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Allu Arjun / Allu Arjun

The nickname: Bunny / Bunny, Stylish Star

Born: April 8, 1983, a ram

Place of birth: Chennai, Tamil Nadu. India

Wife: Sneha Reddy. Wedding March 6. 2011 g of.

Allu Arjun (Telugu: & # 3077; & # 3122; & # 3149; & # 3122; & # 3137; & # 3077; & # 3120; & # 3149; & # 3100; & # 3137; & # 3112; & # 3149;), the actor who starred in films in Telugu, is known for his dancing prowess and style. It is called Stylish Star / Stylish star. He was born on April 8, 1983 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Many members of his family are related to the film industry. His father Allu Aravind is the producer. His uncle known actors Megastar Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. His grandfather Padmasri Allu Rama Lingaiah was a comedian. His cousin Ram Charan is also an actor Tollywood.

Alla Anjuna debut in a supporting role in the film Daddy (2002), in which the main role was played by his uncle Chiranjeevi and which was produced by his father.

His first film in which he played the title role was the film Gantgotri (2003).

His second movie Arya, released in 2004, became a hit and made a big box office. It was the first role that made him famous. In 2005, his third film Bunny made good collections at the box office. His fourth film Happy / Happiness, which was released in 2006, did not become mega hit, but made a decent profit.

In 2007, his fifth film real hero / Desamuduru (director Puri Dzhaganadh) became a blockbuster and the first hit of the year in Tollywood. The film grossed 12.58 crores in the first seven days of hire.

The next film running. In the name of love / Parugu released in rent May 1, 2008. The film grossed 10.82 crores in the first 9 days. For this film Allu Arjun won Filmfare Best Telugu Actor Award. This film came after stories related to the escape Sridzhy Chiranjeevi’s daughter with her boyfriend in 2007.

All films Allu Arjun, except Gangotri were translated and dubbed into Malayalam. Desamuduru has been dubbed as the Hero / Hero, but Parugu Krishna / Krishna. These movies have also become blockbusters, and Kerala.

An interesting fact.

In 2007, his next film made with Puri Dzhaganadhom – “real hero”/ Desamuduru, became a mega hit and first hit of the year in Tollywood, he opened up new horizons in the works and is Arjuna is his greatest achievement. The film earned 12.58 crores and 9.5 crores in worldwide box office in its first week. In order to achieve expression”body language” / body language (according to the director), Allu Arjun trained more than 6 months for 3 hours a day every day. Parugu next film was released in rent May 1, 2008. Although tickets for the film were sold at Rs. 10.82 for the first 9 days of hire film has collected more than Rs. 100 000 000. However, it was cool and the fans accepted industry because of the poor script, the film distinguishes only a great picture and outstanding music.

In 2009 came the film “Arya2” which became a huge hit, and in 2010 – Bride / Varudu, film was an average hit, but that is very loved by Alla (it is about a 5-day wedding, he dreamed of himself, which is shown in the film. and his dream came true!)

6 March 2011 Allu Arjun Sneha Reddy married. His svalba held in accordance with all traditions, it was broadcast live on television and online. It was a grand wedding.

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Allu ArjunAllu Arjun
Allu ArjunAllu Arjun
Allu ArjunAllu Arjun

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