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Carroll John Daly

Carroll John Daly – American writer, founder of the tough detective, the creator of a series of novels and short stories about the private detective Flight Williams. the prototype of all known tough detective.

Carroll John Daly ( Carroll John Daly ) born September 14, 1889 in Yonkers (New York, USA). Carroll received a good education: high school in Yonkers, De La Seyll Institute and the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. But because of the need to support the family gave up a career artist and became a projectionist, succeeding before a few jobs – a sales manager, a stenographer, and others. At that time the profession has brought a lot of money, and eventually even able to buy the Daily several theaters in his native Yonkers, New York, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Biographers note the fact that Daley was probably a co-owner of the first cinema in Atlantic City. December 11, 1913 Daily marry Margaret Blakley ( Margaret G. Blakely ).

His literary career he began with the publication of the novel Dolly ( Dolly ) in October 1922 in the journal Black Mask . Already in December, the same journal published his second novel Rattling Jack ( Roarin ‘Jack ) under the name John D. Carroll. Becoming a published writer, he allowed himself to move into a nice area of ​​New York. Cinema and literature brought him a steady income to ensure his small family, Daly lived with his wife and only son. Literature never bring windfall, but they live in prosperity. In his circle, Daley was known as a man with a lot of quirks, for example, he never left the house in the winter.

His close friend Earl Stanley Gardner says that the writer did not like to leave the house because I was afraid to get into trouble . and then he tells the case when a writer returning home bought the gun 45 kallibra to write about weapons not from the head, but was immediately arrested by the police, blaming Daley in possession of weapons .

In 1953, Daley and his wife moved to a suburb of Los Angeles. His son John became a movie actor and occasionally starred in television movies and game shows. The family lived in a modest apartment, while Daly was declared an honorary member of the Writers’ Club. He continued to work until the health allowed. The last three years of life spent in the Daily hospital, where he died on January 16, 1958.

Carroll Daily is considered the creator of the tough detective ( hard-boiled detective ). He was the first in October 1922 published in the journal Black Mask story, which is considered the first tough detective in the history of the genre. During his long career Daly has written 10 novels and 250 short stories about.

The style of his work has been very weak, especially compared to the replaced it Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald. but the feeling of the audience, its needs and collective incentives were sharpened and Dale did as his talent and effort much, which allowed him to accurately seek recognition from the readers.

Flight Williams ( Race Williams ) – the protagonist of a series of eight novels and stories Carroll Daily. became the prototype, which were equal to Sam Spade and Mike Hammer. which are measures with Chandler and Macdonald. It first appeared in the history of The Knights open hand ( Knights of the Open Palm ), published in the Black Mask June 1, 1923. Williams – thirty years, mean the words of a private detective. Its specificity is the hunt for criminals on the instructions of clients. William formulate his creed as: I’m not afraid of anything, because at any moment I can refuse it . and with respect to their actions, he argues, my ethics – that’s my business . Stories Daily target the readers’ attention to the action, so the plot is simple and they bezyskusen. Williams uses his fists and guns at full power against the bandits and villains of all kinds. He is his own master, and no it’s not an order, but its cause he knows and does everything in its class. Novels and stories Daily overwhelmed racial and sexual patterns and stereotypes, villains and beautiful women, and their incredible popularity of the author’s ability to grasp the evidence of cruising in the national consciousness of the topics which the authors could not help paying attention going after.

Selected bibliography

Series on flights Williams

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John DalyJohn Daly
John DalyJohn Daly
John DalyJohn Daly

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