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Anupam Kher was born in Chandigarh. His father worked as a forest ranger, constantly been on the move, and paid little attention to the upbringing of his son. “He – says Anupam – wish I was just a good man. I could be anyone: a doctor, an engineer, the seller, but miraculously chose an acting path. Maybe because since childhood fond of the theater”.

After college Anupam graduated in the National School of Drama and then worked as a teacher in Lucknow in the center of the drama Bharatendru. Finally, a mobile troupe B. Gargi he came on tour to Bombay, where he drew attention to alternative cinema director Muzaffar Ali. In his film “Aagman”(1982,”formation of”) Anupam played a peasant revolutionary, but the picture did not come out on the screen. No luck with the future actor and film “Leave as is,” (Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro, 1983, dir. Kundan Shah). The scene where he starred, was cut during installation.

The main role in the movie “essence” (“Saaransh”, 1984) was to play the famous Indian actor Sanjeev Kumar. His sudden death of director Mahesh Bhatt has put in an impossible position: either to stop production of the film with all the ensuing costs, or urgently to find a replacement. He recommended to invite Anupama Khera. For reflection and the search did not have time. Mahesh Bhatt stopped him on the candidacy of a complete stranger theater actor. Rehearsals, shooting. The success of the 29-year-old actor-debutant has surpassed all expectations. Anupam Kher managed to convey the grief, despair and hope – the whole range of feelings, moods and experiences of 65-year retired teacher who has a street in New York City killed his only son. Moviegoers older generation certainly seen this movie (he was in the Soviet theaters, on video and on DVD, however, it did not bother to release, at the XIV Moscow International Film Festival was awarded the special prize of the jury), and drew attention to the great game not only Anupama, but and all the acting ensemble. For the first time in the history of Hindi cinema became a famous actor, who played the young are not lovers, who sees the world in a rainbow of colors, and a man of advanced years, who found the strength to withstand the terrible blow of fate.

Anupam Kher started his acting career with director Mahesh Bhatt and he later starred in many of his films, telling about the life of the Indian intelligentsia. In the Soviet hire two more paintings were Mahesh Bhatt “birth”(Janam, 1985) and”If.” (‘Kash’, 1987) with the participation of Anupama Khera.

After the release of the film on the screen “essence”Role of the actor stuck gray-haired father. Over time, Anupama tired of playing the same role, and he accepted the offer of grief director Subhash Ghai to star in the role of villain. in his film”Rate”(“Karma”, 1986) as an actor came in the role of Dr. Dang (Dr. Michael Dang), that the on-screen villain eclipsed goodie. In the film,”Palayhan” (“Palay Knan”, 1986, dir. Ashim S. Samantha) Anupam acted as pictorial British general who is trying to prevent her daughter to chat with Indian rebels.

Anupam Kher, no doubt an actor of wide range. He can play with the utmost certainty a variety of roles. When he plays the goodies, the audience in the hall applauded with admiration, his comic roles make them laugh to tears, and when it appears on the screen as the villain, the expansive Indians are ready to lynch him, not leaving the auditorium.

Anupam KherAnupam Kher
Anupam KherAnupam Kher
Anupam KherAnupam Kher

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