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Group members

The history of the group

Alex and Jack met at school and taking on Ryan drums and bass – Zack, going on the weekends and played mostly covers of Blink-182 and Green Day. Going to school and parallel to rehearsing, the band recorded in autumn 2004 debut EP The Three Words To Remember In Dealing With The End and begins to combine concerts with the educational process, going on tours during spring breaks and summer vacation. Given such a young age the guys had problems with the organization of the show. Unable to reach the 18th anniversary of the band under the laws of the United States could not be in the clubhouse after 21-00 pm. But despite this group tried to give as many concerts as possible to travel more cities.

In 2005 it was recorded the first LP The Party Scene, which has received a lot of good reviews. The originality of sound, catchy melodies and powerful vocals take its toll. By this time, All Time Low have traveled almost the entire east coast and have acquired a certain audience of listeners. Also, the group participates in recording of the collection Tribute To Blink-182 with a cover for the song Time To Break Up.

In the spring of 2006, before graduating from high school, the guys signed to independent label Hopeless Records and released their second summer EP Put Up Or Shut Up, which was attended by overwriting the old tracks and a couple of new ones. That same summer perform at the Warped Tour, where well as were participants of a year earlier and from the autumn of focus on concert activity right up to spring of 2007, when are returned into the studio for recording of the next album.

The second LP All Time Low – So Wrong, It’s Right, it was unveiled in September 2007 and was immediately received numerous positive ratings. Of the finished shooting the clips on the songs of Six Feet Under The Stars; Dear Maria, Count Me In; Poppin ‘Champagne and a group of again is sent in tour on cities of USA. During 2008, All Time Low noted numerous performances at venues States and Canada, recorded acoustic versions of some songs, and were presented at the small numbers of punk compilations.

the winter of 2009, work began on a new albomom- Nothing Personal. The release, which took place on 7th of July, met all our expectations, and immediately entered the top ten of the Billboard 200.

Speaking as headliners on the Warped Tour in 2009, the guys go on a European tour “The Glamour Kills Tour” with bands like We The Kings, Hey Monday and The Friday Night Boys, after which he returned to England and some other countries of the old light in January 2010.

In February 2010, it was recorded and released the soundtrack to the film “Alice in Wonderland.” Recorded saundteka attended by All Time Low with the song Painting Flowers. In March of this year, Alex Gaskart said that they begin to record four studio album with producer John Fields. This is the first album, recorded not on the independent label Hopeless Records, and on Interscope Records.


Studio albums

EP albums

  • The Three Words to Remember in Dealing with the End (2004)
  • Put Up or Shut Up (2006)

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All Time LowAll Time Low
All Time LowAll Time Low
All Time LowAll Time Low

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