Betsy Brandt

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Betsy Brandt

Born: November 14, 1976, Bay City, Michigan, USA

Betsy Brandt Height: 1,74

The American actress, best known for his role as Marie Schrader in the serial drama “Breaking Bad» .

Betsy Brandt (Betsy Brandt) was born in the autumn of 1973 in Bay City, Michigan. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and received a bachelor’s degree in acting. In addition, Betsy Brandt was studying at the Moscow Art Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Institute of the Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.

Creative way Betsy Brandt / Betsy Brandt

The actress took part in several theater projects: with the theater company of Arizona, she worked on the production of «Much Ado About Nothing», the troupe Theatre of San Jose – on the play «Control + Alt + Delete» and other projects.

Betsy Brandt has performed bit parts in a TV serial “Without a Trace» (Without a Trace), «Practice» (The Practice), «Boston Legal» (Boston Legal), «Ambulance» (ER). However, the fame she brought the role of Marie Schrader in the drama “Breaking Bad» (Breaking Bad) on channel AMC.

Betsy Brandt participated in the auditions for three different roles in the project, but in the end the filmmakers settled on her candidacy when choosing an actress for the role of Mary.

The plot is the story of Walter Wight (Bryan Cranston), a school chemistry teacher who learns of his terminal illness, and forced to engage in the production of methamphetamine, to provide for his family. His wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) brings the elder son with cerebral palsy, and expecting her second child. Marie, the heroine Betsy Brandt – sister Skyler, and is directly involved in the lives of the characters. She works in a laboratory X-ray, and lives with her husband Hank Schrader (Dean Norris). Marie – a very private person, partly sociopath and suffers from kleptomania.

Betsy Brandt genuinely outraged at the lack of children of her character in the series “Breaking Bad.” Her partner on the set Dean Norris supports it, as he brings five heirs.

– To be honest, if I could choose a role for itself … It would be a woman without children, exactly! She lived to the north of Italy, drank wine and coffee served with chunks of dark chocolate. And every day, took the ice cream, as a medicine, a little bit. I believe in the healing power of this miracle of nature!

In November 2012 Betsy Brandt got the role of a former spouse Hank Rizzoli (Ray Romano) in the series “Parents» (Parenthood). In addition, she appeared in the comedy “Magic Mike» (Magic Mike). However, the main part of the filmography of Betsy Brandt take numerous television projects.

Life Betsy Brandt / Betsy Brandt

Her husband – Grady Olsen. The couple has two children, and the latter was born in 2008, in the midst of filming the second season of the series «Breaking Bad». Her eldest daughter was born in 1995. Betsy Brandt lived with his family in Los Angeles.

Betsy BrandtBetsy Brandt
Betsy BrandtBetsy Brandt
Betsy BrandtBetsy Brandt

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