George’s childhood was not easy. He was born May 19, 1981 in Saint-Isidore, Quebec. The school, which went GSP, was located in disadvantaged areas, it is often robbed other students. The boy decided to stop it, hoping to make a difference, I enrolled in a section Kyokushin karate. It is in this section, he got his first experience in the martial arts to this day with joy remembers that time, saying how much was given lessons in karate in his development as a fighter.

“Karate has taught me to work, it gave me discipline. Teach that the fight should be conducted with the mind that I’m trying to do”

After the death of his teacher St. Pierre expands the range of military equipment, to include jiu-jitsu, wrestling and boxing, and later – and Muay Thai.

Before becoming a professional mixed martial arts, he worked as a bouncer at a Montreal nightclub «Fuzzy Brossard» on the South Coast, and the dustman for 6 months to pay school fees.

The power of George as a fighter lies in its all-round development. He trained with many groups in a variety of gyms throughout his fighter’s career.

Before the fight with BJ Penn (BJPenn) at UFC 58, GSP training in “Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy” in New York.

July 21, 2006 Saint-Pierre was a brown belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu from Renzo Gracie, after the conquest of the purple belt Fabio Holanda at Brazilian Top Team Canada, who seconded his early fights. Currently, he holds a black belt.

More recently GSP started training with Rashad Evans (Rashad Evans), Nathan Marquard (Nathan Marquardt), Keith Jardine (Keith Jardine), and many others in the school Greg Jackson «Submission Fighting Gaidojutsu» in New Mexico. Some of the students also accompanied Greg George to Montreal to train in the gym Tristar, including Keith Jardine, Nathan Marquard, Donald «Cowboy» Cerrone and Rashad Evans. Currently, Saint-Pierre trains coach Muay Thai Kru Phil Nurse in New York’s Wat.

His strength coach and endurance – Jonathan Chaimberg (fitness JSPORT); head coach – Firas Zahabi (gym Tristar).

GSP dreamed of becoming a UFC champion since looked like Royce Gracie fight in 1991 at UFC 1. His first amateur fight, he spent 16 years. George remembers it:

“When I won my first amateur fight MMA, I was 16 years old, and I beat a guy who was 25. I was a fighter of Kyokushin Karate, and the guy I thought I was a boxer. At that time, my skills in the stalls were miserable, I do not know about anything parter “

However, the battle was won, though very convincing. After a few low kicks and then a high-kick to the head, GSP has issued his first knockout victory.

A professional debut was against George Ivan Menjivar and ended with a victory – a technical knockout in the first round. The following 4 fights he spent on the same wavelength, the two of them ending pain and two – a knockout. And only one fight his opponent “live” to the second round.

His debut in the “octagon”George made at UFC 46 on January 31, 2004, where a unanimous decision victory of Armenian soldier,”the genius of Judo” Caro Parisyana (Karo Parisyan). Then followed a fight at UFC 48 against Jay Hieron, which was scored 1-42 for the first round.

Following a second victory in the UFC, he meets up with Matt Hughes (Matt Hughes) at UFC 50 for the title Organization welterweight title. It is important to note that Hughes was already considered a legend of the sport and the rules with an iron hand in its division. Despite the rival game against the more experienced fighter, the fight St. Pierre lost to pain («armbar» – armbar) in a very beautiful performance.

Once Boy George admitted that he was scared when went to the meeting, knowing, against whom he would have to go into the Octagon.

After the defeat GSP briefly left the company and went to the tournament TKO, which opposed the Dave Strasser, who won the first round of painful Kimura (“node hands”), and then returned to the UFC and began the triumphant march of the championship belt.

Even at UFC 52 in a bloody battle he defeats Jason Miller (Jason Miller) by unanimous decision, and another 4 months out to fight against Frank Trigg (Frank Trigg) and wins his first-round choke reception.

At UFC 56 St-Pierre met with a future champion in the lightweight champion Sean Sherk (Sean Sherk). In the middle of the second round of GSP he became the second fighter who won Scherk, and the first – who finished … The series of punches and elbows forced the enemy to surrender.

