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Nikki Sixx Biography

Nikki Sixx – the leader and founder of the legendary team ‘ Mötley Crüe ‘, a ‘ think tank ‘ and chief ‘ handsome; group. Author of almost all the lyrics and arranger. He is also the author of the general concept of the album ‘ Theatre Of Pain ‘ and even its design.

Nikki Sixx (real. name – Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr.) was born in 1958 in San Jose, California. His parents were musicians, but parents in full the boy saw a little longer – his father left the family when Nikki was three years. By the way, later, as a teenager, Six attempted to mend relations with his father, but he did not go forward. The childhood of the future rocker was what is called disadvantaged. The mother went to the musicians for concerts, tossing the child’s grandmother with my grandfather, who threatened that receive the official custody of the boy if she did not stop their racket. However, further threats is not moved. Nikki grew bully at school irregularly, and, though he never was stupid, but he never got on with discipline. Change your address, change schools and street companies, change jobs and your boyfriend his mother. There were first drives to the police and even trouble with the drug. In all this bedlam Nikki once discovered the guitar (after stealing it in a music store), and the discovery changed his life forever, giving it finally direction. A little later, he was more interested in the bass, and it was with this instrument in the hands of his soon learned the whole world.

In 17 years, Nikki (then still called him Frank) ran away from home to be neither more nor less than a superstar rock. He moved to Los Angeles and soon realized that the groups start that he wanted, he did not take, in the same, where the charge, did not want to go. Knocked about for some time for him uninteresting Group ‘ London ‘ and ‘ Sister ‘, Nicky came to the conclusion that the solution here can be only one – you need to cobble together his own band.

For example, in 1981 the world learned about a new rock band called ‘ Mötley Crüe ‘. Success came quickly enough – along with the 1983 album ‘ Shout At The Devil ‘, reached US ‘ Top-20 ‘ and the variance in the amount of more than one million copies. It began triumphant ascent ‘ Mötley Crüe ‘ on the world rock scene. And together with the music band courage as they could – Nikki Sixx and his team drank, used drugs, scandals, vandals … In 1987, Nikki miraculously survived after an overdose – he escaped with ‘ other world ‘ with great difficulty, but thanks to the doctors of the rescue service. His gratitude for life, as well as a reaction to the incident was the song ‘ Kickstart my Heart ‘.

In 1989, Sixx published a book of his poems ‘ An Edusation In Rebellion ‘, which had because of his flamboyant glory great success, and in the same year, the group has created a landmark for the whole heavy metal album ‘ Dr. Feelgood ‘. However, discography legend does not need to be repeated, and for those who are not keen on the genre, the interest is unlikely to present; dedicated to the work of legendary ‘ Mötley Crüe ‘ known and tracked from the very day of its foundation.

Brandi BrandtBrandi Brandt
Brandi BrandtBrandi Brandt
Brandi BrandtBrandi Brandt

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