Betsy Palmer

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Betsy Palmer.

Betsy Palmer (Eng. Betsy Palmer . nee Patricia Betsy Hrunek (Eng. Patricia Betsy Hrunek ) , Nov. 1, 1926 (19,261,101) – May 29, 2015) – American actress.


Betsy Palmer was born in East Chicago (Indiana) in the family who came from the Czech Republic. She graduated from the University of De Paul, and in 1951 she made her debut as an actress in the television soap opera “Miss Susan”. Popularity with the audience brought her participation in the TV show “I have a secret,”in which she starred from 1958 but it was closed in 1967. On the big screen debut Palmer in 1955 in the biographical drama of John Ford’s”Long Gray Line”, where starring Tyrone Power and Maureen O’Hara. In the same year she again co-starred with Ford in the comedy “Mister Roberts”in the company of Henry Fonda, as well as in the drama”Queen Bee”with Joan Crawford. Two years later, the actress has reappeared in the company’s funds in the western”The Tin Star”, which was nominated for “Oscar” for best original screenplay.

It was widely known Betsy Palmer brought the small role of Pamela Voorhees, Jason’s mother, the famous horror movie 1980 “Friday the 13th.”A year later, she once again embodies the image of the second part of the film. Later, in an interview, the actress admitted that she felt an aversion to the film, considering that no one is watching, and agreed to the role only because of the money she needed to buy a new car. In 2003, Palmer was offered again to play Mrs. Voorhees in the film”Freddy vs. Jason,”but this time the actress has refused because of a small fee. In subsequent years, Betsy Palmer continued to appear on television, where she had roles in the television series”Murder, She Wrote,””Silent wharf” and”Charles in Charge” and periodically appears on the big screen and played on the stage.

In 1954, Palmer was married to Vincent Jay Merendino pediatrician, which in 1962 gave birth to a daughter. In 1971 they divorced.

The actress died May 29, 2015 at age 88 in a hospice Danbury, Conn.


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Betsy PalmerBetsy Palmer
Betsy PalmerBetsy Palmer
Betsy PalmerBetsy Palmer

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