Then there was a fight at UFC 58 against former champion middleweight champion and former champion lightweight champion BJ Penn (BJPenn). George won him a split decision, and the battle can surely be called one of the most difficult in his career.

After all the tests, GSP is entitled to re-title fight at UFC 65 and again enters the Octagon against Matt Hughes. This time, the fight was held under full dictation St-Pierre. The end came in the second minute of the second round, with a kick-high front foot champion was sent to the floor and finished off by a series of punches.

George Joy knew no bounds, and made his company a somersault, he tried the new times champion of the UFC middleweight champion.

But the next battle shocked everyone with his result. Who was considered the clear favorite, GSP loses by KO in the first round to Matt Serra (Matt Serra). Surprisingly, this final was not because Serra was a weak opponent, on the contrary, a level George was already head and shoulders above. Running into a counter-blow, he did not have time to recover, and the referee stops the fight to stop the beating.

The defeat happened at a time when he was not expecting anyone. But as they say, all that is done, then – for the better, and the validity of this statement is the best proof of Saint-Pierre. To draw conclusions from its defeat, has changed a lot in the training process, he goes on the road that would lead him to another title. And soon we will see the new GSP.

Update version

The fight at UFC 74 was such that required St. Pierre at the time – a serious opponent, the victory over which closer to the title.

“This guy has everything you need in the arsenal, he is now one of the top fighters, but I’m glad I met him. After my injury, I would like to meet a strong fighter. I want to get back to winning the way, that’s why I’m happy to fight him “

The battle was successful for the GSP, he managed to impose his game opponent and dictate the course of the battle, which eventually resulted in a well-deserved unanimous decision.

Soon luck George, giving him a chance to prove that his place is much higher – at the top. Matt Serra injured in training before the fight, and almost can not go against Hughes. The main evening event in jeopardy. St-Pierre called to replace M.Serra and fight in the third battle against Hughes to finally arrange dot the “i”.

“I’m so happy that I got this fight, said St. Pierre, which is periodically interrupted his speech to loudly tell their friends about the upcoming fight, – I fight with Matt Hughes now, for the interim title, and then I’m going to meet with Matt Serra. I wanted to meet him, and this is the best possible scenario “

In a meeting with reporters George looked more relaxed, but no less joyous – still, because now he has a chance not only to meet the man, whom he had defeated in November 2006, but also win over Hughes will give him the ability to directly enter the Matt Serra and avenge his defeat. However, to underestimate his opponent GSP does not intend to:

“I’m not cocky. I remember that one day he beat me once – I have it. So we have equal status. We both have changed in recent years as a fighter. We both learned a lot after our victories and defeats and it should be quite different from the other battle “

A third of the fight, which took place at UFC 79, is not much different from the second. All the same cold calculation, the same pressure and the dominance of the round in the round. This time the enemy held out a little longer last. Everything was over in a few seconds before the end of the second round. GSP goes on pain hand («arm bar» – armbar) and Hughes knocks hand – the battle is over, come fight for a title.

Back to top

April 19, 2008, something happened that should have happened a year ago in the first fight between St. Pierre and Serra – the championship belt back into the hands of the strongest. Throughout the 2 rounds of George showed everyone – critics, fans and to Matt Serra, who is the champion. Competent work in front, followed by a constant input throws and finishing – that was the picture of the battlefield.

At the end of the second round of exhausted Serra, who missed except to ensure that contract and endure shocks GSP knees to the body, saves the referee stopping the fight and raising the hand of the new champion.

Her secret goal was achieved, but relax – then again lose the title because the division, which is beating George, is considered one of the best in the UFC. There are many men of the highest level, each of them ready to fight for his place under the sun. One of these men was John Fitch (Jon Fitch), which at the time of the fight with St-Pierre had to his credit 16 wins in a row and diamonds. It belongs to the so-called “new fighters of MMA» – comprehensive development, with good striking skills and ability to fight.

