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Amanda MacKinnon Palmer

received the first dose of fame as a singer, pianist, composer and author of the lyrics of the musical duo ‘The Dresden Dolls’ (‘The Dresden Dolls’). This tandem describes his style as a kind of ‘Brecht punk cabaret’ (Brechtian punk cabaret). Palmer began a successful solo career, as well as half of the duo became ‘Evelyn Evelyn’, complementing Jason Webley (Jason Webley).

Author: Alexei Bulatov

Amanda MacKinnon Palmer (Amanda MacKinnon Palmer), also known under the name Amanda Faking Palmer (Amanda Fucking Palmer), was born on April 30, 1976, in New York City (New York City). She grew up in Lexington, Massachusetts (Lexington, Massachusetts), where he studied in high school, visiting drama group. Palmer entered the Wesleyan University, and it has significant influence in the work of stage shows experimental rock band ‘Legendary Pink Dots’.

At a party on Halloween in 2000, Amanda met drummer Brian Vilone (Brian Viglione) and together they created a duo ‘The Dresden Dolls’. To advance the work, Palmer began inviting pupils Lexington (Lexington High School), so that they helped to put numbers on the enchanting ‘live’ performances and participate in them. Thus, the troupe of seasonal and new artists ‘The Dirty Business Brigade’ is often performed with live stage shows ‘The Dresden Dolls’.

The participants of the show puts on interesting costumes, mingling with the crowd and lighting on stage in the show appeared doll the size of a person, living statues and other ‘underground artifacts’ invariably entail new ranks of fans of the circus and burlesque, are able to enjoy the’ doll ‘music and get in touch with many forms of art at the same time.

Only having acquired cult status, the duo ‘The Dresden Dolls’ released his self-titled debut album in 2002, the year. In 2006 Palmer published songwriter ‘The Dresden Dolls Companion’, which told the story of the album ‘The Dresden Dolls’ duo and himself, not forgetting to mention itself. The book contains the lyrics, notes and notes for each song from the album, all written by Amanda, and a DVD with a 20-minute interview about how to create a songbook.

Her solo album ‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer’ (‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer’) was presented on September 16, 2008. Release Name – replay the title of the book “Twin Peaks: Who killed Laura Palmer.” In July 2007, Palmer gave three sold out shows – in Boston (Boston), Hoboken (Hoboken) and New York (NYC), and in Boston, has performed with the alternative rock band ‘Aberdeen City’.

In 2009, Amanda returned to her home school in Lexington, to work together with her old director Steven Bogart (Steven Bogart) on the play ‘With The Needle That Sings In Her Heart’, born under the inspiration from al

boma ‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’ indie-rock band ‘Neutral Milk Hotel’ and the book ‘Diary of a Young Girl’.

Her song ‘Oasis’ and the accompanying music video caused a lot of controversy. The song tells of rape fans of the English rock band ‘Oasis’, graduated from abortion. The way in which Palmer himself portrayed in the movie, not like any broadcaster in the United Kingdom (United Kingdom), all of which have flatly refused to let the shocking video on the air.

The very performer identifies himself bisexual, ‘I’m bisexual, but it is not associated with long-term reflections on this subject …. I slept with the girls; I slept with guys, so I think it’s called. ‘. In his blog, Palmer wrote that the age of 17 had an abortion, and another post says that in the 20 years she had been raped. Also on the video blog, she mentions his pescetarianism.

Amanda engaged to writer Neil Gaiman (Neil Gaiman).

Amanda PalmerAmanda Palmer
Amanda PalmerAmanda Palmer
Amanda PalmerAmanda Palmer

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