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Rating sexiest footballers wives (with photos)

Picciotta Bedda – Pt, 11/04/2008 – 21:32

In 2008, the British magazine Nuts has once again made a rating of the sexiest football wives.

strong leadership in this list is the lead singer of Girls Aloud Cheryl Cole. However, her marriage to the England midfielder and club “Chelsea” Ashley Cole lasted only 18 months, and was threatened after he had it changed to 22-year-old Aimee Walton, who did not hide what happened.

In the past, 2007, has been a leader Reting Stacey Cook – the wife of Ryan Giggs from the “Manchester United” and Cheryl Cole was only fourth.

But the wife of the Italian players traditionally make up a good half of the rating.

For some reason, this year’s list does not include the girl in Italy, is considered the most beautiful among women players – the wife of the goalkeeper of the national team of Italy and Turin “Juventus’ Gianluigi Buffon Czech model Alena Seredova. Recently, military girlfriend gave birth to a son the keeper, but the figure Seredovoy is in no way spoiled. Last year in this rating it was seventeenth.

Here are the positions in the list are life partner of Italian football. In parentheses are the results in 2007. Apart from the results, some of the ladies changed and satellites.

28th – Alessia Merz, wife of Fabio Batstsani (this is perhaps the biggest breakthrough in the entire ranking, as in 2007 it was only for “comforting” 100th place).

31 th place is Alessia Fabiani, wife Alessio Tacchinardi from “Juventus” (2007 – 6th place).

32 th – at the famous Italian actress and companion Francesco Coco, Manuela Arcuri.

34 – Alessia Marcuzzo, the wife of Carlo Cudicini (82)

48 – Elena Santarelli, a friend of the attacker “Manchester City” Bernardo Corradi (77).

52 – Vincenza Kakachia, wife of Giuseppe Pancaro (in the past year – 66th place)

At the 54th place -Adriana Foss, wife of Paolo Maldini.

57th – Velina and wife David Bombardini, Georgia Palmas (in 2007 it was the fifth)

58th place – a former Miss Italy and the wife of non-Italians Hernan Crespo – Alessia Rossi (81).

59 – Another Velino colleague George Palmas and part-time girlfriend of Matteo Ferrari Aida Espika (26th place last year, but as a companion Filippo Inzaghi)

60 -Aliche Bregoli, “eternal bride”Alberto Gilardino from”Milan” (it was 21 minutes in 2007).

On the 61-th place model, actress and wife of Christian Vieri – Melissa Satta (2007 companion Vieri was Elisabetta Canalis, behind which was a 90 th place).

62 – TV presenter Martin Colombard, wife of Alessandro Costacurta

63 – March Cecchetti, the wife of Luca Toni.

64 – Francesca Killemi, passion Alberto Aquilani

65 – Another Velino Elena Barolo, companion Roberto Stellone.

66 – Valentina Zambrotta, Gianluca Zambrotta wife

85 – Sonia Amoruso, wife of Alessandro Del Piero (49 in 2007)

On the 86 th place (59 in 2007) – Ilari Blasi – Francesco Totti’s wife, model and host of the most popular entertainment programs in Italy “Hyenas».

Not included in the list of this year, in addition to the aforementioned Alena Seredovoy, also Federica Ridolfi- wife Gillian Dzhannikedda (‘Juventus’) – 7th place in 2007 Federica Villani – the wife of Mark Iuliano (‘Juventus’) -12 th place and Manuela Toldo – the wife of Francesco Toldo (“Inter”) – 99th.

Alena SeredovaAlena Seredova
Alena SeredovaAlena Seredova
Alena SeredovaAlena Seredova

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