Aziz Nesin

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Aziz Nesin

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Born: 1915 Istanbul

Died: 1995 g of.

One of the aliases Mehmet Nusret .

The famous Turkish novelist, playwright, novelist, essayist, author of 34 collections of satirical and humorous stories, collections of satirical fairy tales “One Country”(1958) and”Hoptirinam”(1960), eight novels, including the novel”The King of Football “autobiographical novel”So it was, but it will not be”, six pieces. A. Nesin satire directed against social evils and political opportunism. In his work, he always stood up for freedom, independence and purity of human relations both in Turkey and around the world. A. Nesin favorite hero – a minor official, an intellectual-loser, poor man, rushing in search of work, a man of the people.

Nesin was born in Istanbul, Heybeliada – one of the Princes’ Islands, which he said Nesin, that is – “paradise, where not supposed to live such as myself. This summer residence of the most powerful Turkish-bags has become my homeland. Strengths of this world can not do without the poor, they really need their sinewy hands. That’s why we lived in Heybeliada. “When in 1934 a law was passed in Turkey, which abolished the old titles and forms of address, the future writer took his surname”Nesin,”meaning”what are you?”. “I hope – he explains – that when people call me by name, I’ll think about what I am and who I am.” Later, in search of another alias, a name was chosen father – Aziz. Although apart from this, the main alias, Nusrat had to take many more others, because his satire wore sharp socio-political in nature.

In 1939, he graduated from the Military-Technical College, he received his degree sapper and rank junior officer. Service at first it flowed in Thrace, then in the east, near Kars, and before the dismissal in 1944 in the capital – Ankara, many enriching already started writing material life Nesin, who later served as the basis of many of his works of art. In 1937-1939 gg. attended lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts.

From 1943 begins journalism A. Nesin newspaper “Edi Gun”, “Tang”and numerous periodicals. Great influence on the formation Nesin in the ideological and aesthetic plan was his familiarity with Sabahattin Ali and co-operation in the weekly”Marko Pasha”, which covered the most important events in the international and domestic political life, ironically about the actions of the ruling party, ridiculed certain politicians lamented the bitter fate peasants and urban workers. In 1957, Aziz Nesin, together with the writer Kemal Tahir founded the publishing house “Dyushon”, which saw the publication of the book many Turkish authors.

The first literary experiments of Nesin associated with poetry. In 1939-1943 gg. He published poems in the newspaper “Edi Gun.”Nazim Hikmet, however, advised him not to spend time on this activity, because his poems useless.”Write stories and novels,” – he said.

Publishing practice Aziz Nesin has never been defined by personal interests. It is always consistent with the social need that civil flair caught the writer with an amazing insight. It is the consciousness of public necessity gave birth to the “literary yearbook Aziz Nesin Foundation.” Yearbook volume of more than a thousand pages published from 1976 for ten years, until such time as Aziz Nesin not take an active social and political activities. Yearbook included all materials related to national literature, which took place during the year in polyphonic and abundant Turkish press, as well as annual reviews of prose, poetry, children’s literature, theater, visual arts, and so on. D. The company is financially unprofitable, but publisher guided mind the huge benefits that it brings and will bring even more so in the future.

He died Aziz Nesin in his eightieth year (1995), leaving a huge literary heritage, good name and Vakyf fund. Sixty kilometers west of Istanbul, in the town of Çatalca, surrounded by low buildings and fruit trees, stands the four-story stone building. No, this is not the vacation home of the world famous writer. It created its means and intended for eighty-five boarding places for orphans and children from poor families. Here they live in the age of three, and learn to eighteen years in the local school with the proviso that in the future will receive a special, but the one who showed a special ability to continue their studies in higher education. All funds, the proceeds of his books bequeathed boarding, and their four children said that their bread they need to produce their own work. Doing business Aziz Nesin Foundation commissioned Ali son, so the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences and philosophy returned to Turkey from the United States, and just like his father, he settled in Çatalca.

Aziz NesinAziz Nesin
Aziz NesinAziz Nesin
Aziz NesinAziz Nesin

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