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Barbara Vine

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Born: 1930 g of.

She Rendell, Ruth (Barbara Vine) (Rendell, Ruth (Barbara Vine)) (crust. Grazeman surname), British novelist, author of detective stories, psychological thrillers and tales. She manages to combine fertility and skills that allow her to put on a par with the recognized author of detectives. Rendell is famous for its ability to write characters, the ability to intrigue the reader, to build stories with an unexpectedly grim denouement. From the majority of the authors of detective fiction distinguish it ironic interest in the language, a special metaphorical style, inventive dialogue inherent in serious prose.

Rendell was born in London on February 17, 1930. She graduated from the High School in Essex County Layton. From 1948 to 1952 he worked as a journalist and assistant editor of the private newspaper in West Essex.

In his first book, From Tung’s death (From Doon with Death, 1964), it appears permanent heroes: police detective Reginald Veksvord and his assistant Mike Burden of Kingsmarkhema, a fictional market town. Veksvorda have a lot in common with Inspector Maigret by Georges Simenon. And Samuel Rendell called British Simenon. Mike Bearden – the exact opposite of his boss. Bearden – harsh, dissatisfied with the modern world, he is used to operate conventional methods. Rendell disclose the nature of his characters as the story progresses. The reader sees how the Puritan Burden, especially after losing his wife and nearly ruined a career in the novel Death Enough (No More Dying Then, 1971), as it becomes more tolerant of human weaknesses. According to Jane S. Beykerman of the magazine “The detective on the couch”, “heroes ability to build good relations, to find a balance between friendly affection and complicated official situations allows them to resist the pressure of hatred and exclusion, under which the unfolding events».

The cycle of novels about Inspector Veksvorde consists of nineteen books. Hero gradually aging, and in the novel there was a murder (Murder Being Once Done, 1972), he has a stroke. The next novel Someone is lying and who is dying (Some Lie and Some Die, 1973), which the unfolding events around the rock festival, Veksvord returned to his duties, and his ability to understand the young and take their values ​​helps him to disclose case. In the novel, Life in a dream (A Sleeping Life, 1978), daughter of Sylvia personal drama makes Veksvorda insight into the relations between the sexes and the idea of ​​feminism. Roman Advisor mandarin (Speaker of Mandarin, 1978) carries a hero in China, but the key to the mystery he finds a return to England. References to classical Chinese poetry are added in the text of the novel in built system prompts. Veksvord reads a lot, and he is always ready quote. These quotes are either thematic or symbolic link with the plot, and sometimes part of the quote becomes the name of the book. The Cruelty of ravens (An Unkindness of Ravens, 1985) Veksvordu have to examine feminist terminology and Freudianism, to understand the murder of bigamist group of teenage girls, militant feminists. In the novel, Under the veil (The Veiled One, 1988) Rendell explores what columnist “New Statesman”calls”threat, veiled everyday life.” As in her other novels, this study seems to be unrelated to the main plot, but ultimately it is unraveling. In the novel, the daughter kissed gunner (Kissing the Gunner’s Daughter, 1992) estrangement from his beloved daughter does not allow Veksvordu recognize the killer. In Simisole (Simisola, 1994) quiet Kingsmarkhem faced with all the problems of the modern city, from racism to domestic tyranny. Description of the town, torn apart by social contradictions that affect all sectors of society, allows you to compare a novel with Rendell Middle-March George Eliot. And in the novel of causing harm (Harm Done, 1999), according to critics, pen Rendell has not lost sharpness.

Veksvord and Bearden also appear in the stories Rendell. One of them, a new girlfriend (The New Girl Friend), a grim story of sex games, set out in a discreet manner, received the Edgar Award in 1975. Stories that are not related to the cycle Veksvorda, published in collections of curtain lowered and Other Stories (The Fallen Curtain and Other Stories, 1976), were shaking the tree and other mysterious stories (The Fever Tree and Other Stories of Suspense, 1982) and Blood line (Blood Lines, 1996) paint a picture of a strange, alluring and repulsive at the same time. As well as novels, short stories Rendell inherent brevity of exposition, strict composition, unpredictability and bizarre plot. In the last cycle of stories Skerti of Piran and other stories (Pirahna to Skurty and Other Stories, 2000) Rendell, according to Publishers Weekly, “once again showed himself a master of intrigue breathtaking».

In addition to novels about Veksvorde Rendell writes novels where there is no investigator. The genre is a psychological thriller. In the novel, I see a demon (A Demon in My View, 1976) psychology student begins to play with the children and accidentally provoke maniac in the vicinity. The verdict Stone (A Judgment in Stone, 1977), a housewife, who suffers from a mental disorder, is forced to kill to keep the secret. Events resulting in the novel to the mass murder, seem too plausible. According to The New York Times, “little by little, all those well-meaning people bring their own destruction.” Doll Killer (The Killing Doll, 1984) and Tree hand (The Tree of Hands, 1984), a striking lack of mystery, open the image of violence. There were no mysteries, no revelations, causes of actions can not be explained. These novels are not interesting plot twists and complex internal life of the characters.

By the end of the eighties Rendell still published novels Veksvorde, but many readers and critics were more interested in its psychological detectives. Rendell – writer intellectual warehouse, it uses the skills of the narrator to bring to the detective deeper, exciting and frightening mystery than required by the laws of the genre – the mystery of the human being. “The Washington Post World beech”said about her nineteenth psychological thriller, Landscape for tired eyes (A Sight for Sore Eyes, 1999):”Terrific! Reading this, continually exclaims can not be! You catch yourself in these words every time Rendell invents a new move – unexpected, but quite natural for the story. ” In 2002 she released her twentieth novel of this type, Adam and Eve and Pinch Me (Adam and Eve and Pinch Me), and again a tremendous success.

In addition, in the eighties Rendell added to the two types of assimilation of the new novel, for which used the pseudonym Barbara Vine. As she explained, she wanted to keep her voice “has become quieter and quieter, more heartfelt and direct.” From his first novel, signed by the name Vine, eye, accustomed to the darkness (The Dark-Adapted Eye, 1986), until the eleventh, Bloody Doctor (The Blood Doctor, 2002), Randall paints a world where even the crimes that are not punishable by law, must be avenged.

Based on the novels Veksvorde in the early 90s was made popular English TV series.

During his artistic career Rendell received a number of British and American awards in the field of detective fiction. Among them: “Silver-I» and «Diamond-I» prizes and prize “Golden Dagger» -II Association of detective writers; three Edgar Award; award “Master of the genre” of the Association of American authors of the mystical thriller. In 1997, Rendell received a peerage and was included in the House of Lords.


1986 – A Dark Adapted Eye – Fifty Shades of darkness

Barbara BainBarbara Bain
Barbara BainBarbara Bain
Barbara BainBarbara Bain

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