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Francesco Totti

In 2009 and the next year, Totti has signed a 5-year contract with the team. In addition, with a new coach, the Italian Claudio Ranieri (Claudio Ranieri), the team set a record – a single defeat in 24 matches. Only in the final of ‘Roma’ lost ‘Inter’ (FC Internazionale Milano) with a score 1: 0.

Author: Eugene Tantsurina

Francesco Totti (Francesco Totti) was born in 1976 in Rome, Italy (Rome, Italy)? family Lorenzo and Fiorella Totti (Lorenzo and Fiorella Totti). Little is known about his early childhood football, except that he literally prayed at the ex-captain of the football club ‘Roma’ (Roma FC) to the death of loved to play football: sometimes Francesco could spend on a soccer field all day.

This zeal did not stay unnoticed in one day at the door of their house emerged scout football club ‘AC Milan’, which invited the young player to sign a contract with them, and since the beginning of the next season to play in the youth team of the club. Answer given mother Totti: under no circumstances would not leave her son from Rome, it is not negotiable.

In 1989, Francesco joined the football club Roma ‘- then he would not even know that the next two decades it will hold in the team, going out almost every match in the starting lineup.

After three years in the club’s junior team head coach finally turned Totti in the first team. The debut game held on 28 March 1993, against the club ‘Brescia Calcio’ and ended with a landslide victory with a score of 2: 0.

Once the player is increasingly began to appear on the field, he quickly earned the love of the fans and support the board of directors of the club.

September 24, 1994, the year a young striker opened the scoring goals as part of ‘Roma’: in a game against ‘Foggia’ throughout the match remained tied score, only at the last minute, Francesco sent the ball into the top corner after a long cross pass for back protectors.

The following season he joined the line-up the team (11 players who start every game), and for the next three seasons ‘chop’ 16 goals – not bad for a young player, the speaker at this level.

In 1997, Totti was the most experienced player in the team and was the captain’s armband. In addition, the head coach Zdenek Zeman (Zden & # 283; k Zeman) just experimented over the placement of players on the field and gave Totti left midfield role. Perhaps the history of the club it was the most literate and well-considered move, as Totti not only played the role of point guard player, but as often he rushed towards the goal – the speed and level of the ball, thank God, allowed him to ‘delay’ game over and keep the left flank open. For two seasons, Francesco was the author of more than 30 goals.

Despite the fact that the player was not in the starting line-up for ‘1998 FIFA World Cup’, it became ‘best player Serie A’ (Serie A Young Footballer of the Year) this year.

With incoming Fabio Capello (Fabio Capello) to the post of head coach role players like striker eased somewhat, and now he was in the position of second striker and gave decisive passes directly into the penalty area rivals. This tactic was quite successful, and despite Actor, Totti scored about 13 goals.

In the same season the player for the first time in his life became the champion of Italian football, where, together with the team won the final match against the team ‘Fiorentina’ June 17, 2001-year. Shortly after winning footballer received the award as ‘Best footballer in Italy’ (Italian Footballer of the Year), by the way, he also won the award in the following year. In the race for the prize ‘Golden Ball’ (Ballon d’Or) footballer stopped in fifth place.

However, none of the award was not as important as the love and support of the fans, which Totti was not just a legend and a role model – he was one of the few players who remained in the team and in trouble, and joy.

In the season of 2003, the football player has scored more than 20 goals, beating the team record set more than a few decades ago, the legendary Roberto prutstsa (Roberto Pruzzo).

But imperceptibly the peak power of the ‘Roma’ has passed, and after Capello left the team and took over the ‘Juventus’ (Juventus), she did come into some disrepair.

The new coach, the Italian Luciano Spalletti (Luciano Spalletti), from the first day started to change the arrangement of players on the field, focusing on the once-standard 4-2-3-1.

Now Totti came to the fore was the ‘shock’ the power of the team and its key player, who took most of the passes. Oddly enough, the very first game, she began to work – the opponents are not able to successfully lock Francesco and five midfielders did not allow them to move in a rapid counter-attack.

In the first ten matches ‘Roma’ is not lost either raze Totti too bad mastered: 15 goals in 24 matches – a personal record was set.

Once a small injury in 2005 by Francesco began to catch up in the year 2007. Not only that, he scored 26 goals in the regular season, he also received the title of “top scorer in Italy ‘(Serie A’s top scorer) and the’ Golden Boot ‘(European Golden Shoe) as’ Best European scorer’.

200th goal for the ‘Roma’ Totti scored in a game against the ‘Torino’ January 16, 2008-year. In the same season the player for the fifth time won the ‘Best Player of the Championship of Italy’ (Italian Footballer of the Year). Only at the end of the season, Francesco received a minor injury and was out for the rest of the season, deciding not to go on the field to its full recovery.

In 2009 and the next year, Totti has signed a 5-year contract with the team. In addition, with a new coach, the Italian Claudio Ranieri (Claudio Ranieri), the team set a record – a single defeat in 24 matches. Only in the final of ‘Roma’ lost ‘Inter’ (FC Internazionale Milano) with a score 1: 0.

In the season of 2010, Francesco was still a captain. He again won the ‘Golden Boot’, but things were not going the team, but at the end of the season the players managed to get together a little climb in the standings.

Throughout his career, Francesco Totti played for the national team of Italy on football. Since 2000, the year the player relentlessly traveled with the national team. He also was in

its starting lineup for the World Championship 2006 (2006 FIFA World Cup), when the team became world champion Italy. Even after winning the player included in the symbolic team of the world (All-Star Team), which consisted of 23 players from different countries.

It is known that Francesco married to a pretty well-known TV presenter and model Ilari Blasi (Ilary Blasi). Their first child, a son, Christian (Cristian), was born on 6 November 2005, the first year, and the daughter Chanel (Chanel) – May 13, 2007-year. In his spare time teaching and Totti plays in his school ‘Number Ten’, and is engaged in motorcycle racing; By the way, it even has its own team ‘Totti Top Sport’, but he is in a race participation, of course, does not accept.

In addition, it is known that Francesco loves casino and often plays poker with his team parterres and the Internet. Learning of this, the largest online casinos ‘Party Poker’ with the player signed a contract and gave him a number of special bonuses.

Luisa RanieriLuisa Ranieri
Luisa RanieriLuisa Ranieri
Luisa RanieriLuisa Ranieri

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