Alan Shearer

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Alan Shearer


Alan Shearer

The great English football

Alan Shearer (England. Alan Shearer; born August 13, 1970 in Gosforth, England) – English footballer who last England captain and “Newcastle”. Now Alan Shearer the head coach, “Newcastle”, which he headed the April 1, 2009, will lead the team Shearer until the end of the year. In the national team and the club played under the number «9».

How to suggest encyclopedia, the main goal of the attackers is scoring goals. Alan Shearer – exemplary striker, for 17 years of his career to score in an average of 25 goals per season. In only one Premier League Shearer scored 260 goals – a record that will not soon be broken.

Then began the career Shearer is not rosy – with a view to the failure of 15 years of “Newcastle”from his hometown. While watching Alan, speaking before the well-known children’s command of”Wallsend Boys”even tried to prove himself as a goalkeeper, but in vain. Fortunately, the young man signed a contract with”Southampton” quite successfully performed at the time in the top flight.

March 26, 1988 Shearer came off the bench in the match against the “Chelsea”, and a month later went out to play from the first minute and was marked by three balls in a match against “Arsenal”, becoming the youngest author of a hat-trick in the history of the highest division of English. However, neither that nor the following season, he scored more than once. Then he began to play on a regular basis, but his performance was still low – 3 goals in the 1989-90 season, 4 goals in the 1990-91 season. This is largely due to the team tactics of the game – a powerful Shearer fought for the ball longer and help others to score.

In the 1991-92 season, Shearer finally crossed the mark of 10 goals in a season – he scored just 13 goals, not counting 8 in cup games. The effectiveness of it in the game for the youth team at all was higher than a goal per game. Progress Alan did not go unnoticed the coach and club, secured more than “to Southampton.”Returning to the infamous England Euro 1992, where the team failed to qualify from the group, Shearer moved to Kenny Dalglish in the”Blackburn”. Alex Ferguson was also trying to get a promising player, but to no avail.

Despite the fact that half of his first season in the “Blackburn”Shearer missed due to injury, for the rest of the game 21, he was able to score 16 goals. The effectiveness of the Englishman in the new team impressed the 31-goal season in 1993-94 and the second”Blackburn”, 35 in the championship season of 1994-95, 31 the next. Especially good was the duet Shearer with 191 cm of Chris Sutton – the impact could push a bunch of any defense.

Champion’s title, “Blackburn”to break into the final round, and remains the only trophy in the career of Alan Shearer. On other fronts, football, everything was worse – England missed the 1994 World Cup, the Champions League,”Blackburn”finished last in the group and ignominiously departed. Home Euro 1996 England also failed to win, losing on penalties in the semi-final against Germany. Shearer, however, did everything he could – was the best scorer of the tournament, scoring 5 goals, and crucially”shootout” was accurate.

Once the European Championships Alex Ferguson has made another attempt to get Shearer, but again was refused. But the record for the world football offer “Newcastle”in the £ 15 million was made, and Shearer came under the leadership of his childhood idol Kevin Keegan. In his first season, Shearer scored 25 goals in 31 matches, and”magpie” finished second in the championship, however, has led familiar Shearer Kenny Dalglish.

1997-98 season was marred by injury – Shearer spent the entire season in 17 games, scoring 2 goals in the FA Cup final, which “Newcastle” lost, could only note the hit the post. At the same time there was a very unpleasant story – hitting Neil Lennon in the head, Shearer was left without punishment. It is often associated with its statement on the refusal to play for the national team if the federation will apply sanctions to it.

The following season, in fact, were the same – Shearer scored quite regularly, and “Newcastle”fought for a place in the Champions League, sometimes getting to the finals and semifinals Cup, but he remains without a trophy. In the 2002-03 season the team from the north of England got to go in the Champions League from the group after losing the first three games, but the”Newcastle”was eliminated in the second group stage. Next European Cup campaign there was even worse – Shearer scored a penalty, and the place of”Newcastle”in the group stage of the League took the Belgrade”Partizan».

2004-05 Season testified that the form Shearer far from the same – only 7 goals in the championship. Sensing this, Alan announced his retirement, but Graeme Souness was able to persuade the veteran to remain for another year as a player-coach. However, the knee injury in April 2006, Shearer forced to hang up his boots a bit premature. In his last season in 32 games Shearer scored 10 goals – not a bad result for a 35-year-old striker.

For the national team Shearer made his debut in 1992 against the French team, which scored a goal. The second goal was a British account Lineker, completed in that year career, whose place in the team and eventually moved to Shearer. The last matches of Alan fell to Euro 2000, where he played in three scored two goals, including the only goal in a meeting with the Germans, but from the group England and could not get out. The next two seasons stakeholders from Football Federation tried to persuade the striker to return to the national team, but he always refuses. All in all Shearer 63 games and 30 goals for England – the last figure is second only to Bobby Charlton, Gary Lineker, Jimmy Greaves and Michael Owen, with whom Shearer managed to play together for the “Newcastle».

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