Ayrton Senna

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Ayrton Senna. Living up to the “Formula 1”

Ayrton Senna da Silva, born March 21, 1960, near the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, in a wealthy family of Milton de Silva, a successful car salesman and Italian emigrant Nadeau Senna from Naples. In the family, he was the first boy and of course immediately gained all his father’s attention. In four years, de Silva Jr. was already own maps with a 1-hp motor from lawn mowers, and its own karting, built right on the family farm on the orders of his father. Also soon appeared and the future champion personal racing manager – Armando Botelho. Father clearly expected to grow a champion. His insight can only envy. In ten years, Ayrton was presented with a more powerful card, but he was not allowed to speak in the city competitions – there participated riders from 13 years. But the wait was long, and in 1975 he left to start his first race at Interlagos. The victory was almost guaranteed, because thanks to his father’s business (components for cars) are available to the son of the best gear and the best engines. In 1977, he became the champion of the South American karting in the category “100 cc”, and a year later went to Europe.

Of course, in America it was racing, but Europe was the “Mecca”of motorsport. Senna, with the help of his manager, addressed to the Italian DAP factory in Milan and ordered a card for the new season. According to the rules, he himself had to pay for participation in the race. In that year Ayrton finished only sixth championship. In 1979, again a failure, but mainly because of the lack of time for testing and tuning machines. Now, having reached twenty years, he approached the top of the world of karting. However, his father, concerned about the formation of his son called him home and Ayrton went to business school in Sao Paulo. Soon, however, Milton da Silva realized his mistake. Another life, except for the son of racing did not exist and the spring of 1981 Senna returned to Europe. Ayrton went to Norfolk in hopes of getting a car”Formula Ford 1600”. And got his team “Van Deiman”, is largely paid for by his father. His first race in the new team Senna finished fifth, the second – the third.

A week later Senna won his first race – on a wet track at Brands Hatch. Soon after Dennis Rushen boss Van Deiman, Ayrton saw victory in the rain, he offered him a contract in 2000 to £ racing “Formula Ford 2000”. In 1981 he won the track RAC and Townsend Thoresen. By the way, Dennis Rushen called his first “Rain Man”.

It was expected that Aytron will play in the “Formula 3” in 1982, but he again announced that he was returning to Brazil. Despite a string of victories, he could not find a sponsor, and the off-season – from October 1981 to February 1982, Ayrton’s father worked in a factory in Brazil. Senna Sr. agreed to invest in a career of his son, knowing that it will pay off handsomely and the beginning of the racing season FF2000 Senna returned to England. With a little practice, coupled with smooth tires and wing he set the lap record. Immediately Toleman, McLaren, Williams and Lotus offered him a contract, but he rejected them. The year ended well – he became a champion FF2000, and in November already tested a Formula 3 car.

The entire 1983 Ayrton spent in duels with Martin Brundle in the “Formula 3”. He won the race at Thruxton and began to test the car McLaren “Formula 1”. At the end of the season, he signed a contract with the team Toleman “Formula 1” for 1984.

Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna
Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna
Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna

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