Especially for this fight for a while, George went to Brazil to improve their skills to fight on the ground. Fight aroused great interest among fans, as Fitch is a real threat to the hegemony of the GSP. But in reality everything was different. John banal nothing could oppose the pressure and the technique of St-Pierre. As a result, August 8, 2008, we have witnessed the beating of five rounds, five rounds total pressure George. Sometimes skips thought – how long can you? How long can this endure. Should pay tribute to the resistance of John Fitch. At a press conference after the fight, his face was difficult to recognize. The next opponent was swept away by the name of the machine GSP. However, after the battle of Saint-Pierre noted the persistence of his rival:

“I have tried several times to end the fight early, but he, like terminator, do not stop”

The next fight at UFC 94 again has placed everything in its place. Not finding a place BJPenn because losing a split decision 3 years ago is re-emerging in the fight. Only this time, for the ex-champion in light heavyweight everything turned out worse than their first fight. “Superior” in all respects, GSP has not given the slightest chance to question who’s the boss in this division. Penn spent 4 rounds under champion napoluchala considerably, resulting in the team did not let him in the 5th round, and he did not seem too longed to continue the fight.

It is worth noting that the joy of victory in this battle several charges marred Penn team – supposedly in the battle of George’s body was slippery, and involved the use of lubricants in order to make it more difficult to hold. On top of that, after a while old rival GSP – Matt Hughes has mentioned in an interview that in their body fight St-Pierre was suspicious slippery, and he could not hold it qualitatively. Whatever it was, but conducted the survey showed the absence of any lubricant on the body of the champion. UFC president himself stood up for the GSP, saying he would never believe in these accusations:

“GSP person other hardening to do so. He did not need to smear themselves with any nonsense to defeat their enemies. He would not go to this”

But to further such episodes are not repeated, UFC has made a number of changes to the rules of the tournament.

The next opponent, embarked on the path of Saint-Pierre, Alves was Tyagi (Thiago Alves). Their fight took place at UFC 100 and was the decoration of the evening. A huge number of fans wanted to see who would come out of it victorious. The enemy was not inferior in physical strength, feeling good fight and was very strong in the rack. The most powerful punches, connected with hard kicks, plus natural aggression – this is Alves.

July 11, 2009 the Octagon with the two soldiers was closed, and the battle began. GSP Alves cleverly kept at a distance, throwing single punches and sometimes showing off his favorite «Superman punch» («Superman punch” – diverting foot, hand punch).

When the pressure gets hard to keep Alves, George skillfully translated the fight to the ground. Fighting has always been a strong point of the GSP in his performances in MMA and in recent years it gets better. The enemy could not do anything to stop the constant takedowns, repeatedly find themselves on the floor. However, quite often enough Alves quickly rose, but only to go back again …

In this way passed five rounds of the fight, at the end of which the championship was in the hands of Saint-Pierre.

In this battle, there was one interesting episode, which demonstrated not only the originality of the champion, but his team. Before going into the final round in his corner he tells George that pulled groin muscle (once he already had the injury). On the coach – Greg Jackson – said in an impulsive manner:

«I do not care, do not care! So they made the champions! Come and strike him with his groin! »

And George did. Whatever it was, he retained the right to wear the title of best middleweight world.

Reflecting on the theme of mixed martial arts, and his style of conducting a duel, which is criticized for the last battles were held at a distance of 5 rounds, St. Pierre says:

«I fight with the least risk. Every time I go out in the Octagon, my life is in danger. For me the most important is not to get hit, you hit an opponent. I’ll never fight in the style of “let’s see who are lucky».

I will never risk. The only time I took a chance – it was in a battle with Sulfur – I got into a silly exchange, and it was not a particularly smart move on my part. Serra then deservedly beat me that night, he was better and deserved this victory. But then I learned a lot, and now I do not want a repetition of this situation.

When I fight in the front, then I put a blow and correctly choose the angle of “fire.” I’m not afraid to admit I am not desperate swordsman, but I’m not a coward. I do not want to blow my every blow I answered. I want to beat the opponent, but that it is not beat me. This is quite reasonable. I will not call you names you already know them, those who like to engage in the hard scale, and who – no, but some people have a problem with career development because they are simply no longer able to withstand so many shocks ». *

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Georges St PierreGeorges St Pierre
Georges St PierreGeorges St Pierre
Georges St PierreGeorges St Pierre

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