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Bulgaria lures Depardieu wine, beaches and prostitutes

Bulgaria suggested that Gerard Depardieu and Bernard Arnault, who want to avoid paying the luxury tax introduced in France, to become citizens of Bulgaria, promising them “cheap alcohol, concrete beaches and experienced prostitutes”.

Center for Demographic Policy of Bulgaria has sent a letter this bold famous movie actor and richest man in France in protest against mass emigration from this impoverished states of Eastern Europe.

Recently, 64-year-old Depardieu and 63-year-old Arnaud announced that they are moving to Belgium in order to avoid paying the new luxury tax introduced in France, which reaches 75% on income in excess of one million euros a year.

At the invitation of the Center for Demographic Policy SPARKS Veselinov (Iskren Veselinov) reads as follows: “Bulgaria – is extremely beautiful country inhabited by intelligent, hard-working and good-natured people. Nature and the air is very clean, because we have no industry”.

“Elite immigrants might be interested in our beautiful folk music, highways, tunnels, gypsy romance, concrete beach in first-class and alcoholic drinks brands”King Kiro. We also have experienced prostitutes and very loyal to the taxation system, in which you can always find loopholes”.

“Our people literally reduced happiness, and that is why Bulgaria need to replenish & raquo ;. The letter further states that at the beginning of next year emigrate from Bulgaria 2 million people, and by 2050, according to some estimates, the population will reach its”critical minimum” 5 million people.

Copy sarcastic invitations were also framed the President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev (Rosen Plevneliev), Prime Minister Boyko Borissov (Boyko Borisov) and Chairman of the Parliament Tsetska Tsacheva (Tsetska Tsacheva).

Like many other very wealthy French Depardieu and Bernard Arnault decided to leave France to escape the tax on luxury President Francois Hollande. In December, the French magnate Allen Afflelu (Alain Afflelou), owner of the network optometrist, whose fortune is estimated at 190 million pounds, has announced that he is moving to London on “business reasons”.

This mass exodus began shear field, the British Prime Minister David Cameron angered the French, saying that Britain will meet at the French businessmen with open arms. At the business summit in Mexico, he said: “And they can pay their taxes in Britain, to pay our health care, our schools, and more”.

The Paris real estate agents have warned that the market of elite housing in France panicked because wealthy people tend to quickly sell his property to go abroad. Agent for the sale of real estate Fo Daniel (Daniel Feau) remarked: “This market has covered a general panic in May for sale was billed about 400-500 residences worth more than one million euros”.

In the summer of this year, representatives of the British real estate agency Sotherby’s said that from April to June, its French units sold over 100 properties worth over 1.7 million euros, which is significantly higher than for the same period in 2011.

The head of the French branch of Sotherby’s Alexander Kraft (Alexander Kraft) said: “The results of the presidential election had a significant impact on sales of our company. Now a lot of wealthy French families are leaving the country, which was a direct consequence of the proposed new Government”.

Alain AfflelouAlain Afflelou
Alain AfflelouAlain Afflelou
Alain AfflelouAlain Afflelou

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